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Huawei Mate 20 Pro (Midnight Blue) $999 (Was $1499) | Mate 20 $699 (Expired) C&C /+ Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Great price on both these handsets.

Huawei Mate 20 (Black) - $699. Expired

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  • In b4 Huawei ban comments.

  • And so it begins..

  • wait for it

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      Wait for it until it hits $100.

      There are a lot of stock piled in China from the companies around the world that cancelled their orders.

      Be patient.

  • The desperation

  • sells popcorn and alfoil

  • This is such a good price though, MUST…RESIST

  • Same price at Kogan too

  • If i'm thinking about buying a Huawei phone , and also thinking about buying a Saab ……which one would be the worse decision?

  • I'll buy it when it's below $500 in a month.

  • +3 votes

    When pro is $699, then it's a good price.

    I'll still pass most likely, not looking good for Huawei

  • If Huawei close down, JB does the warranty or not?

    • +21 votes

      but they wont close down….what the US Govt has done is technically illegal and a knee-jerk reaction to Huawei smashing Apple in sales revenue. Doing all this not realising that there are some US companies who solely rely on their relationship with Huawei to stay in business.

      My thought on this whole thing from the start is they are trying to ZTE 2.0. They want to double dip, they want to still make money from Huawei via them purchasing parts from US companies (ie Google, Intel etc) but then they want their own direct cut in form of a lump sum payment (several billion) and then probably hit them with some made up trading clause breach and then hit them up with another several billion dollar payment.

      • The ZTE issue is completely different to the Huawei one. The only thing remotely similar is they are both Chinese.

        In March 2017, ZTE pleaded guilty to illegally exporting U.S. technology to Iran and North Korea in violation of trade sanctions.

        ZTE were quite literally supporting hostile states.

        • ye na i agree, but to avoid confusing the topic and taking it on a different topic altogether, my point of bringing up ZTE was the lump sum payment followed by a breach payment which i really believe the DT is looking for…it'd be in the billions.

      • Lol all trump is doing is holding a ransom on the Chinese government with hopes of securing are more biased favouring to the USA unfair trade deal. Fk trump for doing this shit. They did the same thing to ZTE and they can trade as normal. My guess is there going to force there own nsa back-door spywear on all Huawei devices and then will be business as usual. That is what is is really about. Imo lol

        • So what your saying is this is not political but all about the money?

          • @xoom: It's both but still a huge part of it would be about money. It's definitely political though, how else can he get a better trade deal, It wouldn't surprise me if his daughter is used as a way to get a better deal and also force Huawei to do something that the us government would want. No doubt can't be good lol

  • Without a solid operating system it’s safer to buy a potato as a phone

  • https://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/bueuej/huawei_is_n...

    "HUAWEI is now back on the member list of SD, Wifi, Bluetooth, and JEDEC Association"

    News of Huawei's death has been greatly exaggerated.

    • Cool, so they can use SD cards, WiFi and Bluetooth.

      One problem, they can’t use Google services which are basically essential in the western Android market.

      Great hardware means nothing without great software.

      Nothing is greatly exaggerated. They are doomed, as they should be.

      • Let us all wait for an Australian mobile phone to beat Huawei then.

      • The point I guess is that it's a mostly political issue and could be solved very quickly as we have seen in the link I posted.

        • If it isn't resolved before the 90 day reprieve is up, I'd say they will be straight back on the ban list for SD cards, WiFI, Bluetooth etc.

          Wouldn't risk buying one, even at half the sale price.

    • Only granted due to a temporary 90 day license. See what happens then.

    • And as was said in that comment thread, memberlist means nothing. RaspberyPi aren't members either and they're still using SD cards just fine. They just can't submit and participate.

      • And this where this fear uncertainty and doubt is. People seem to think that if they stopped being a member list for sdcard, wifi and bluetooth. Their device will instantly at a given date stop reading sd cards or connecting to bluetooth and wifi devices.

  • so we couldn't just sideload google apps?

    • This is what I'm curious about and nobody seems to want to address. Or is something possible via rooting the device even?

        • We live in Australia tho. Our government passed laws to force companies to creating backdoors into any software and no one gives a shit. Barely anyone even knows about it.

          • @ScruffTheJanitor: It doesn't force google to secure Huawei devices.

          • -14 votes

            @ScruffTheJanitor: A small negative and a huge negative, don't make your argument valid.

            I got sick of negative people. Dude your argument is far below freezing point!

            So you say we should stop talking against the scariest dictatorship in the world because someone's feelings are hurt that Australia has some measures in place to protect its citizens?

            No one has ever been prosecuted in Australia for political reasons. Yet! Sure there is always place for improvement but don't shove your unrelated "this for that" down our throats

          • @ScruffTheJanitor: Yet still you can go to middle of the town and criticize government here is Australia….try doing that in China (even on social media).

            Difference is government here don't go and ban a cartoon character because it resembles the prime minister or the president.


            this is the difference between free society and dictatorship.

            You can go to Times Square in NY and shout Trump is a ****** and still get away with it.

            • @Ozama Bean Bargain: You're thinking of North Korea, not China. I've done exactly the same thing in Shanghai in a popular district, shouted out loud how shit the government is. The fact is, no one gave a damn about me, everybody who were around looked at me as if I'm sorta of a weirdo.

              I didn't get arrested, nor was I being questioned. Man I was worried more about me end up in social media looking like a completely idiot, than being arrested

              • @mengqing: seems you got lucky…unlike hundreds of lawyer and human rights activist who have been detained.


                If in doubt try writing 'free Tibet' or something similar on your Wiebo account just before your next visit to China.

                Disclaimer: I don't take any responsibility of the consequences.

                • @Ozama Bean Bargain: That's because they're activists, how's that not simple enough to understand? I didn't got lucky, I knew that I wasn't breaking the law. I have my freedom of speech to certain extent, as long as I don't cross the line I would be fine. If you live in the country, then you follow that country's law. If you don't like it, then just leave, just walk away, it's that simple. I feel no pity for those dudes, same as I don't feel pity for the dude who tried to steal a poster from North Korea.

                  And on the same subject, tell me what happened to Snowden now, what happened to Assange, what happened to that Saudi Arabic journalist who got chopped into slices? Can I just walk into the whitehouse and point my finger at Trump?