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Beer Bongs & Bentleys Limited Edition VIP Skatedeck - $0 + Shipping (from $17) @ Post Malone


This was part of the VIP package for Post Malones Aussie tour - they obviously had extras so they are giving them away for free, just pay for shipping.

The deck is Pro Grade, made from high level Canadian Maple and great for skating. Or mount it on the wall as a memory of Post Malone's 2019 Australian Tour!

Limited availability so get in quick to take up this offer. Offer valid while stocks last. Max. 4 decks only each.

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  • Shipping for 1 deck to 3070 was $16.90, $35.10 for 4 decks.

  • Shipping $22.95 to Brisbane

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    No idea why I ordered that. Thanks ozbargain

    • Regardless if you like Post Malone it's a pretty cool piece of art for $23

      • piece of art


    • +2

      I'm not keen on this bloke at all and I bought two, what is wrong with me!

  • +35

    wtf did i just buy…

  • +1

    Thanks copped a deck. Will be a nice souvenir for his tour which I attended earlier this year.

  • +4

    oh man … I got four of them … They'll make great gifts for my nieces and nephews who watched the concert. $42.90 to rural Victoria. Thanks OP

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Grabbed one for the wall and one to use/gift.
    $29.45 for shipping to Syd for 2 decks.

  • I don't know how to skate or have any real use for this. Can you add wheels to this later, and is there any point getting one?

    • +1

      It should have pre-drilled holes in the deck, no info on deck info/make but would more than likely be just as good as a complete deck bought from a surf/skate shop like SDS, citybeach etc.

      You'll more than likely need griptape, I assume it doesn't come with it.
      Also need trucks, wheels, bearings, risers and the hardware.

      It's a novelty deck but could also create a pretty decent first board (depending on quality of the deck) if interested in creating your own board and like the graphic.
      Look on gumtree/fb marketplace for a pre-loved deck/hardware to swap out.

      • +1

        Width isn't even specified, anyone who wants to use it would need/want to know that first. Almost definitely a POS.

  • +1

    Legend, thanks OP, got 1! Moved into a new apartment so this is going straight on the wall!

  • +2

    Thanks! My mate will love a free deck!

  • +6

    Can't even give them away at Concerts..

    • +1

      Looks like crap if you ask me. Folks are trying to flog them online though.

      • In their G wagons?

      • +3

        Saw one on Gumtree for $150 and loled.

  • +1

    thanks man. Xmas gift sorted

  • $22 for shipping? eek

    • +1

      Not that unreasonable, it's a long package.

      • +25


      • +7

        In your best NZ accent, "That's a long deck!"

      • +2

        That's not what she said :(

    • -1

      Gets more suckers saying "free board, just pay shipping" than saying "$22 for no name deck with free shipping"

      • not bad considering skate decks go for ~$100

        • +1

          A no name maple deck will run about $25 on ebay, which would be similar quality to this one I'd say. The promoter would have just contracted it out, if it was a name brand I'd say that would be mentioned.

          • +3

            @brad1601: So its 8 bucks less than the cheapest on ebay and still not a deal?

            • @Jackson: I guess it depends where you are from… Shipping seems to vary quite a bit. Plenty of people are getting high $20s mid $30s and even over $40 quotes for shipping….

      • Also no refunds apply for a free item.

  • Be good if you could pick it up in Melbourne. I’m right around the corner from their office.

    • That might not be where they send them from.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, my kid wanted a new deck.

    • Item arrived today, suprised at how fast it showed up!

  • +1

    Awesome deal, $29 for 1 delivered to Perth though, so probably won't pull the trigger.

    • Yeah not worth the shipping to Perth.

  • +4

    Sweet new deck my old deck was on the way out.

  • How many inches ?

    • Looks like standard size

    • giggety goooo

  • Shipping is $26.35 for me.

  • Is this even legit?

  • Didn't even know he'd toured here.

  • +11

    Grabbed 4 to sand back and use as canvas. The design on them looks awful :D

  • Can't access site :( Ozbargained?

    EDIT: Works again…. $23 for shipping… Oh dang

  • $47 shipping to Brisbane wrote

    • Really, I got $23 to gold coast

  • +1

    $22 shipped to the Northern Beaches - can't complain too much about the graphic haha

    Cheers OP.

  • Hmm I really don't need this. Why do have an urge to nab one?

  • $52 for 4 x boards to Perth. Not bad, we're usually the ones to get rekt by postage.

  • +1

    $20.30 for Tas - ordered one thanks OP

  • 22.95 sunny coast

  • +3

    OK, so I have absolutely NO idea why I just bought this?! Cost $16.90 to Geelong.

  • Copped !

    Shipping to Brissy @ $22.95.

  • +3

    Bought 4 and I didn’t know why

  • +1

    Thanks I grabbed one. My skateboard rack is full but I can maybe rotate it. $16.90 ship to Melb!

  • No idea what I would do with it. Lol

    • +5

      skate it.
      turn it into an awkward table.
      a raaaaad serving dish.
      a see-saw for ants.

  • +1

    Bought 4. Thanks OP. I guess?

  • pretty nice deck for $17.

    edit: s/h to Perth is $26.35

  • I think I got the last one. Wouldn't let me add 3 to cart so I reduced to 2 and bought. Sold out right after!

    • Damn! Just missed it. The Brodens beat me to it. Anyone in Brisbane have a spare?

      • I have one. PM me if you still want it.

    • enjoy…

  • Also missed out, if anyone in Syd has a spare let me know

  • +1

    found another thing you can use your deck for if you don't skate or plan on skating….a balance board!

  • eBay is full of great blank decks for similar prices (20 bucks shipped)

    ~40 bucks for a half decent truck and wheel set

  • Damn, way too late. Ahaha anyone has a spare willing to part with? :)

    • Where are you? I was going through the process and was gonna bail on the deal. But somehow it went through.

      • Nice, would be glad if it works out, I'am at Syd? Wouldn't mind paying for shipping if that helps :)

        • I am in Sydney too. Tried to PM you but I think your account can’t accept new messages.

  • My daughter is a huge fan of Posty!
    If anyone got extras and live on the gold coast or could ship to here (I'll pay of course)
    I would love to get one of these for her birthday in a couple months
    Just thought id throw it out to anyone who doesnt need several lol

    • +1

      I'm up in Noosa and ordered just one, but shortly after was ordering trucks and wheels then figured why not and ordered a natural deck instead of the effort sanding this graphic off or doing a cover up.

      Know it's a climb but If you're up this way happy to let it go for the 22.95 shipping I already paid

      • +1

        Not in the near future 😣
        But if you could Putin the post?
        Lemme check shipping to GC and see what it adds up too (incl what ya already paid)

  • i was way too late for this deal :(
    if anyone scored multiples and wondered why they did, please share the ware and let me know via PM if we can reach an arrangement!

    • Where are you located? Sydney (but south, north, west, east?)

      • hi mate, Syd south, near Sutherland

  • If anyone has a spare in Syd, lemme know, will pay ofc.

  • Just received mine, quality of the board is very solid, no grip tape though.

    Also looks like they're back in stock!

    • did they send you an email after the confirmation order with the tracking or anything?

      • yeah they do

  • Mine arrived yesterday, and my partner isn't happy about it.

    If anyone wants it, happy to part with it for the shipping cost (16.90) or add extra for shipping if you need it delivered.

    Melb based, SE

    • out of interest, what is your partner not happy about - the fact you got it? or something about the style/deck itself? ;)

      • +1

        haha, just a waste of money. Neither of us skate

  • https://photos.app.goo.gl/MbUgY8YmAFmgZ7mY7

    19.95 bucks for trucks and wheels 22.95 for shipping deck and 7 bucks for clear grip tape

    A ~50 buck complete

  • +1

    Thanks OP, nice 8" decks, my kids are stoked.