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Free Welcome Pack of Condoms and Lubricant 18+ Only (Facebook Required)


There are three gifts packs. Good way to stay warm in winter apart from the naughty adult drinks =P

Welcome to the Ansell Labs!
To welcome you to the Lab, we're offering an exclusive new product for a free trial.
Your welcome pack will include 2x condoms and a lubricant
Products are mailed in plain packaging

Join the Lab's birthday honours list to receive a special gift from Ansell, just in time for your birthday ;-)
Ansell will send you a free gift, and you get to choose! Whatever you decide, its sure to be good!
Gifts are mailed in plain packaging

3) SKYN Sample
Introducing Ansell SKYN - the closest thing to wearing nothing!
Made from a revolutionary non-latex material, SKYN condoms provide a new level in comfort and sensitivity.
Sign up here for your free SKYN trial pack and feel what you've been missing!
Samples are mailed in plain packaging.

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  • +3 votes

    Thank you very much!

    with love <3!

    • 1) I deflect your <3 with these helmets. Save them for someone else.
      2) You are only 17!!! Not for kids like you :P

      • You'd rather 17 year olds make babies? :O

        • Touche.
          I did rather they studied to get into good universities and still enjoy the remaining traces of childhood!!!

        • @Ishadeon i think you're forgetting how crazy hormones are usually raging at that age!

          Also, how are they going to get through uni bringing up a child? ;)

        • Yeah u use those hormones to kiss the others and crave for them…. not battle them with helmets. Anyways… still better for people at issh's age. Since they are the ones that are most award about buying these and don't get free samples handed to them and aren't that financially independent. So if they have to go through with everything I did rather they did use these.

    • can the helmet be used for riding a bicycle? I've been meaning to use these rental bikes that are placed everywhere in Brisbane.

    • Okay so this is for Durex… but hey, same theme right? They're cute, ngawwww

  • Requires a facebook account.

  • awesome

  • Anyone know whether it'll be in a discrete package or not? Since I live with other people, kinda awkward if someone picked up a package with a big picture of a condom on the front…

    • says so on site. Its worse for me… I live with parents… on the bright side they are not nossey. I will trust the discrete package bit.

      • Haha same here, living with parents. My parents usually dont open my letters/envelopes but there has been a few times where they have :S Kinda like a gamble now. The manchew package awkward enough, I had to open it infront of them so it wouldnt seem suss!

        Anyone know how long this offer last, maybe I'll order one when they're on holiday next month.

        • Idn at uni we get helmets all the time. Whether it be nandos advertising hot and spicey love and working up a sweat. Or whether it be movies like Hall pass and they give u protection when u get a hall pass. And also plenty of samples in the queer and womens rooms. Also just in o-week. Just any excuse really.
          Just order it. I am sure u can use another name and say u have no idea who it is when u get it if they open.

        • +11 votes

          or scare the shit out of them.

          i.e. if you are a bloke then rip the open the package and declare "just in time, big Stu is coming over" or if you are a girl "just in time, the local footy team is having their big piss up".

        • lol, what, a two man footy team? that just sounds like doubles tennis, hardly exhilarating.

        • I ordered three boxes and nobody cared. Hooray for discreet packaging.

          I love the Nando chicken handing them out when theres events on. Walk in front of its path and it'll give you one, providing you look half decent at least

    • +2 votes

      haha yeah this is what i am most scared about

      but the good thing is I am usually the first one to come back to home!

    • It says in the description: 'Products are mailed in plain packaging' :)

  • WOW 52 clicks in 9 mins
    people sure do love raincoats.

  • Signed up for this a few days ago, haven't got it yet. I also hope that it is plain packaging. I had to use my fake facebook name, when I tried to use my real name it said 'doesnt match facebook name'..

  • Nice! :)

  • +30 votes

    I was hoping for actual battle helmets. Disappointed.

    • Just occurred to me that i wouldn't want to battle anybody with a helmet on as well.

    • DUDE!!!! I was thinking EXACTLY THE SAME THING. I was like O M G, this better not be some lame MMORPG thing. If it's a real life battle helmet I'm gonna be so friggin stoked. There's a ball on this Friday where you're meant to wear a crazy hat, but it looks like this one's not going to fit :(

  • So they send the items in plain packaging, but you plaster all over your facebook that you 'like' Ansell?

    • I signed up just fine without "liking" anything on facebook. Clicking the like button is optional.

  • Nice, big "Ansell" posts on your wall. Everyone knows what Ansell makes. Why bother with plain packaging when it's all over your facebook?

    • u know those can be avoided very easily?

      • Of course, but my point was they shouldn't make such a big deal about privacy (posting with plain packaging) if they are going to post on everyone's wall. Having said that, I'm proud to have Ansell all over my wall, it makes me look more manly. lol

    • +2 votes

      None appeared on my wall, I just skipped both times it asked to post stuff. Even if it does post on your wall, you can just delete it straight away.

    • +5 votes

      Rubber gloves. I just love rubber gloves, and I don't care who knows it.

  • Thanks for your continually support ansell :)

  • Stuff them and their facebook connect stuff. I wouldn't even give them one of my trolling profiles. So enjoy peoples:
    Change values in url:

    Free condoms for life? Problem?

    • Just be careful of the used-by-date if you stock up. ;)

    • for spaces do we use "_" mine is taking me to "Welcome to your new Drupal website!"

    • am I doing something wrong? I changed the values in the first link (both with _ and no space for spaces in name and address) then I opened it via sitereloader… but it seems to take me to the site's admin login page?

      edit, just saw above and will try + …so it will send no matter what page comes up?

    • I dunno where you got that URL, elitistphoenix - but it definitely doesn't match the underlying code on that Ansell webpage. It doesn't match ANY of the form field names, and the URL of the script isn't correct.

      In fact, that URL doesn't even HAVE a script (which is why it's throwing the "Welcome to dupral" page). Plus there's no way of selecting which freebie you want to receive.

      I've just worked my way through all the HTML and JS files, reverse engineered it. I'll post in the OzBargain forums about the correct URLs to use for those who don't have facebook.

  • Ansell.. Making battle helmets to pass time rather then babies… since 1968

  • I'm far too much of a pussy to order this, do NOT trust their 'discrete' packaging.

    • Pun intended?

    • +2 votes

      I dunno why, but when I first saw your comment I thought you said "I get far too much pussy to order this"… and I was like wtf? good thing I re-read it :).

  • Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    Gonna get my swagger on soon :D!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Is anyone else moderately disappointed to find after they clicked into this post that we weren't getting actual battle helmets? Before I clicked the post I had visions of Master Chief - now I'm having visions of Cortana… Wait what?

  • Condoms, lubrication or vibration? Guess ima go with vibration. It will help me get through the lonely nights on ozbargain in new and magical ways.

    • I clicked accept before I noticed the choice :(

    • Good choice for the b'day gift
      WELCOME PACK—> You get 2 Condoms and a lube
      B'Day—> Choice of Condoms, Lube or Vibrator —> Choose the vibrator
      Skyn Sample —> Skyn Condom Sample

      Therefore it is best to choose the vibrator as the B'day gift, so essentially you get all 3

      • It is also wise to change your birthday to sometime in june.

      • I missed the vibrator bit as well… bugger.
        OMFG I just realised I will be in europe when these arrive for my "bday" O_O …I am dead.
        Guys help me out of this one… :O

        • has your real name on it?

          You're saved unlike my friend who has received tampons, lipstick and lube this year with HIS name on it ;)

          His parents are getting less suprised every time.

        • message address to everyone to intercept…otherwise you're a gonna

        • comment removed

        • Thats it I am just not going to europe.

        • Free condoms. They provide a solution but create another problem

        • T_T what sort of karma is this. I hope Ansell dont read Ozbargain and reply to my email tomorrow.

        • I think the "karma" from your description has unfortunately backfired

        • haha Wazoo Atom is mine and I'm getting mine on the 6th, just in time for exams ;)
          No one will suspect whats inside when they see that name.

        • I wonder if they know this ozb tracking

        • They have system to track which website u are redirected from, no way they can't find out about OzB-ed. this gonna beat LTS by tmrw morning.

        • if you really don't want your family/parents to see, just do a mail hold while you are away and collect everything all at once when you get back! (mail hold is name specific so you won't stop your families normal mail either)

        • Thanks for idea. Do u need id for mail hold?

        • are you a chick? coz I could understand why it would be awkward

        • yeah you fill out a form with your name and provide ID to auspost, then they hold the mail for you. there is of course a per week charge for this service, $13.50 for the 1st week and $4 for subsequent weeks. Depending on how long you're going maybe worth just giving the parents a suprise? More info here: http://auspost.com.au/business/redirecting-or-holding-your-m...

        • yes I am a chick and I live with my parents… and I come from the cultures with no sex before marriage
          Tho now I think about it. I know my dad won't open my freebies mail and that's who I am worried about and I am sure if ansell doesn't help me out.. I can tell mum to watch out for these. And tell her its a gift for them >.>

        • lol, that sounds very sub-continental, high five! but in which case I retract my previous suggestion, pay for the mail hold, do you really want to risk it with those parents?

        • you guessed right… erm… yeah… no id cos its a freebie

        • Ishadeon, just go to Europe and tell your parents that they are free balloons.

        • ok thanks for ideas guys… time to sleep.. .no point stressing over a freebie. Just cos I got the freebie doesn't mean I get laid… it means I am addicted to freebies… they know that. Now to resume my Europe plans…

        • hmmm, these could work out to the most expensive rubbers ever if you do the mail hold. But then again, surely ~25-30$ is worth it for the cost of freedom!
          haha good luck, hope it works out for you.

        • lol i can just imagine indian parents realising their daughter's ordering naughty stuff on the internet. they would absolutely blow their top!

        • problem solved. I will go to europe in feb now. All cleared with my graduate position place. They said they start in march. Tix are cheaper in feb. win win win.