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Inno3D GeForce RTX 2080 Ti X2 OC 11GB Video Card $1399 + Wolfenstein Youngblood Game + Free Shipping or Pick Up @ Mwave


Hi All,

We're running a special on the Inno3D GeForce RTX 2080 Ti X2 OC 11GB Video Card for $1,399 (Normally, $1,499) + Free shipping or pick up from our Lidcome store.
It's limited 5 per customer or while promotional stock lasts.

For a limited time, purchase a INNO3D a GeForce RTX 20 series gaming graphics card , and get Wolfenstein: Youngblood!
* Promotion period: May 28th 2019 - Aug 6th 2019 or while stocks last.
* Valid series: GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, RTX 2080, RTX 2070 and RTX 2060
* Valid only for purchases on or after May 28th 2019.

16/6: Back in stock (thanks fuzzyduck)

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  • +2

    this has 1.5x more vram than my laptop has regular ram

    it also costs more than my laptop

    awesome wish I needed one

  • +1

    Hi Rep, any chance of a deal on a entry/mid level GPU for the poor folk like myself?

    • Hi Jayz, PM Me :)
      let me know what you're after

      • +2

        Something like a 570?

        • lol rip

  • +1

    limit 5 per customer lol

    • +1

      We've some corporate accounts, that need more than 2 ;)

  • +3

    Damn that's a good price. Don't really feel the need to upgrade my 1080ti though.

  • +1

    bought this card from mwave when it was $1499, the backplate gets really hot just for turning on the machine, didn't notice anyother issue but still concerns me, sold the card for $1600 on ebay and bought a aorus watercooled one, happier now!

    • bought the x3 version which has three smaller fans, not sure this one is better or worse

      • This one is worse

  • Nearly at a reasonable price for the card.

    Regardless, not down to yous. Best priced 2080ti right now tmk?

  • I'm starting to feel the urge to spend some. Not quite there yet, but fkn close.

    • +4

      Hold out till July I reckon. Nvidia are known to squeeze consumers for all they're worth when AMD don't have a properly competitive product. Quite possible prices drop at Navi launch.

  • Will there be an RTX Titan? And if so, how many kidneys will it cost?

    • Man they're like $5k each……and only nvidia sells them so you have to buy direct from the actual chipset manufacturer to get it…. Oh nevermind, I stand corrected, Amazon and Scorptec sells these which are third-party stores and for much less than $5k….

      Now if there were aftermarket overclocked versions of these from various third party brands like Inno3D here or Asus, we might be seeing a decent performance battle between the 2080Ti and the Titan RTX…of course no one in the right mind would spend over $5k even if the RTX titan clocks and performs overally better than the best 2080Ti stock clocked (unless the performance is like twice that for twice the cost which would be ok then, want something the Titan has that the 2080Ti does not, or and if you just have a lot of dough you wanna flick away and don't care for cost value but max performance at the cost of any amount of dollars that they want for it) - in this case would be the Kingpin as you get a guaranteed 2GHz core overclock, next would be the Matrix ROG at 1.815Ghz core clock(dunno if memory clock matters but that's also boosted from default clock last I checked), dunno if you can overclock it much pass that with its stock Infinity cooler….and ohhh, there's a platinum variant of this: https://www.notebookcheck.net/Asus-ROG-Matrix-GeForce-RTX-20…

      So yeah, expect maybe $4k to $8k for a modded third-party brand of Titan RTX if nvidia decides to let it….

  • Great price but unfortunately no water block support it seems.

  • This is an A bin gpu so supports higher power limits and reference pcb, there should almost be guaranteed water blocks for it at some stage.
    Good. Deal

  • The expiration seems to have been extended to 16/06/2019. So this deal hasn't expired yet.

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