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Australian Made Wool Mattress Topper $159 (All Sizes) + Free Shipping @ Woolstarau


We noticed a previous sale done well on OZbargain so Woolstar would like to offer the OZBARGAIN community a one off special offer for The limited edition washable wool topper/ underblanket for $159 + free shipping for all sizes.
100% Australian Made From 100% Australian Wool

The link to this offer is only available through Ozbargain , however to activate the free shipping please use promocode: ozbargainonly
A fully reversible Wool Topper/Underblanket is great way to stay warm during the cooler months. Wool is a natural insulator. It helps to regulate your body temperature, keeping warm in the cooler months and cool in the warmer months.
The Woolstar limited Edition Wool topper/undeblanket has 3 layers; wool fleece top, inner wool filling and a cotton japara backing. Sleep on the fleece in the cooler months and the cotton in the warmer months.


Woolstar Made here in Ingleburn Sydney from 100% Australian Wool. Est 1996
Feel free to watch our story:

Limited stock only -if your desired size is unavailable please feel free to contact us to pre-order.

If you have any further questions or any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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    This seems competitive @ $99.00 - 20% (code PEOFY) = $79.20 for Queen delivered. If the respective ratings are correct then it will have more wool (550/400GSM cf 350/350GSM) but skirt a little shorter (36cm cf 40cm).

    However The Phantom has not met either in battle.


      I've bought one from ebay before and it was horrific, chasing my refund was a nightmare. Bought from Woolstar directly and its been excellent i also took up there mothers day offer too.


        The outfit i've linked to has a 99.9% eBay rating, and none of the tiny 14/23967 neg votes over the last 12 months were for this item. They've sold almost 2000 on that link alone and i'm familiar with some of their other Australian Made gear and it's high quality. Based on that i'd bet good money you didn't buy from them, and if i'm correct then it's hardly reasonable to condemn all of eBay for your experience.

        There's obviously some serious competition out there for this sort of gear - i'm personally astounded they can do it for the price.


          You seem to be a great ambassador, but their recent reviews dont seem so great on their feedback.


            @nvde: I'm just dealing with the facts. You were a bit vague there as to who you'd bought from on eBay. It's now clear from your silence that it wasn't the outfit i'd linked to. eBay has some transparency measures, private websites have next to none. I know what i'd prefer.


              @TheGhostWhoWalks: Wherever i can i will always support local business directly. Rather than the 1000s that hide behind the shield of eBay. Silence? Mate you took 13 hours to respond.


                @nvde: The ones i linked to are made in Smithfield NSW.

                By silence i meant you didn't claim to have bought the ones i'd linked to once given the opportunity. In terms of my delay i'm human and need to sleep occasionally.

                By all means buy from them - they may be quite good for all i know.


    $59 at aldi, for any stores with stock left.