expired Free Sign-up (Was $5) to Supercheap Auto Club Membership (No Signup Credit) @ Supercheap Auto (In-Store)


Signup required, but get the benefits of a SCA membership without the $5 fee

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  • +1 vote

    maybe put "instore only" in the title

  • +15 votes

    But you don't get the $10 sign-up credit.

    • +2 votes

      Yea was looking out for that first thing in the picture. It's actually worse than the usual sign up bonus imo


        This is in effect a price increase. It used to be pay $5 to get $10 credit, which means your "change" after signing up was +$5. Now you don't get any change, so the price of signing up has increased by that $5.

  • +18 votes

    i get that its free, but its a worse deal without the extra $5 credit

    • -7 votes

      Then you have to spend it in store on potentially an overpriced item, so you're down again.

      • +2 votes

        Why would you have to spend it on an overpriced item? SCA have sales very frequently and it's easy to just sign up before you actually want to buy something on sale / bargain.

        This is a backwards deal IMO.

        • -2 votes

          The store isn't losing money, so they make it up somewhere. You can easily find similar stocked items online for less but online can't sell us convenience.


            @Hydr4t1ngAl0e: Supercheap have a habit of using loss-leader strategies, so you could find something at below cost and get a great deal. But most people tend to add more than just that one thing to the cart when they're shopping at Supercheap; that's the nature of automotive repair, you always need more stuff.

      • +8 votes

        If you think everything is over priced then why even bother joining SCA Club?


      No this is better than spending $5 for $10. If SCA is like every year, you will eventually get $5 here and there except you've paid nothing whilst waiting.

  • +7 votes

    this kinda gone backwards / worse


    Is this permanent or a yearly subscription?


    I thought SCA memberships were always free?


    Sign-up (Was $5) to Supercheap Auto Club

    You forgot that you would get $10 in returns for $5 signup. If we don't get $5 or $10 in returns, this is effectively useless.


    I thought they would have loved getting all the new email addresses if they let you sign up online. Will only sign up in store for this deal if I actually need to buy something from SCA.


    Despite not really needing it, i got one free is free and they occasionally have good sales for club members