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$0.08 off Per Litre When The Shell V Power Racing Team Wins (Stacks with Petrol Discounts) @ Shell Mobile App


Download the Shell V Power app and sign up (for free) and you will receive an 8c off voucher every time the Shell V Power racing team win. They won on the weekend so you can download the app now and the voucher is current and expires Monday. Shell V Power have won 12 out of 14 races.

Now I'm aware every Shell deal gets the same responses about Shell being overpriced, in my country area they are normally around ballpark with the cheapest. However these Shell deals shine when you are able to stack it with other deals.

Shell V Power racing team win 8c off (Have won 12 out of 14 races)
Geelong Cats AFL team win 5c off (Geelong have won 9 out of 10 games) With this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/436123 Thanks Thespottedcow
Coles spend fuel docket 4c
Targeted Flybuys deals 4-10c off
Spend $20 in store at Coles express and save 10c off

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  • During the last 6 weeks that Geelong won but I never received any email of the voucher. :/

  • Mine have repeatedly gone in junk folder despite my specifying they are not junk, so… check again. Ps this is an extra bonus for me given i'm an actual Geelong Cats fan :P

  • Good thing they didn't do it for every time the Ferrari F1 team wins…


    To claim a discount offer in this Promotion, the claimant must, during the Promotional Period:
    (a) visit any Shell Service station within Australia and after pumping fuel and once standing inside the retail store activate the discount via the Shell V-Power Racing Team App; and
    (b) they will have seven (7) minutes from activating the discount to redeem. By activating the discount they will be taken to an app page with a barcode which must be scanned by the customer using the customer facing barcode reading device in Shell Coles Express or verified by the Shell customer service cashier at a non-Coles Express at the time of fuel purchase, and the discount offer will automatically be applied to the purchase.

    The discount offer is 8c / litre fuel discount at any Shell service station Australia-wide. ^^The discount offer is redeemable on all fuels^^ at all Shell service stations and can be combined with other discount offers such as flybuys or Coles petrol discount receipts at Coles Express only. This offer is valid for one transaction only. Limit of 150 litres per vehicle per customer. Offer not valid for Fleet Card, Shell Card, Motorpass or Motorcharge transactions. Each offer is valid for one transaction only.

    includes diesel!

    • Yay, a voucher that includes diesel!
      If only flybuys would get on board with their offer (only includes petrol), I wouldnt have to redeem for points and could save even more.

  • would this stack with the 5cents off from the cats winning?

  • Signed up and get fill tomorrow at shell. Thanks op.

  • Cool will use this for coles express haha.

  • I must be going blind. Where do you sign up after downloading the app?

  • Does anyone have the link? I signed up yesterday and didn’t receive the code.

  • Brilliant OP! Been loving the Cats discount (great time to be a cats fan at the moment!) Now I can stack with my coles voucher too for 17c off per litre :)

  • Shell (and BP) seem always at the very top end of petrol prices. I can't recall seeing them within 10c a litre from my usual outlets I use.
    During the most recent price jack, on a single stretch of road I frequent there is a Liberty & United both at 126.9, 500m down the road, Shell 159.9

    Why do people go to Shell ? Convenience ? Petrol quality ? I'm genuinely interested

    • Individual circumstances are different depending on location. Where I'm from Shell are currently 142.9 and everyone else is 140.9. Sometimes they have been 10c more expensive and sometimes they have been equal to the cheapest.

    • Same reason people buy Apple. They think it's better due to brand recognition.

    • Shell/Coles Express is the cheapest to begin with in my area today. 148 vs 151. Take off 8c here, plus 4c from Coles and 5c from the Cat's offer and it's 24c cheaper than the next place. Not always the case but lately they have been very competitive. I believe this is the result of the new deal between Viva and Coles that began earlier in the year with Coles now selling the fuel on behalf of Viva (who set the price). Previously Viva sold the fuel to Coles who would then throw a margin on top, hence the higher price.

      • Yep I see people complaining all the time about Shell prices but always very competitive in my area.

        • Seems it really depends on the location. Here in Melb I dont see much price discrepancy between coles express advertised price and others. When the local petrol is at the bottom coles express always work out to be the cheapest option for me, including 7-11 national fuel locks.

  • Excellent, now I finally have someone to barrack for in the car-racing. CARNA SHELL!

  • According to the website, the current redemption expires on Sunday 2nd June at 11.59pm, not Monday. Can you confirm, OP?

  • However these Shell deals shine when you are able to stack it with other deals.

    Means you have to postpone shopping until a specific sports team wins and then another sports team wins on the same weekend or you are just being ripped off while thinking you are getting a bargain according to Choice …

    … well, that's if they don't rig the system again on days that the teams win so the morons are being ripped off which is what Choice says they do with Coles discounts alone.

    • Postpone shopping? The shopping vouchers last for about 4 weeks….. It's really not that complicated, if at the time you require fuel you have these discount options available to you that mean Shell is the cheapest then great, if not then fuel up elsewhere. Hand your Ozbargain license over if you can't handle that.

  • Is this the Shell V Power app?
    The app name doesn't state "V Power".
    It's stuck on the "Welcome to Shell. Let's get started" screen after I selected Australia and English.

  • Is it just me, or do you find Shell always 10c more expensive than 7-11?

    • Just you. Well depends on location but there's 2c in it today near me. When you get 20+c off with stacking Shell vouchers it's a no brainer.

    • Is it just me, or is there always a dozen comments just like that one in every shell fuel thread?

  • My local Coles Express is only 2 cents a litre more expensive than the cheap independent service station.

    I tried using the voucher yesterday but it didn't work. I increased the brightness and took the phone cover off but no luck. I noticed that the barcode was flickering but the app said this was normal. Has anyone else had problems with scanning the barcode?

    • I had no problem scanning mine. It was flickering though but worked. Stacked it with a Coles 4c off docket and Cats win 5c off for 17c off per litre total. Saved $10 cha ching!

      • Thanks, I sent them an email and they are posting a $10 voucher. Apparently the console operator cannot manually do it, the barcode needs to be scanned. Could be a dodgy scanner at the shop.

        • That's good of them to send you $10, result!

        • I had this issue yesterday. Couldn't scan my phone but the operator said they have had no issues with others throughout the day. Sent them an email so I'll see what they come back with.

        • Who did you email? I had this issue today and was stacking with the viva energy offer and coles 4c off. None of them ended up working, and it actually added 1c to my bill overall rather than a discount. The guy in the store was clueless and said someone could call me about it - but I think that's unlikely.

  • managed to get my 2nd car on the voucher with about 30 seconds to spare.

    I have been able to combine with the 4c, but not any of the other viva 5c discounts.

  • I was able to combine the following last night buying 150L; 8c Racing Team, 5c Mustang competition thank you, 10c for $20 spend (2x toilet paper) and 4c receipt hence was pretty pleased with my 27c/$40.50 discount! :)

  • Now is a good time to get my petrol, 5c for Geelong winning, 8c for Shell Racing Team winning, 10c flybuys, and 4c docket voucher. Brings my local to just over a dollar a litre! Assuming they will all combine that is.

    • How did you go with this? I had the same combo this morning and after several attempts we figured out the 5c Geelong win no longer stacks with the 8c shell racing win. It used to but it seems they have changed it

      • Had the same trouble.

        Scanning the 8c after the 5c removes the 5c discount

      • Same thing happened to me. Can no longer stack geelong cats 5c discount and shell racing 8c discount. Best you can hope for is 12 cents when stacked with the 4c fuel supermarket docket

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