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Gaming PC: R5-2600 RX 570 8GB: $539.10 / +24/27" Monitor: $638.10 / $683.10 / Mining Rack $1 + $19 Postage @ TechFast eBay


Hi all, back with a Ryzen 5 RX 570 8GB system and 24/27" bundles. This is also included in the AMD 50th Anniversary Promotion with 2 free games.

System is $15 cheaper than previously offered, for all time low on this spec.

Ryzen 5 2600 RX 570 8GB 120GB SSD 8GB DDR4 Gaming Computer Desktop PC + 2 Games
Price: $539.10

24" Bundle: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192940732163
Price: $638.10

27" Bundle: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192940732558
Price: $683.10

Here's the link to the previous deal post for the other 10% deals currently running: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/461319

Also selling something a bit random - 8 GPU Mining Racks for $1 + $19 postage. 50 available.

Original 10% off Eligible Items on eBay Deal Post

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  • Hi Luke, great price.

    Do you have any idea of when you will be able to offer all AMD builds with 3rd gen Zen CPUs + Navi GPUs?

    • Good question. I'm a guaranteed sale once they become available.

    • Few people have asked without a response. I dare say it's because they don't want sales to dry up with potential customers waiting for the CPU and GPU to come out.

    • +2 votes

      Around launch mate. No reason to think we won't be offering when they come out and are in good supply.

      • Thanks Luke. Hoping to build an all AMD smallish Rig, but if you can continue with these great prices, I may just have to buy a premade from you :-)

  • I don’t get how these guys make money from this, the cpu and gpu alone already costs like 400 bucks

  • Should I be concerned about 95.9% Positive feedback from the seller? I normally don’t go for any seller with less than 98%.

    • You'll likely find most of the negative feedback was from when they were unable to meet demand and assemble the computers in a timely manner. From recent reports, this seems to now be resolved.

    • I'd suggest it's mainly due to postage time. I ordered from them a couple of weeks ago and it did take a little while but well worth the extra couple of days as there's no way I could have built the system from parts for near the price I paid all up.

      Highly recommended and there support centre is amazing, sorted out a stupid mistake I made (ordered twice, lol) immediately.

    • A good way to tell whether a seller is good is how well the seller handles transactions with issues. I had to return my item to this seller. I am not an eBay Plus member. TechFast staff were very professional on the whole situation and refunded the return postage as well.

      Luke was very helpful and responded to my OZB messages quite quickly (during business days of course).

  • Gah, I've got to develop my ozbargaining skills. This sold out the other week (from the techfast site) and a model up that I don't need :'(

  • Is it easy to DIY install free windows 10? Sorry a Mac person here.

  • Would this be adequate for video editing on after effects?

    • Yeah he Ryzen 2600 is a hex core with 12 threads at with plenty of grunt for AE editing. 3.4ghz to 3.9ghz turbo.
      The 8gb ram that the computer comes with will need to be updated, as you'll fill that up quickly, also faster ram for faster previews when doing your ram previews.
      My build from ~11ish years ago I had 16gb in that I maxxed out easily in AE, so aim for 16gb.

      Along with that buy a bigger SSD for it. The mobo this comes with doesn't support NVME SSD which is fantastic for video editing, but it still has adequate performance if you buy a second SSD (Tomorrow computer alliance has a 20% off SSD; imo grab a 500gb for when you render your videos out, go for a decent quality too)

      So yeah itll be great bang for your buck, plus spend another $100 or less on a 500gb ssd (crucial mx500 be best mid tier option IMO) to work off (have external hdd for storage), and another $100ish on upgrading to 16gb ram (replace this ram imo, the 2400mhz will work and you can do an upgrade on the techfast shop to 16gb for $119, or buy one of the deals around for 3000mhz ram for about the same price, much better imo; don't stress, installing ram is literally a 5 minute job from opening case, pop out old pop in new close case turn back on ;)

      Hope that helps!

      • Is it easy to install a second ssd?

        • Super easy also max 5 mins, however you need a sata cable to connect

        • Yes, extremely easy!

          The SSD will have a couple small screws with it, and your case will have a spare one somewhere, anywhere. If your computer doesn't move you can be lazy like me and just sit it in there without securing it haha

          The SSD requires a spare power port (which there will be one from your power supply), and you'll need a sata cable that won't come with the SSD, ~$5 from local shop or online (If you're in Perth I'll give you one - also install it if you want too haha)

          On the motherboard next to where the Sata cable is plugged into for the first ssd that comes with it will be a few more sata cable ports. (Check mobo manual, or google image the mobo online will sometimes have bullet points identifying various mobo ports)
          eg: https://www.evetech.co.za/repository/ProductImages/msi-a320m...
          The top right are SATA ports, not ideal photo, but they look like that somewhere on the mobo.

          Plug one end into the sata port on mobo, the other into the SSD, along with the spare power lead into the SSD. They only fit one way so don't worry about damaging it - it'll be a firm fit too (like using a brand new USB stick kinda thing).

          That's the hardware installed - the SSD should be picked up by windows automatically, if not, right click windows key and select [run] (alternatively use hot key windows key + R) In the pop up box type in diskmgmt.msc and press ok. In that pop up box, find your SSD in the bottom half, right click the SSD name and create master boot or similar and follow the half dozen prompts. Enjoy your new SSD.

          That's all by memory, and I've just come off a 100hrs at work this week, and awake since 3am this morning, so if there's missing info google is your friend.

          Hope that helps!

          • @teereb: Very helpful. So if one just needs upgrading RAM and SSD in future, there would be no need to get a B350M ?

            • @FatTofu: Correct!

              The mobo that comes with the deal has a few extra sata ports free (these are used for storage: SSD, HDD, CD/DVD/BluRay Drive, etc) and also has 1 free ram spot.

              If you upgrade the ram, it's best not to mix and match, ram will likely have issues unless they match. Kind of like sure any kind of tyre will work on a car, but it's best to get the same size, width, tread as the others for more efficiency.

      • Just wondering, does the motherboard upgrade option B350M have an M.2 NVME slot on it?

      • Thank you for this reply it was extremely helpful.

        I've bought this PC (with the 27" monitors) based on your info.

        I've also just purchased a 500g SSD from this deal

        I will see how I go with the slotted 8GB RAM with editing but if it's not enough I'll keep an eye out for more ram.

        My final question is: can I just purchase an additional 8GB of RAM (3000MHZ) and have that work in tandem with the original ram in there? Or should I be buying 16GB and disposing of the existing 8GB?

        Thanks a bunch!

        • Hey mate,
          You won't go wrong with this comp for that price. That SSD will be the best for editing too.

          You can buy an 8gb 3000mhz ram stick of ram, but that will slow down to the other sticks speed at 2400ghz. I'd recommend see how you go with the 1x 8gb stick, otherwise replace with with 16gb.

          27" is a nice size once you get your AE workspace set up.

          Ask me more questions if you like, happy to help :)

  • Can someone who has received this or a similar techfast system please post gaming benchmark scores here for comparison? Thanks.
    I'm going to build my own rig with branded components and see how well Techfast components measure up.

    • just google RX 570 benchmarks.. or R5 2600 for cpu. this may have some cheap components but you are getting the same performance

  • Hey Luke any chance a ryzen 2600 with rx 580 or without a gpu?


  • Any option to upgrade gpu?

    Also any 1tb storage device upgrades?


    • We have lots of other system configs available - check out this post for the same CPU and other CPUs with a range of GPU options: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/461319

      You can add a 1TB HDD via PC Upgrades further down teh listing. Add it to your cart at the same time and it will be added to the system. EDIT 0 just saw had gone OOS, have relisted.

  • trying to purchase this but the PRIORITY10 code cant be applied to my order.

    Any ideas?

    • I've checked it today personally and it worked. Try different browsers, devices, try clearing cache, and try contacting eBay support as we can't do anything from our side unfortunately.

  • I have a really weird question. If we purchase one of these computers. Does that mean we get a total of 4 game codes? Considering 2 from the CPU and 2 from the GPU?? That's insane

    • +2 votes

      Nah,youll get one code. That redeems two games.

      Don't be a 🐷gywig!

      • Sorry Luke don't mind me. I already purchased one of these computers and it's a great offer. I personally don't play these titles, I was just merely reading off this website. https://www.amd.com/en/gaming/game-bundle "With the Purchase of Any of These Products from Participating Retailers*
        AMD Radeon™ Graphics Cards

        AMD Radeon™ VII

        AMD Radeon™ RX Vega Series graphics

        AMD Radeon™ RX 590 graphics

        AMD Radeon™ RX 580 graphics

        AMD Radeon™ RX 570 graphics
        AMD Ryzen™ Processors

        AMD Ryzen™ 7 2700X processor

        AMD Ryzen™ 7 2700 processor

        AMD Ryzen™ 5 2600X processor

        AMD Ryzen™ 5 2600 processor

        AMD Ryzen™ 5 2400G processor"

      • Great offers for these builds. Thanks!

  • Thanks, Luke.
    This is what I was looking for ;)
    I placed an order for 2600+rx570 this afternoon.
    I can’t wait to have it as this one is what I’m back to desktop after 5 year of using MacBook.
    Ps, I live in Brisbane near cbd, when do you expect I can get it delivered?

  • Bit the bullet and bought it with the 24 inch bundle. Thanks for a great deal Luke! Now to find a cheap SSD…(and bookmark the comments in this deal so I can actually work out how to install it!)

  • Hi, Luke.

    Trying to purchase this computer without the monitor. Deal says it ends June 17th however the eBay listing says it has ended just a few hours ago. Any chance to purchase this still?

  • Hi Luke
    I've sent you a message; my bundle has finally turned up yesterday - it's DOA.
    It does not boot, post, nothing - I get Case LEDs and fans - that's it!
    My 11 yr old son is devastated after saving for 12 months to buy this.
    Can you please review this as quickly as possibly as I need to know how to get it returned to you for fix (or refund if its going to take too long)

    • Hey James, I've replied to your DM. Try my suggestion and let me know.

      • Thanks Luke - replied. Once I got through to your 1300 number (forgot you were in SA) then Callum sorted me out and I managed to get it going after re-seating the GPU which got upset in transit.
        Callum was a great help.

        • Great to hear, cheers.

          • @luketechfast: Hi
            Mine arrived (for my13 yr old)

            Similar DOA

            I’ve removed the gxf card and reseated it. Nothing
            I’ve tried booting without one just to get to bios. Nothing

            Similar to James above, school holidays coming up and I need this resolved


        • Hi James.

          What did you do that fixed this?
          Was it remove and reinsert the gfx card?


          • @oli8: Hey Oli, yes, James' system's graphics card had been unseated during transit. Try removing and reinserting yours, hopefully that fixes your issue. Otherwise we can provide tech support on Monday to get it resolved ASAP for you.

            • @luketechfast: Luke,

              I’ve tried that but nothing
              Also tried removing completely and plugging direct to the motherboard again no display

              Yes I think getting tech support will be good

              • @oli8: You'll need to plug the monitor display cable into the graphics card to get a display as it has a dedicated card, if you're not doing that already. Try that, if it doesn't work please call 1300 898 956 tomorow and Callum will help you out.

  • Any chance I could get one of these at the 539 price, or maybe cheaper ;)


    • As these codes were eBay-funded, it’s unlikely, though it may be possible if you buy through them directly instead of through eBay.

  • Finally got mine up and running! Shipped out after 10 days so no real complaints there, just took a while to actually get to me with a missed delivery on the Friday. Everything seems good, very neat install, was easily able to get in and install a NVME SSD (I got the mobo 350 upgrade so there was a slot).

    As a very unexpected and welcome bonus it shipped with an RX580 instead of a 570! Absolutely stoked with that, thanks very much to Luke and the team at TechFast.

    • I bought this too. Do you know where is the game codes?

      • It didn't arrive with mine. I sent a DM to Luke and he sent it through - though then AMD wanted extra verification of my purchase, so I had to send them a copy of the invoice showing the graphics card and I also sent them a screenshot of my conversation with Luke where I got the code. They have just approved it today so all good, just a bit of extra work.