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Free Supercheap Auto Club Plus Membership with $10 Bonus Credit (Save $5)


just received a email for free signup to supercheap auto club plus, and get $10 bonus credit

go here and signup


this is what is writen at the bottom of my email

Offer ends 21st of September 2014 once only registration please

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  • nice

  • Thanks OP

  • Is it one sign up per email account?

    • once only registration please

      and offer ends 21st of september

      • I'm guessing it won't last that long now.

        • i think you may be right

          so get in quick

  • Awesome thanks, been waiting for one of these

  • Anyone else get an error when they try to logon once they make an account?

    • have u activated your account?

      • Yep. It says that there is a server error. Might just be me.

        • Same error here

    • Logged in just fine after registering.

      Thanks OP!!

    • +1

      Yeah same here… I think the server has been ozbargined :P

    • +2

      Found a quick fix. Click the having trouble logging in and request to reset your password. Once you do that and change your password, your account should work :) (did for me anyway)

  • just signed up, but my when I login, it says I have 0 loyalty credit. I'm guessing it takes a while for the $10 credit to pop up?

    • +2

      Took about 10mins for mine to show up.

    • +1

      Mine took about 45 seconds, so I guess it varies.

  • Thanks OP :)

  • 500 server error on submission, SCA site never works properly in Chrome for me.
    EDIT: IE failed also

    • I sign up through chrome. working for me..

    • -4

      Thanks for the idea. Just saved $70 on some premium car seat covers.

      • How'd u stack?

        • -1

          You dont, he is a troll.

  • Thanks ops, worked fine here using safari!

  • +2

    damn i've been supercheaped. signed up last week for $5 :(

    • +6

      pity that doesn't qualify for the Price Promise :p

  • -2

    Sign up the missus and the kids lol

  • how do you use the loyalty credit? i got the $10 credit, added an item to cart but no discount!

    • want to know as well. anyone?

    • When you go to the payment section of the checkout it allows you to select loyalty credit :)

      • +1

        I tried a dummy order and when i get to payment section it only shows Credit card, Paypal and Gift cards. Where do you select loyalty credit?

      • I got all the way to the paypal password and it still hadn't asked me to use loyalty credit.

    • And can it be used in-store?

    • Also getting the same.

      minimum spend?

  • +3

    Butane here we come!

  • Thanks op :-)

  • thanks great, worked straight away no problems for me.

  • Awesome deal. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Father's day sorted

  • Where can I get the $10?

  • I'll try instore tomorrow…

    • -5

      Ordered click and collect, picked up today using 3 accounts!

      • -2


  • Thanks OP

  • w00t free 45L plastic box here I come, thanks OP :D

  • Got the armor all performance pack for father's day. Cheers Op.

  • +3

    $10 credit expires 31/10/2014 :)

  • my cars can have an account each :)

  • Thanks mate!

  • Thanks OP,
    Just purchased another Pioneer DEHX4650BT for the other car. Not as cheap as last time but not far off with the voucher :-)


  • +1

    thanks got sca degreaser and 2 electrical tape $9.97

    • Sca degreaser is fantastic. Export degreaser is fantastic stuff.

  • How do you use the $10 credit for an online purchase? Don't seem to be an option available - only gift cards, credit card or paypal.

    • Log in first, verify you have loyalty credit (in account section), then go through purchase and check out. Usually it will know and skip payment process

  • I just signed up, and my wife also signed up (I did it for her of course :-) ) on her own email.

    Thanks OP, not bad at all.

  • server error for me:(

  • Thanks OP. Got registered but having trouble logging in atm

  • Super Cheap have sent me an email titled Welcome to the Supercheap Auto Club. Is this the activation email or am I waiting on another email?. I cannot see where I need to click to activate on the Welcome to the Supercheap Auto Club email. I requested a resend of the activation email but I don't seem to be getting it..

    • +1

      Did you end up getting another email?

      • +2

        Yes. Got the second email about an hour after the first.

  • Cheers OP!

  • can't see the clubplus credit option in payment page anymore . can anyone still see it ?

  • seems to be for lowes club members

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  • Thanks OP…

  • Thanks, signed up and got my free $10

  • Thanks OP

    Signed up and $10 credit appeared within 5 min

  • Thank you.

  • Thanks signed up.

  • thanks!

  • I signed up around 9am this morning. I got a welcome email but don't seem to be getting the activation email, despite trying log in and then hitting resend. I've confirmed it's not tied up in any spam folder by going to my webmail which has no filtering. Is there an issue with their server sending activation messages? Am I the only one? Or have they shut this down?

    • I just did it then, no issues at all. Got the activation e-mail and $10 credit within 2 mins or so.

    • I waited two hours for an activation email, got the welcome email right away.

      Changed to a gmail account and got the activation instantly before a welcome email.

      I can change any details there to what I want.

  • Can you use the credit instore?

  • What does it normally cost to join

  • +1

    bastard… just paid $5 to join in store the other day.

    • I did the same 2 weeks back. :(

      • Nevermind..

        I did pick up a few bottles of Castrol Edge 5w30 cheap, so got an extra $10. I'm still happy.

  • Store credit option comes up now at checkout…didn't seem to earlier this morning…for those who had trouble it may be worth trying again now :)

  • $2.98 wiper blade refills, thanks.

  • +1

    can you use the credit in store by them looking up your membership on their computer? Their welcome email tends to suggest so but I wasn't sure.

    • +3

      Yes I used the credit today and just signed up today :) they can search your email address or name or Phone number.

      • thanks

  • Got a free oil filter. Thanks!

  • No loyalty credit for me :(

  • So this morning got my free 10 bucks, jut did a click and collect.

    Grabbed a 600mm breaker bar and 2x car ramps (need to work on car this weekend) for a total of $80.99 , bargain!!

  • I'm $10 richer! cheers OP

  • Well I signed up for myself and family member…told they paid the $5
    Can they use second card at same address with same name for this free deal?

  • Great, was about to join!

  • Great deal! Thanks for this OP

  • do we need member card when pick up the order?

    • +2

      no. but they may ask proof of ID

      • +2

        i usually walk in and confidently say i have a pick up with full name. never once been asked for ID.

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