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Rent 1 Get 1 Free DVD Rental @ Video Ezy Kiosks


Potentially a $5 towards 2 free DVD rentals on Tuesday.

Rent 1 Get 1 Free DVD Rental

Code: KN370227

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  • I’ve seen these kiosks around. Hard to believe anyone actually uses them.

    • I use them, be it only when a code is posted on Ozbargains.

    • I did use them once a week but the last 20 movies have all been DVD. Not a bluray in sight.

      • +1

        I understand DVD is still a valid format (I own a few titles myself).
        I now rent & stream digitally though, that way you can save time & forget about dealing with returning physical discs before you cop a fine.

        On iTunes Store using Apple TV 4, there are always 2x categories of $2.99 rentals & 1x $0.99 rentals section available to choose from (different categories & movies every week for both sections).

        • Note: I have my Apple TV 4 setup to stream / purchase SD (Standard Definition 480p) content only (similar resolution as DVD), which gives you cheaper prices all round by $1. So HD rental prices may be $1 higher.

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    My local just closed down the one and only video ezy kiosk in town.

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    I just don’t get VideoEzy. DVD on a 65” or bigger screen is just unwatchable. By sticking to DVD, they’re throwing away huge market - it will be their slow death until they finally realise what year it is behind the window.

    • DVD on a 65” or bigger screen is just unwatchable.

      That’s a little bit over the top I think.
      Sure it’s not as sharp as Bluray or 4K but DVD’s are as good as if not better than standard free to air broadcasts.
      Also check out the likes of Big W who still sell heaps of DVD’s.
      By no means am I saying DVD’s will be around forever but they certainly have plenty of life left in them yet.

      • Free to air is in HD and looks far better than DVD. DVD has been around since 1997. Other things from 1997 include Windows 95, Nokia 5110s, and 640x480 digital cameras. Time to move on.

  • It is $5cr.

    • Must depend on the kiosk. It was bogof for me.

  • yes, I think you are right, I have had one once that was $5 at one and at another it was BOGOF.
    The one that was a $5 cr was at the smaller machine

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