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Nokia 5.1 Plus $199 (Sold Out), Nokia 7.1 $359, Nokia 8.1 $559 @ JB Hi-Fi


Nokia sale at JB Hi-Fi.

I own the Nokia 7 plus and love it. This seems pretty damn cheap!

Nokia 5.1 Plus — Click & Collect Only

Other models on special

Nokia 7.1 $359 (save $140) — Click & Collect or add Delivery

Nokia 8.1 $559 (save $140) — Delivery Only from $9.95

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  • I own a 6.1 and love it ! Just updated to may security

    • had a 6.1 but son wanted iphone so 6.1 is now with my brother , great phone, gets updates, nfc band28 all the essentials.

      have the 7 plus but that new 8 is tempting if i didn’t have another 18 mths of warranty left ….

  • Is this better than the 6.1? Nokia's model naming conventions are confusing…

    • Yes and no.

      Far superior SOC in the P60, 4x A73 cores and 4x A53, vs the 630 with 8x A53s.

      But worse off in pretty much all other areas, lower res screen, easily breakable glass sandwich etc etc.

      Oh, buggy software as well, with many graphical glitches.

  • Anything with plus usually means minus NFC…

  • Great value.

    • These have been sitting in-stock for a while and not getting many/any sold… the sale was inevitable to be honest.

      Although, all three are good value when you factor in you get local warranty.
      The 6.1 is downright cheap, the 7.1 is the star of the show, and the 8.1 offers a little more luxury for more money but is still competitive against phones like Samsung S9, Pixel 3, OnePlus 6, etc etc from a value proposition.

  • +16 votes

    Good thing one of the features listed on JB is 'Touch Screen'. Not sure anyone would have known without them spelling it out.

  • I bought one at $249 and thought I had a great bargain. Very happy with this phone. Missing NFC, but it has replaced my ailing s7 edge very well.

  • How about the screen resolution? Seems pretty low res?

  • Just bought one at bangood…. For $220. DOH

  • I think now with the new Samsung A series HMD
    will have to bring prices of their Nokia phones down.
    Also the new Motorola One coming soon and the new pixels.
    So if you can wait a couple of months you will see good deals
    in that mid range phones

    • Yeah I think its best to get the $199 5.1 plus but if you want a $500 midrange wait to see the other ones on the way.

  • Does this one have dual sim?

  • My current phone's screen has decided to die this morning, does anyone recommend the Nokia 8.1? It seems to be given good accolades as a mid-range phone, but I'd prefer to read some first-hand experiences before making a purchase

    • What do you want to know about it?

      I got this at 20% the last time the sale was on, I would recommend it for sure at this price. Great battery life, nice screen quality and size.

      My only negative is that some apps I use are not scaled properly to this phones screen size and shape.

  • One thing I absolutely love with Nokia's… I always get Android updates.

  • Is the officeworks 5.1 plus the same model? I will try ask them to price beat it after work tonight.

  • Some Aldi stores in the Point Cook area where selling this phone for $179, 2 months ago. I though it was a bad phone…

  • I managed to do a price match with OW. AFTER PRICE MATCH $189.05 haha

    • Have you power it up yet.
      I would like to know if you are happy with the resolution of the screen.
      The resolution on paper is not crash hot at 287ppi density. I am currently using a mi Note 3 with 403ppi density screen.
      Jb hifi don't have a working model just dummies for display in their stand.
      Also, does it have dual sim?

  • 720 x 1520 pixels resolution is not good. But you get what you pay for….

  • Perfect for Grannies, especially two close to me using some Alcatel throwaway.

    Thank you to the OP

  • I have an old Galaxy S5 that I need to retire, how would this phone (or the 7.1) compare to the s5?

  • Would this (5.1) be a more powerful than the LG Q6 from Sydney Mobiles?

  • Anyone bought one and can report back on the screen resolution?

    • Just set this up for Granny 1

      Nice piece of kit. Great screen, plus USB-C which will impress the grand kids with their Samsungs and Xiaomi phones too who arrive at her place urgently needing recharging!


  • The 7.1 only has 3gb ram? Is it worth getting that over the 5.1 plus?

    • Much better screen (HD10+) and camera on 7.1. The mediatek P60 processor in the 5.1 plus is very capable, but the 7.1 is a better all-round package - hence the higher cost :-)

  • Price beat @officeworks Greenacre $189.05

    • Same $189.05 though the officeworks website is now showing $199 so I guess being fast was good =P

  • Price match no longer available at OW as price has been matched with JB https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/nokia-5-1-...

  • If anyone is looking for a 7 plus, you can get it for $379 with this Amex deal (which is unfortunately targeted) at Harvey Norman

  • I bought the 5.1 plus. It's pretty good. However, I can't get Foxtel Go to work on it. Keep getting a "pe8007" error message, and it won't load the video…..just keeps spinning. Never had this problem before with old phones.

    If somebody else here has Foxtel Go and a 5.1 plus, can you let me know if it works for you.


  • Got 2 phones for my mum and dad. It looks pretty good for a $200 phone. Very nice and premium looking.
    Shame that it has only 3g Ram and 32g Rom.

    • I don't know much about mobiles, is 3g Ram and 32g space bad for this price phone? If so what's a better option; was going to go purchase today.

      • So long as you're not a "power user" 3/32 GB is absolutely fine. Plus you can put a microSD card in to bump that 32GB up to almost whatever you like.
        Great phone for the price!!

    • Agreed; I upgraded my mum from an iPhone 6 to this Nokia 5.1; she is one happy lady.

  • Got one, well I'll get one when it arrives at office works, thanks OP :) (no JB Hi-Fi here)

  • Got two. First one was I managed to get JB hi-fi to price beat officeworks price beating JB hi-fi. Got that one for $189.

    Then two days later decided to buy another but all the stores for officeworks and JB hi-fi in South Australia were sold out so I got Harvey Norman to price match based on online availability, got this for $199. Can't believe Harvey Norman still had it stickered for $372.

  • Anyone having issues after upgrading the Android system?

    I've been locked out of the phone after updating it, it's turned into a brick within four hours of purchasing it.

    • Sorry to hear that, you can return it to the store and should have a no issue refund or exchange