expired [eBay Plus] MSI GeForce RTX-2070 GAMING Z 8GB $669.02 Delivered @ Shopping Express eBay


Have been looking for a good 2070 deal and whilst theres quite a few sub $700 card deals, the Gaming Z at this price is a cracker.

When using the PAPPY code you can get it down to $669 including the $14.95 shipping.

Enjoy !

Thanks to naru for the Original 15% off on eBay for eBay Plus Members, 10% off for Non Members eBay Deal Post

Mod Note: Extra 10% off is reflected at checkout.

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    Some nice deals here with the extra 10% off applied… especially for the 860 EVO's.

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    At this stage, wait for AMD to announce the 5000 series pricing. This card will drop in prices even more.

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      While this is very true, nvidia will stay at a higher price/performance as they command more influence.

      I cant imagine the 2070 competitor from raedeon will be less than $650 which does make this price still good.

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        but won't nvidia feel compel to compete or lower the price a bit more once the amd cards get released?

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          Yes, but there could be another twist. There is a rumor:

          NVIDIA is planning to launch a series Turing GPUs with upgraded 16Gbps GDDR6 memory, compared to the 14Gbps GDDR6 memory that it uses now.



            @netsurfer: so what current gen card would the rumour card be better or worst than?


              @pinkybrain: According to the article:
              As the rumor goes, only the RTX lineup would see a refresh, though it's unclear how exactly NVIDIA might approach that.

              However, based on the AMD's limited Navi announcement at Computex this year, we know AMD Navi is aiming at RTX 2070. With RX 5700 claiming to be 10% faster than RTX 2070 (that's AMD's claim so don't count on it yet), a memory bandwidth increase / faster memory on RTX 2070 could close that gap (and there is a good chance RX 5700's 10% faster claim is using 14Gbps GDDR6, rather than 12GDDR6). nVidia could also release RTX 2070 Ti around the time RX 5700 is ready.

              There is also PCIe 4.0, which for current gen graphics cards is not useful. However, it is still good marketing that a card supports PCIe 4.0. But, we cannot keep on looking at the future - coz. then one could argue that intel is going for PCIe 5.0 next…


            @netsurfer: I truly doubt a bandwidth increase is going to suddenly justify their pricing, they just need better pricing.


              @TsunamiInTheHouse: It's not mainly about pricing. If nVidia RTX 2070 is actually 10% slower, pricing alone won't be enough to counter the upcoming red (AMD RX 5xxx) wave. The memory bandwidth will close the gap (and it wouldn't surprise me that AMD Navi's so called 10% faster was using the faster 14Gbps GDDR6). Also, the PCIe 4.0 marketing (current gen graphics cards don't benefit from it) but consumers will still want that - I imagine nVidia needs to address that. If I were nVidia, I would not only use better memory, but also bump up the GPU specs a bit to ruin AMD Navi launch. However, that's too many SKUs on the market so memory bump is a good interim solution. A release of RTX 2070 Ti wouldn't be a surprise.

              AMD has a plan and has timed Zen 2 CPU and Navi GPU releases at the same time. Perhaps we will we see current RTX cards being discounted soon?


          They will lower their prices undoubtedly, but they will still be above the Radeon counterparts because Nvidia wield significant influence/trust with the market.


            @TsunamiInTheHouse: don't know about trust..not that amd is any less trustworthy
            but influence yes.

            also nvidia sees themselves like apple

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              @pinkybrain: I would say that Nvidia see's themselves like Intel 3 years ago, clearly ahead but AMD at their heals.

              I cant honestly give credit to Vega 56/64, they were junk.


                @TsunamiInTheHouse: i mean nvidia sees themselves like apple
                -cos they priced their cards more expensive than AMD
                -they also view their tech as being more superior so they priced it more when added to their cards
                e.g. phys-x, cuda, rtx, gsync etc..

                AMD sees itself as the underdog (competing against nvidia and intel)
                hence why their products tend have a better price/performance value.

                In regards to AMD at their heals..
                Has this actual ever changed even before 3 years or more ago?

                As I understand it Nvidia has always been leading with the performance cards first
                then AMD always follows..like 1080 then 2080 etc
                I don't ever recall AMD ever coming out with something like a 1080 card first
                then nvidia follows with a slightly matching card etc..


                  @pinkybrain: Nvidias Higher pricing is justified, they have had the better performance, better drivers, better features, better thermals.
                  Whereas Apples higher pricing is because they appeal to people with more money than brains.
                  Radeon has always been 2nd fiddle to Nvidia, sure they have a pretty good grasp on low end value cards $200-300 range but they've never matched the 1080's, 980's, 780's, 680's etc and if they have, its well after the fact when Nvidia is about to release their next gen.


        True, but that'll he the "standard price". Odds are eBay retailers will pick em up.

        I'd imagine their price will be about v64 pricing at worst.

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    Is it just me or is eBay Plus not applying to any of Shopping Express items? Says $14.95 postage

    Edit: The price listed in OP includes postage, though eBay Plus usually applied to SE

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    Back in stock, 6 available


    Can only get this down to $707.50 (not a ebay plus user), using the PAPPY code :(


      That's still a lot cheaper than other places. I got this card for $695 recently from Futu, and consider that a "good" price for this high-end 2070. (Not good for wallet.)


    Why is this marked as expired? The code is still working at this time.

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    GUYS!!!! DO NOT BUY!!! SCAM!!!

    I bought this and I have been scammed, after purchasing I was then sent a confirmation email confirming my new purchase of $572.05 on a Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 OC!!!!!

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      umm..bought one myself and delivered and running as I type this reply… If you paid $572.05 then you did actually buy a 2060 without using the PAPPY code…the 2070 is $669.02…and available as I type. Maybe a mistake somehwere in the transaction…contact them and get it changed. Definetly not a scam..


    I can't get it at 669 price. Everytime I cart. It goes to 699. I am certain I have eBay plus

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    I asked eBay customer support about the final price of this item and got the breakdown,

    List price: $895 + Postage $14.95

    The 10% off is an item discount: 10% - $895 = $805.5
    Then 15% off with code ‘PAPPY’: 15% - $805.5 = $684.67

    Final Price: $684.68 + Postage $14.95 = $699.62

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