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The next Epic Store freebie. This time it is "Kingdom: New Lands". Rated 87% positive on Steam (Very positive).


From the website:

Be brave, ruler, and fight to the bitter end,
lest these New Lands conquer you instead.

Kingdom is a minimalistic micro strategy game with modern retro aesthetics and an ambient soundtrack. Players take control of a monarch struggling to build their kingdom from nothing by exploring the world, recruit loyal subjects and defend from the nightly Greed attacks.

Note: This thread is to discuss the freebie/deal in question so please refrain from "store justice warrior" comments as those can be made in the forum. Plus, it is tedious to read the same thing over and over again every time something from Epic is posted.


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    City of Brass is available FREE on the Epic Store NOW.


  • +5 votes

    Really fun and relaxing game, will be good playing all these free games next year or so when proper features are added to epic.

    • +2 votes

      I like how you got negged by the fanboys for stating facts.

    • +2 votes

      I don't get the entire drama with the Steam/Epic thing to be honest. People are stupid if they are complaining about free games. (I have over 800 games in my Steam library btw, I'm definitely not running away from Steam any time soon.

      • +4 votes

        Haven't read anything about the free game stuff, I've read that people are mainly upset that Epic are paying out devs so that their game will only be available on Epic, Satisfactory is one example. There's also talk about the launcher doing some shady spyware things (haven't really looked into this one too much so can't expand upon it) and to a lesser extend, the fact they have to use a different launcher.

      • +3 votes

        First company in PC gaming history to bring in 3rd party games timed exclusives, buying out games for exclusivity - reducing consumer choice, forcing gamers to use their platform on titles that would previously have a multi-store release. Thats the main reason - they give gamers less choice. No need to even bring up the featureless , massively security compromised program for the store itself - found to harvest user data unknowingly & Tencent Chinese Gov involvement etc etc….

        • -1 vote

          It took 5 years for Steam to add those features many fanboys now use to make the Epic Store sound bad.
          5 years! Which means Epic has 4 left to be equally good. However, their implementation table/roadmap shows it will be done within 12 months.
          The TenCent thing has been proven to be wrong. Hell, the Chinese givernment forced Steam to make an own Chinese Steam version with "added features" for the government and Steam of course obliged as they did not want to lose 30 million subscribers. That is a fact (google it).
          No-one brings that up in order to convince people Steam are shady and are spying on its users.
          Plus, of course many US companies are spying on us - spying is spying and it is not acceptable from any direction/side.
          First company in PC gaming to pay for exclusives - in the good old days of discs that already happened. Some stores (at least overseas) had exclusives and you could get certain games only in a certain store for a limited time.
          This concept is as old as business and has been used extensively. Everything being digital is is just more publicised now.
          I respect if people are against such a practice in principle but then one has to criticise the business practice as a whole, including console gaming where this is totally normal.
          And what about Steam forcing people who wanted to play Half-Life onto its platform - nothing stopped them to implement a different approach and make it available without Steam? Can you guess why they did this? Same reason why Apple chose to have a closed eco-system with its apps instead of a more open approach - maximisation of profits and control.
          Most of the stores are as bad as each other and it is time people recognise it - Steam, Epic, Origin, Google, Apple, Twitter, FB etc. are all acting in ways that are bad - the only thing varying is the degree.

          • +1 vote

            @Lysander: I agree with most things you say except for the fact that valve created half-life, so of course curse they forced ppl to play it on steam.

            And it took valve a whole to implement some features but there were olno platforms like that. Epic released a halfassed platform with zero features, no reviews or discussions and social ways to chatting.

            The difference being that epic games haven't made any games and put them on there store. Ilthey throw huge amounts of money at devs which were advertising on steam, did there alpha and beta on steam and then said fk it. Let's take a shit tonne of money, who cares if it sells they got paid already.
            then no one on steam could play that game or have to wait a year or longer to play it.

            • -2 votes

              @XxAiDsTaRxX: Well, there are games on there Epic made and some of them are free - Fortnite, Unreal Tournament Classic for example.
              Also, do not forget that Epic make Unreal Engine which many games use.
              Epic could have legitimately said that they expect game developers using their engine to sell their games on their store - that would have been the same logic as Steam and Half-Life.

              Plus, if Steam took 5 years to get all those features, Epic should be given the same time. If Epic manages to do it faster (and they will) then objectively they are better than Steam.
              To make a fair comparison, I believe one has to consider equal factors. A striker who has played 100 professional games naturally has more experience than the striker who has played 5 games. It it likely they also have more goals. So, to compare the two one has to wait until the second player has also played 100 games and then compare the stats at that mark (goals, assists, cards etc.). Then one know who is the better player.

              Also, to be honest, the fact that developers takes the biggest money mountain is not really Epic's fault. If people want to blame anyone, then it should be the developers although of course I can understand that they do it after being squeezed for so long by Steam.
              Nobody stopped Steam matching Epic's conditions - the problem is that Steam thought and still things they are in an unassailable position.
              Steam will change its tune when Epic has implemented all features at the latest and Steam recognises Epic won't go away. However, I believe we will see great deals in the upcoming Summer sale as Steam does not want to lose too much ground.
              In any case, the developers have not abandoned Steam - the Borderlands Handsome Collection for $9 AUD is a super deal.
              I think in all that getting upset about the storefront and launchers, there are those of us that remember having to pay $50 to buy a game that compared to current games only were 30minutes - 2 hours long and was only extended by the difficulty (no checkpoints, limited lives, nasty surprises as in Ghost n Goblins for example). With that in mind, I think PC gaming today is pure paradise with so much choice, low prices, and so many quality freebies.
              For us, gaming is a hobby and entertainment but for the developers it is their livelihood and existence - that is how they feed their family. Can anyone really blame them for trying to earn a decent living for their effort and trying to make their jobs as secure as possible?
              And let's be honest: I believe that if any of the people blasting Epic and the developers were in a similar situation they would take the money as well. Would you really stay with your current employer if another employer would pay you double or triple with guaranteed bonuses for the same work? I really doubt it.

        • -1 vote

          Steam business practices are shady. Epic business practices are shady. Welcome to making a buck.

  • +1 vote

    Super addictive. I’ve wasted a lot of hours playing this only to do something really stupid and die.

    Probably my most preferred one out of the series. Has more features than the first one and the third one is good but riddled with bugs that destroyed my save file.


    love this game. Thanks Lys!


    Thanks, every time I saw this post remind me to claim the last free game.

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    Nice, the way this is going, never need to buy a game again!

  • +2 votes

    wont let me claim for some reason
    I click the 'free' button and nothing happens


    anyone having issues with this error

    Please verify your humanity by re-entering the characters in the captcha.

    considering no captcha comes up, I cant do it..


    Man this game gave me the good feels! Not much challenge but so relaxing.


    Such a chill game to play, and any computer can pretty much play it.


    I have no idea why this game is so good but it is.

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