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[QLD] Free Fish & Chips @ Costa's Seafood Cafe, Cabalaba


Hi Ozbargain!

We are offering FREE Fish & Chips - no strings! Simply mention OzBargain in store to one of our staff to receive your free fish & chips.

Store Location: 1B/108 Old Cleveland Road, CAPALABA QLD 4157 (this is our only location)
Store Hours: 8am-8pm 7 Days

My name is Chris and I'll be here to answer any Fish & Chip/Seafood related questions for anyone that can't make it in store :)

Limit one per person. Limited to first 100 customers.

Please note: We have edited this deal to the above and will be active for the rest of the day.

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  • Location in title.
    Pity I'm out of Brisbane today - you're just down the road. Maybe tomorrow. Thanks👍

    • +1

      We are offering this until Friday so if you are back, please feel free to come in :)

  • ..Wait - so you want people to vote BEFORE they try your fish & chips??

    • You try the meal then vote on the seafood website - get for free if upvote there.

    • -2

      Somehow, I don't think you'll make the trip from Melbourne to take up this Deal.

    • They aren't necessarily saying that - you could read it as, "If you have tried our fish and chips and voted, prove that you did vote and we will thank you with free fish and chips". Or not. Probably a good idea for the rep to re-word the description.

  • +8

    That's cheating.

    • +2

      ~$10 fish and chips for me to spend 3 mins to vote online? Clearly OzB hate deals like this.

      • It's not the deal that we hate….it's the way someone try to bribe people like you to take some votes and prove he is good… whether he is or not, let the legitimate votes decided

    • +1

      You've obviously missed the last Federal election.

  • -1

    Corrupt .. :-( .. !

  • So you’re essentially buying votes?

  • +4

    Just some clarification guys. We not asking people to vote who have not tried our Fish and chips. We would only like people to vote who genuinely like our food and service when in store.

    • +8

      Free fish & chips for casting a vote, or free fish & chips for casting a vote in favour of Costa's Seafood Café? There is a big difference between the two conditions. The former is a promotion, the latter is corruption.

      • Hi Alvian,

        We would obviously appreciate if the vote was for our store however if you would like to vote for another store that is entirely up to you.

    • Thx for clarifying OP.

  • +1

    I have heard fantastic reviews about this place, my mate raves about it. Will definitely pop by on Friday to grab a free fish & chips to try.

  • you can have my vote for free fish and chips….. except im in NSW :(

  • +1

    have tried very good and Paul works there my sons mate

  • -1

    won't get mine….my local will…

    • It's a great competition and we encourage everyone to vote for their local :)

  • +1

    Another fish & chips seller from QLD. No thanks.

    • +1

      Please Explain 👩‍🦰

  • +2

    Awesome! I work next door to this place so will go down for a feed :) Can highly recommend this place - great service and good quality fish and chips. Would vote for them as well :)

  • -2

    I live in melbourne

    • +3

      Bless you and your thermal socks…

    • -1

      Lucky you. Fish and chips in Queensland is trash compared to Victoria. Crumbed cod is the main thing - crumbed cod… And they don't know how to batter a good piece of flake…

      Sigh, I miss real fish and chips

      • I found the opposite when I lived in Victoria a couple of years ago. Everything was in greasy batter and you couldn't get a decent piece of barramundi anywhere. I finally settled on Rockling as this was the only edible fish I could find at the time. So glad that Queensland has such an abundance of beautiful fresh seafood. Never had crumbed cod so maybe they keep that for the Victorian visitors.

        • Everything you say as a negative is what I expect from Victorian fish and chips haha.

          Crumbed cod seems to be the default fish here, if you order 'fish and chips'. Personally choose whiting here in qld if the flake isn't too good.

          Nsw seems to be the better to me. Often the same as Victoria, with a better selection of fish.

          I've noticed Queensland seems to lack Flathead as a choice a lot. Flathead tails seem common in both Vic and nsw.

  • -1

    No Potato Cakes in the menu…

    It's a no vote from me…

    • +5

      The great potato cake vs potato scallop debate haha. Our staff have been trained to know that an order for a potato cake is generally followed by an order for some battered flake ;)

      • +2

        by an order for some battered flake

        That's a bit cruel…

      • If that's true I'll vote for you.

        You're a little out of my way… Might drive South a weekend soon and give it a try

  • This smells fishy…

  • +2

    Coming down for a ladies luncheon today, I can't wait for the ladies to try what I consider the best fish and chips around.

    • Great to hear. See you soon!

  • Your shop is leading the Queensland leaders board and coming in second nationally. I wonder how many of those votes have been bought.

    • +1

      It is leading because the food and service is fantastic. If you have ever eaten at this business and been served by the friendly staff you would know that the votes are genuine. They were leading before this post so your comment holds no weight.

  • Hi Chris, I have sent you a message. Thanks

  • Have you guys reached your 100 customer limit yet? I haven't had a chance to go yet until after work or tomorrow :(

  • Fish and chips were good, we will be back. Thanks

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