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(Android) $0 - Simple Calendar, Contacts, Notes, File Manager, Draw, Gallery Pro @ Google Play


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  • Nice and fast apps tnx

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    Do people actually pay for these? Especially when half of these apps have better Google apps that come pre-installed on non-Chinese phones.

    • These are free on F-Droid. If you want to keep your personal information on your device and not to google or china.

      You would need to have no google service(Custom Rom), if you want better privacy.


        Yeah, that's a good point but my question was if people really paid for these cause you need Google account to access the Play Store and some of the apps have 100K+ downloads.

      • Also, if you still want your stuff synced but not to google servers, here's some instructions to get you started. You can ignore the stuff about installing LineageOS on your phone; it will still work on stock ROMs and other alternative custom ROMs… https://ugma.info/

  • the gallery app is incredibly good!!

  • Can someone who has used these apps comment on if, & how, they're better than the stock app?

  • Gallery is pretty good. Came in handy when I had a need to re-order photos and realised Google photos does not support this.

  • Yep, been using the gallery app as a replacement of Quickpic (previous gallery app king). Highly recommend it.

  • The only feature listed on the product description, that I'm interested is:

    Quickly search images, videos & files

    Questions for Gallery Pro users, how is the search done? Do you need to manually tag your photos/videos and search by tag names?

  • Can't search by geotag in gallery

  • All of them show as $1.09 for me.