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Free Short Course: Cloud Architect @ IT Masters


Hi all

With Cloud Computing topping the list of in-demand professions yet again, it's no surprise that the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate examination is also the current red-hot favourite at exam centers.

So for our next short course we've tasked our AWS guru Scott Farrell to help you prepare to sit for your cert:

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The first webinar is next Monday 3rd June 8pm AEST. This 4-week course (plus test!) also gives you a tantalising taste of Scott's full 13-week Architecting Cloud Solutions subject.

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  • 278 thousands people enrolled so far…
    That will be some cast…

    • Especially during the group discussion session…

    • Correction:
      "Short Course Enrollments: 270,480

      The total number of enrollments in our free short courses that we offer as a ‘taster’ of what it is like to study via Distance Education with Charles Sturt University"

      So is not only for this short course…

  • How much is it normally ?

    • If I remember correctly, last course I attended had some 30K enrolled. I chatted with the organizer and was told that maybe 50% will show at the first lecture and from these at least 90% will drop and not show at the second.

      That being said my (few) questions were always answered either in the live lecture or in the chat window (impressed).

  • Thanks OP, perfect opportunity to reskill myself and become a solutions architect

    I've read that solutions architect are paid $200k+

    Is there a difference between a cloud architect and solutions architect?

    • From my experience… Solution Architect is very broad, and would be expected to have an understanding of cloud. A cloud architect is a specialisation and would be expected to have a deep knowledge of cloud concepts and the workings of key cloud service offerings

    • maybe the solution architect deals in the hybrid solutions and migration solutions as well?

    • In the context of this course/certification they are interchangeable. As Calcifer said, SA is a pretty broad title, and will require experience in the platforms you are architecting (such as hadoop, or ETL etc). Very few SAs are on 200k+ by the way, it's a cool job, but that expectation is a bit unrealistic (IMO).

      • What salary are the majority of the SA's on then??

        What makes the job cool???

        • Couldn't say, but the average rate I see in Sydney for a more senior SA is around the 150k mark. I like it because every project is different, and the new tech coming out is pretty exciting to deal with

      • Good call out on the salary

        For the $200K salary you would be looking at an experienced SA (5+ years in the role) with a strong technical background in a few different domains. Most good SAs I have worked with are 15-20+ years in IT + 5+ years as an architect (software, infra, solution, cloud, etc) with outstanding connection with business stakeholders.
        But it's also about the right company that is willing to pay that much. You need to build up the "career capital" before you can demand that kind of money from a prospective employer.
        I'd suggest resources sector if your main goal is getting paid "fat stacks". But job security and general stress may not be worth the added compensation

        Better advice would be to get some experience in the role and do it only because you really enjoy it. The money will come when you can demonstrate the experience and value that is equivalent for the right employer

        • oh….so you're saying its pretty to find a SA that earns $200K that is under 30 yrs of age??

          • @Homr: I've never met one that young personally. Usually 40s minimum.
            That's not to say that you couldn't be an SA at a younger age. It's all down the depth and breadth of your knowledge, and how mature your thought process is. Often this takes time and the right person

            I'd recommend looking at infrastructure or software architecture first, if architecture is where you want to be

          • @Homr: Highly unlikely to find that. Don't believe all the salary figures you read.

  • Fantastic, I've just been looking at AWS courses to do, this seems like a good place to start. Thanks!