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10% off Eligible Items ($120 Minimum Spend, $200 Maximum Discount, Max 4 Transactions) @ eBay


Another 10% off code for eligible items

Min spend $120, max discount $200

The offer entitles you to 10% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on all Eligible Items listed on www.ebay.com.au when you spend $120 or more in one transaction during the Offer Period, up to a maximum discount of $200 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction). All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in Australian dollars (AUD).

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  • shame, no discount code for 500$ item

  • $200 is max discount

  • Where is the genius that comments a link that takes you straight to the custom eBay search? <3

  • missed out on PAPPY code.
    guess will have to wait until a better promo comes along.

  • If ok I'll be the black sheep and upvote after I find a deal .

    For me it makes sense :)

  • eBay is killing me with these "Eligible Item" discounts - it's never anything I have in my watch list and I can never find anything I want.

  • I really hope they bring back the proper site wide codes, including overseas items.

  • what is "Eligible Items"?

  • Unless it says "Priority 10" in the listing, it doesn't count. That excludes a lot of stuff.

    ‘Eligible Items’ means all items listed on eBay.com.au where these terms and conditions are found and the coupon redemption code PRIORITY10 is displayed in the item listing.

  • Special Order from eBay.

    Insure return of organism for analysis.
    All other considerations secondary.
    Crew expendable.

  • Which items are eligible

  • There is no point in these eBay promotion. Sellers price jack. There is no benefit for the end user, sometimes the prices are even higher than usual.

    These promotions are mostly marketing and advertisement.

  • +3 votes

    C'mon Ebay - why do you make it so hard?
    This is a good promo, but its just too hard to work out what is included.
    Surely a simple search facility for eligible products would be a minimum requirement to promote this deal?

    • Agree. Too hard and frustrating to guess if the items you want are eligible or not, so I don't bother with any of these "eligible items deals" anymore.

  • $1500 worth of…

    "This code cannot be applied to your order"

    empties cart, starts googling for other sellers

  • $2200 in mine … same story — I do not really NEED any of it. ZERO were eligible.

    When was the LAST real 10% off across site - 2 months back?

    Ebay is just wasting our time pretty much lately. Amazon is no longer a threat it seems?

  • The code should be TIMEWASTING10

  • Does anyone think we will get a better discount after June 17th? Don’t know whether to hold out or not. Is it risky not buying straight away? Ie sellers take products down or change prices

  • This is getting ridiculous, theres hardly anything the codes can be applied to

  • Tried on a 900 private listing. not working…

  • I was able to apply the code for mountain buggy nano v2 from baby bunting on ebay (https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Mountain-Buggy-Nano-V2-Black/223...).
    The price is the same as in baby bunting catalogue, so this code gave me an extra 10% off!

  • They continue refuse to reveal what items are 'eligible'. They refer you to ebay.com.au. LOL. As if you're going to find anything there.

    They used to give you an exclusions list on the T&C page, but now refer you to the home page.

    The discount I got is not 10% of the total. I am using the figure pre-shipping and pre-GST-on-low-value-imports. Not buying anything that would normally be considered excluded.

  • Found something after 6 days so upvoting the 7% seemed to have more products available for me .

  • Jaycar are facilitating this discount - got the current version of a soldering iron for cheaper than the two year one I just purchased from one of their resellers lol

  • Minimum order to apply discount for me was $200 WTF?