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[eBay Plus] JBL LSR308P MKII Studio Monitors $628.15 Delivered @ store_dj eBay


First time post let me know if i screwed anything up.

Have been in the market for some 8" studio monitors for a while and have been tossing up between these or the Yamaha HS8's and just seen that these work with the current 15% off PAPPY code, These are the cheapest I've seen these available especially considering these are the MK2 version which came out not long ago.

Link to JBL Product page for all the specs and details

Original 15% off on eBay for eBay Plus Members, 10% off for Non Members eBay Deal Post

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  • Would buy this (again) in a heartbeat. These usually go for considerably more. These beat the Yamaha HS8 to my ears. No need for a sub.

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    makes me regret my 305s. and if anyones deciding, these are great speakers if not the best in this price range

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      Seen and checked this already before posting but once you add shipping etc the price comes to well over the price you'd get from this deal.


  • They price jacked them to $999.

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