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10% off Apple Computers at JB HiFi - MacBook Pro 15" with Touch Bar, Core i5 + 512GB $3,689.10 (Excludes Build to Order)


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  • Also excludes iPhones. So really, just 10% off Macs. You should mention that in your title.

  • so expensive…

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    I’ve been eyeing off an iMac to use primarily for photo editing purposes. Is the jump to 5k over 4K display significant enough to warrant the price tag?

    • You are better off spending the money on a good professional 4k monitor with wide colour gamut (BenQs are quite good) and a colour calibrator. Also note if you want true 10bit+ colour you will need a pro graphics card otherwise some monitors fake it.

  • JB Hifi doing kidney to Apple Computer swap ?

  • Would Harvey Norman match these prices?

  • WWDC is coming up, it's unlikely but there may be a refesh and new mac pro

    • Not sure about others, but note that MacBook Pro definitely won't be refreshed as it got new processors (and supposed keyboard improvements) last week.

  • Try to price match with officeworks for extra 5% off

    • I assume this won't work as Officeworks will drop their prices to match, anyone know for sure?

    • On the 15" MBP (i9, 512gb SSD variant) Officeworks dropped the price by 10 cents compared to JB's price. They also don't have any stock in stores or their warehouse hence you would have to place an order and wait for a unknown time for them to deliver.

      I called their head office and live chat online about the same as I'm in the market to buy this variant MBP before end of June.

      Probably going to end up getting one from JB and use gift cards (5% off JB gift cards via Suncorp).

  • Anyone know how long the sale is on for?

  • Can anyone recommend if a Macbook air is good for normal home use. I currently use a late 2013 Macbook Pro.

    • Air will be fine for normal use and shouldn’t have issues streaming 4K YouTube. It will get hot though if you plan to do that.

      I cant recall how much ram air comes with but if possible, upgrade to 16gb ram.

  • Yesterday a friend noticed, and got the i9 15 inch MBP. Finally upgraded from the 2015 I had. Obviously this one's a lot LOT faster :)

  • I know it says excludes built to order, but has anyone successfully got 10% discount from JB? I think if your getting a Mac you need a SSD, crazy they don’t offer stock ones with them. Cheers.