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Elmsbury Crispy Microwave Beef Pie 200g or Sausage Roll 175g $0.99 (Was $1.69) / White Mill Pancake Shake 375g $0.99 @ ALDI


Another great price reduction by ALDI that I figured I'd post based on postive feedback on this comment.
These take just 2-3 mins in the microwave.

I've tried both and they are both very well worth a dollar. Actually have meat in them unlike the other supermarkets el cheapo gravy pies 😂

Also Pancake Shake (Original or Buttermilk) is $0.99 - I've bought buttermilk but haven't tried them yet.
Pancake Shake 375g Was $1.49

Edit: This is a permanent special

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    Are the Elmsbury Crispy Microwave Beef Pie 200g or Sausage Roll 175g $0.99 on special only this week or now a standard price at Aldi ?

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      Haha, you were reading my mind as I had same question and just looked it up myself.

      looks like Aldi who used to call their weekly specials prior as "7 Day Deals", NOW are called "Super Saver",

      and reading in between the lines are also on for seven days ending when their weekly catalog ends.


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        "SUPER" thanks for that ………
        Will have to go via Aldi to get so of the Beef Pies

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      Standard price. Been like this for a month. Have now updated the OP.

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        Oh, little confusing with their wording.

        Thanks for clarifying.

        So permanent/temporary low price that has been this price for a month now and will last longer than a week, until they put up price again to a time of their choosing lol.

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    Just as good (probably the same thing) as the Mrs Macs. These are normally ~$2 at Coles/Woolies and need to wait until they go on special for $1.12 at those two. Yay, no more waiting.


      Mmm Mrs Macs, used to have to go to the factory to get these prices ($1 seconds) but would rather pay the 12c premium to save time.

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    How do these compare to Mrs Macs? I buy them when they are half price as well.

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      Good question, I’m a Mrs Macs fan….when on special that is and I might give this a try

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      I think Mrs Macs actually make them for ALDI, just to a slightly different recipe. The crust is identical, and the meat filling is slightly less 'rich' than the Mrs (but not significantly so).

      The think I like about them, is the pies are actually chockers full of filling.


      I'm no pie expert, but I can't see any significant difference between them.


    Fyi i was buying Mrs Macs and now i only eat the Aldi pies i think they are alot better than Mrs Macs.


    How do these compare to the 7 Eleven pies?


    Silly question for the pancake mix but can you make the pancakes with only water and no milk or egg?

    Would be a game changer for me if I could just use the mix with water and no egg.

    Of course needs a bit of grease for the pan and butter or cream of your choosing for after the pancake is made but as somebody who sometimes cannot use egg this would open a new option for food besides toast and cereal lol.


    Sausage roll 8/10

    Beef pie 3/10

    Final verdict

    The sausage roll is good big size good meat good pastry

    The beef pie not the best I think buying the frozen pies are better even the home brand pies which are cheaper from coles and Woolworths are 10x better.. Could use more meat and pastry is sub par doesn't compare to oven pies

    Sausage roll though works as a microwave meal and for $0.99 it is a steal


      Interesting - I actually really like their pies! Btw the Woolworths pies are really bad so I don't actually agree there!

      Doesn't compare to oven pie no, but for 99c and 3 mins it's a lot quicker than the oven :)

      I normally get a sausage roll though, much easier to eat on the go and tastes great.

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        Hmm yeah the convenience and less clean up is really great.

        I might have just got a bad one or maybe didn't nuke it enough but my best pies are still the home brand ones I think from coles or woolies I keep forgetting but they are so good simple and inexpensive.

        Yeah the sausage roll is great and the best for on the go.. eating a pie on the go is a little more messier imho.

        2 of either is enough for me for a good meal unless I am really hungry then 4 is ideal.

        Great post I would not have known about this otherwise.

        Next I am gonna try the pancake shake with some butter and maple syrup and whip cream mm yum.. just gotta make another trip to aldi sometime this week.


          Yeah sausage roll is a great on the go snack haha. So convenient - takes just 2-3 mins in the microwave.
          Re Pancake Shake, I got the buttermilk variety and found it would've probably been too much with butter on top :D

          There's also a Vanilla cake mix for $0.81 if you are making a special trip to ALDI :)

          Didn't post it as a deal because I haven't bought it and thus don't know if it's any good. Not worth making a cake for myself but let me know if you end up trying it!


    These never stayed $0.99 😖

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