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Fastest VPN Lifetime Subscription: Beat The Average Price (Currently $5.10USD / $7.30AUD) @ StackSocial


You must pay more than the average price otherwise you won't get the lifetime VPN subscription

Fastest VPN Lifetime Subscription (1 device) - 'Pay What You Want' at Stack Social.

I already have a Lifetime Subscription (on 5 devices) with Fastest VPN. They are based in the Cayman Islands (big plus) and while they may not be the actual fastest VPN, their service is good and apps very slick.


Definitely worth grabbing as a backup VPN.

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  • +3

    I don’t want to be that generic person but how’s Netflix US/UK on this VPN?

    • +1

      I just opened the app on Android and started watching US Netflix on their US-Dallas server.

      Will try UK now…

      • +1

        does this allow access to Turkey servers ? (the country, not the birds)

        • +1

          Yes actually I just connected to Turkey and was able to access and watch Netflix, too. (they have some pretty good stuff!)

          No go with Japan or Canada. I couldn't even connect to the UK or Singapore.

          So we have US and Turkey Netflix confirmed.

          • +2

            @Ge3ks: brilliant. thanks for the response.

    • Need to beat currently $5.1 USD to get VPN

  • +1

    weird i signed up but only have the code for the antivirus

    • Same!!!!!

    • Yeh wtf… same…

    • Yeah seems like we are all being careless and tricked by op haha

      • Any way to dispute the sale for a refund… or i just suck it up!!!

        • They say unused licences can be returned for site/store credit. But I expect that's not a simple process!

      • Sorry. I was tricked by Stack Social. It was worded in a very sneaky way.

        For those of us that spent $1, is the Virus Protection software any good?

  • +4

    Paid $1. Only got the AV. Site isn't super clear and I wasn't paying attention. Seems like you have to beat the avg to get the bundle

    • this

  • +2

    From the PC World review:
    "FastestVPN is officially based in the Cayman Islands, but it also has a business address in Los Angeles. The company CEO is Azneem Bilwani who is based in Pakistan."

    From The VPN Lab review:
    As confirmed by its Privacy Policy, FastestVPN will never log your online activity. Of course, the service will collect and store some minimal information, including your email and session data relevant for marketing purposes (Hotjar, Google Analytics, and Live Chat).

    This site also says that FastestVPN has had IP leak problems in past versions:

    Not saying anything by this but make of it what you will.

    • +1

      The new Killswitch option has removed the risk of leaks. Works well from my testing.

    • If a vpn leaks ip/location, isn't that defeating the point?

    • owned by a pakistani, hmmm ok
      sounds like a credit card phishing trap

  • Beat the avg for lifetime vpn lol

  • Should update title if you have to beat the average (5.10 atm)

  • +2

    Yeah you goofed op. You need to beat the average. I will admit the lock icon and the fact it was listed first was super confusing

  • +1

    Sorry guys. I have updated the title.
    Have to beat the average to get both VPN and Antivirus.

  • Paid 1 USD and just got the AV, be careful.

    • +4

      Contacted them for refund, just got credit…

  • +1

    Wow that's dodgy. I actually was half asleep and accidentally bought the BTA package. Lucked out on that one =/

    $7.50 or whatever for a VPN seems pretty reasonable however. Wouldn't trust it to transfer US military secrets…but for home use it'll do nicely.

  • Cheers OP. $7.50 for a VPN Lifetime Sub. Bargain.

  • +4

    get it for US$4.59 (10% off) by signing up to their newsletter and getting a code emailed to you.

    codes are not linked to the email address.

  • 1 device?

    can I use it on PC and android at the same time?

    • You can use it on both, but not at the same time..

      Otherwise the 5 device lifetime sub is good value. That's what I bought last month.

      • thx

  • +4

    Using this VPN now. It's a bit of a disaster. Credentials don't work, and thousands of packets are getting dropped. Possibly the service is just a bit overloaded with this recent deal…or it's crap. Who's to know!?

    Edit: I connected to two servers in Europe. Both were about 8mbps down and 2 up.

  • +1

    I have used a few VPN services but this takes cake as being the worst. Why? Constant dropouts. You might be connected for 3hrs then all of a sudden get dropped out and your IP gets exposed. Thought perhaps it was just my PC. Nope, tried it on another PC+browser, same thing.

    • Did you activate the killswitch, doesn't work? Worse case, it gets you US Netflix on the cheap. I was just watching Marvel Avengers Infinity War again. Was running good on my phone.

      • +1

        He must have been using an old version because the Killswitch works in my testing.

  • Is there a data cap with this plan?

    Edit - Nevermind, I found it on the StackSocial site. It's unlimited.

  • if you're going to the trouble of a VPN don't cheap out this much. clearly not a reputable company.

  • +2

    Just bought it then for 5.11 US just to make sure i was above AVG and got my VPN right away.
    Thanks OP.

  • can you buy 2 so that you can get 2 devices?

    • Raised this with StackSocial support and they said 1 account for 1 VPN user; will need a different email for 2 devices then…

  • +2

    if you want lifetime vpn windscribe is much better imo, bought from same site, cost like 40 dollars and is very reliable and they continue to push out new features and updates.

    • +4

      Windscribe is awesome. My preferred VPN. However they announced that they won't be doing lifetime subs anymore and are relatively expensive now.

      • Oh had no idea about that, such a real shame. But yeah you are right their plans on their site are quite expensive.

  • Interesting reading here. Various VPNs give answers to a fairly comprehensive set of questions. Who knows if they are telling the truth. FastestVPN is one of them.


    Although it baffles me how you can build a stable business with 7 dollar lifetime (sic) subscriptions. But I'm a business ignoramus. I could be wrong.

  • super dodgy - when you use pay what you want and set it as $1, the cart shows VPN, but looks like per the comments only you get the AV

  • Can someone please share the speedtest result? I've tried windscribe and slickvpn, connecting to US is pretty slow (4-5MBps)

    • +1

      I just tested their Dallas (Netflix) server and got 13.9Mbps compared to 48Mbps when the VPN is off. This is on android.

      • Dang! that's slow…thanks though!

        • Plenty fast for watching Netflix. What else do you want a US server for, gaming?

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  • The post does not explain the terms and conditions of the "deal". You have to either pay a sum that beats the "average amount", or else you will receive subscription to an antivirus.

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