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Steggles Whole Roast Chicken $3 Per kg @ Woolworths


Steggles Whole Roast Chicken $3 Per kg @ Woolworths (1.8 - 2.65 kg)

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    Steggles Whole Roast Chicken $3 Per kg

    Looks a bit raw in the picture…

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      So how can they call it "roast chicken"??

      The Nutrition Information is sus too. It claims only 1.5% fat.

      • That is probably fat content once you have properly ROASTED it ;-)

  • May as well go to Costco for a roast chook….Less hassle.

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      Try this recipe for a better tasting supermarket chook

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        You don't even need to brine the Steggles chickens, the light marinade is injected through the entire chicken.

    • Costco chickens taste horrible…mushy and blubbery.

      Better paying a few bucks extra at Colesworth.

      • They're also from Steggles….

        Costco Marsden Park chickens have always been fine to me. Certainly better than those from Woolworths although they do have some kind of soggy stuffing inside, the ones from WW I mean. Costco are just your basic roast chicken.

        • Perhaps the issue is how they cook it…or maybe because they're left in the plastic containers for hours, instead of the bags used at the supermarkets.

    • May as well go to Costco for a roast chook…

      Worst roast chicken I've ever tried. Wife and kids refused to eat it.

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        Did it knock the stuffing out of you?

      • I think despite the description, it has to be cooked for a better result.

        • I ue it to make a biryani chicken.

      • My cats may eat it raw

    • Agreed, bought it from coles, took 3 hours to cook, lots of mess in the oven, would never do that again. Tasted good and juicy though

  • Picked one (2kg) up last night with some veggies for less than $15. Happy days!

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    It's sounds funny describing what is clearly a raw chicken, a roast chicken.

    • use very confusing.
      made me wonder if it was suitable for a good curry

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    Why not $3 each? That’s how I saw each time it’s posted.

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