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Huawei Mate 20 Pro (Midnight Blue) $999 (Was $1499) | Mate 20 $699 (Expired) C&C /+ Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Great price on both these handsets.

Huawei Mate 20 (Black) - $699. Expired

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                  • @mengqing: Seriously? Telling military and state secrets is free speech?

                    What would happen to someone from Chinese military or intelligence who did the same? Wouldn't they be lined up to a firing squad? or would CCP will give them a medal?

                    And for your knowledge Saudi Arabia is not a democracy. It's a monarchy (read dictatorship) and they probably have more in common to China than the west.

                    • @Bargainian: Obviously you have a different understanding of freedom of speech to me so there is no point convincing each other. Just my 2c

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          IMO Google already stole all your "personal information" in a sense not to mention the agreements with US gov, like what can be that bad after you got rob again and again anyway (literally broke already) ? only different is you assumed it's okay to be rob by US but not the CN because of political reasons.

          • @dlovep: First this is not true.

            Second Google is not a dictatorship government

            Third, yes, so Google did it, let's smile! China should do it too!

            • +3

              @DisabledUser103394: Problem is there are evidence US and google are spying users, where is the evidence of Huawei and china? You think US wouldn't release it if they have any?

              • @BrianGriffin: Looks like people have been hypnotised. Anyway, Here the topic is Huawei. Changing the subject is not a winning strategy.
                I also have no problems with criticising Google and our governments, but nothing is more important than a dictatorship government.

                • @DisabledUser103394: Looking the thread, I believe it's you start to link the phone to dictatorship government.

                  • -1

                    @BrianGriffin: No, that's why it's blacklisted. They also stole other companies technologies and secrets, spied on people and governments, bugged their devices,… and have the ability to shut down any country's infrastructure whenever the Chinese government sends the signal.

              • -1

                @BrianGriffin: China spy its citizens openly. Don't rely on Women's Weekly for your news.


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          Double standards much?

          • -4

            @CharityCase: Definitely yes.
            I support freedom of speech, citizens liberty, democratic values and condemn tyrannical dictatorships

            • +7

              @DisabledUser103394: If thats what you support, fine. But you should also respect what other people support. You're speaking in a way that the Chinese government is an evil government, that people in China are being brainwashed, that they should have freedom of speech, citizens liberty, democratic values. But the fact is, majority of people in China couldn't care less about freedom of speech. All they want right now, is to be able to feed themselves, to have a proper job, a family and kids to raise, a good lifestyle to live. Now you have all that, but they don't

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      Until Google blacklists them from within the apps.

    • These phones already have google apps. So they are not affected. They may have issues with system updates later.

    • Of course you could, I have done this for a couple of Chinese phones.

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    I'm thanking my lucky stars i got rid of my Mate 20 pro when the S10 was launched back in Feb.

    • How did you do that? Smart lucky one

  • +4

    will be much cheaper

  • +3

    Would most likely get cheaper

  • +2

    they still have green screen problems.. it may not glow now but its there lol when I bought a new one it was meant to be ''fixed'' yet it was still there I even noticed it. also using a UV blue light to put a glass screen protector on shown the green glue.

    • only affected LG screens
      Have BOE screen and no issues

  • lol

  • +3

    P30 come on.

    Normally Kogan follow JB, vice versa.

    • P30 Pro more like it, dont see a reason to get the P30 over the Mate 20 Pro

      • +1

        For those who doesn't need a big phone, P30 is smaller, no 'edge' display (I find edge display annoying because it catches against the reflection of the light in indoor settings rendering the edge display parts useless). Vs the P30 Pro, has headphone jack.

  • Ohhhh boy…

  • Firsales coming in 3,2,1 ..

  • This might end up being a great phone to just install custom ROM's from XDA with. Just has to drop a lot more.

    • +1

      Yea, don’t see the big deal. Indians and Russians have been doing this for ages with China phones. Also side loading google play store and services.

      But like you said, prices have to drop a lot more if Huawei phones are going down that path.

  • +4

    They're not bricks if they're currently in stock with a retailer. Only new manufactured ones will be.

  • +3

    Can’t wait for the mate X fold display, what’s the release here? Better than Samsung fold.

    • both brands were released in Europe and taken back again because the screen broke.

      • That's not true at all. Only Samsung released a few to journalists and some of their screens broke which prompted Samsung to delayed their launch. Huawei's launch is scheduled for mid-late this year but no dates were given. Neither phones were officially released and only Samsung's screen broke.

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    ignoring ban comments, why would you get a mate 20 when the p30 and p30 pro are out? and the p30 is a similar price since the recent drops.

    • +2

      picked up a mate 20 pro with watch as new for $500

      Mate 20 pro has a better screen

      • better than the p30 pro too? how so?

        • +1

          3120x1440 resolution on the M20P, 2340x1080 on the P30/Pro.

      • +2

        You either lying or lucky to find a retarded seller.

        • could be a panicked seller
          was scouring gumtree and eBay and picked it up off gumtree

          • +1

            @shole: great score at any rate

            • @GeoBren: thanks
              there's one for 450 atm on gumtree

  • +10

    OzBargain? More like OzPolitics.

  • +5

    wei wei's make really good piccies. Ignore android turn off fears. Only buy the dual sim version, order if needed but only from an aus supplier as then you have the guarantee if Trump makes no local bought ones to turn off android. Be prepared to lose dumb friends who still insist that their fruit phone makes better pics…

  • Is the Pro worth it? I love the headphone jack and I reckon I can use the IR blaster (which I believe the regular has). The regular one is on Amazon for $698 (less with cashback).

  • I want my Chinese overlords to watch me sleep and spy on my boring ozbargain based life.

    Also I make weird faces for no reason so if be entertaining so yeah theres that

    • +4

      Doubt the ban will happen, could you imagine the crisis it would cause globally? This will pass by just like Koreans nuclear media warefare with Kim, it will pass. Typical scare tactic like always. Just did search and this came up, reversal of temporary ban. Trump just showing off his power like always, that’s why I never liked he bloke, Obama always been better choice.


      • Yeah I can't argue with facts and reason in regards to your comment!

        I'm sure someone will! But I agree wholeheartedly

  • +4

    "It's possible that Huawei would be included in a trade deal," Trump says. "If we made a deal, I can imagine Huawei being included in some form or some part of a trade deal."

    Surely if it's about national security Huawei products would never be part of a trade deal?

    • +6

      It was never a national security threat.

      It is called finding an enemy so you can unite a people and get them to vote for you.
      It is about maintaining no. 1 position in the technology race and arms position - if you want peace, prepare for war.
      It is about scaremongering and simply suggesting in the media it may be the case without proof so the morons who believe everything they see on TV will vote for him.
      It is pure base business negotiation strategy by putting leverage on and giving your opposition an olive leaf (may be involved in trade deal) to come to an agreement with a set deadline (3 month temporary reversal) - Trump is pure template business. It just makes all politicians uncomfortable, like dealing with a well seasoned car salesman.
      The Chinese originally complained that they would not accept any deal other than 50/50, Trump says can't be 50/50, so now Trump does this and goes well look, I'll give you Huawei back and it will be 50/50, he is taking something away from the negotiation without cost to himself and using it to barter. We learn this in corporate negotiations. The Chinese government is like, are you for real?

      • +1

        You do understand the Huawei stuff started with us right? Our intelligence service were the first to flag this and raised it with the US. We were the first 5 eyes country to ban Huawei from 5G infrastructure before US were so yes it is partly a national security issue.

        Second of all China reneged on their agreement. They originally had agreed to enforcing IP protection months prior. It was when the draft came back to the US they found they took that part out which is when the Trump admin realised they're not going to change so hit them with the Tariffs. This where we are now.

        • +1

          you mean we were the first to act on our memo from the whitehouse - if you think oz is separate from the us these days you seem to have missed what our foreign policy is - we spit on our neighbours these days, and rely on our real government to back us.

          its so sad to see oz lose its independence so quickly and completely…

  • Damn I was so excited until I saw p20 :)

  • +4

    Lol @ Jbhifi they are trying to sell them fast before they explode like Chinese firecrackers

  • not 700 nope, if its 300 ill buy it as a backup phone,

  • +2

    Cheaper in black Here for eBay plus members.

  • Time in phone in picture 08:08… Hmm

  • Recently read this.


    Pal may have a point.

    • A product so good that no one is using it?

  • +1

    Time to dispel some myths here.

    If i buy this phone will it suddenly stop working if huawei ban becomes permanent.

    Answer: no.

    If i buy this phone will google send a remote wipe command rendering phone useless.

    Answer: no.

    If i buy this phone will it self destruct via explosive means when huawei ban becomes permanent.

    Answer: no.

    Then what is likely going to happen to this phone that already have android os.

    No updates. OS or security updates.

    • +1

      Google could easily lock out the phones from using Google accounts. That'd stuff your syncing contacts, Gmail, use of Youtube and Chrome etc. Though if it ever went that far I'd expect to see work arounds in the wild.

      • -1

        Easily jail break, thrn y can install anything

        • …except for apps that require that the phone isn't rooted.

      • I dont doubt they could. Wether they would is where i doubt.

        They make money serving you ads and selling your info.

        Restricting who has android OS is counter to this.

  • Sounds like Friday night at the footy in here.

    Mate? Nah mate! Onya mate! Maaaate!!!

    • chug chug chug

  • Smart move by Huawei to dump their products on Ozbargain (where people buy first think later!).
    What's next Xiaomi? Oppo?…

  • +1


    • +1

      here is a man with principles.

    • roflmao.

  • +3

    Moron says to moron. Bla bla bla, china, bla bla, conspiracy, bla bla, backdoor secret surveillance based on political heresay. Facts. China has lifted hundreds of millions of its people out of poverty in last the last decades. America is daily putting more of its own people into poverty. (that's a fact)

    • Cannot agree more. I simply have no idea why people here (like that 'pal' guy) hate or are scared of China. Ask yourself: did China do you any damage?
      For those talking about 'communist' rubbish: do yourself a favour and check if China is still a real 'communist' country.
      Bottom line: when you're so weak you start to pick on others who have advanced so much because of your own weakness.

    • Fact. China no. 1, Taiwan no. 2 and USA no.3

  • Finally under 1k this is the price it should have been few months ago

    Huawei just been greedy

  • Way too expensive.

    $10 for hongmeng technology is plenty.

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