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Xiaomi Mi9 Global Version 64/6 GB ~$566 AUD Delivered @ Giztop


Was just browing the Giztop site and noticed that the price on the Mi9 is a bit lower than I remembered. I actually bought it a month or two ago for $700 and have been really happy with it. Has band 28 and appears to be in stock.

Black and Blue are available in 64/6 GB

Black with 128/6 GB is +$50 AUD
Blue with 128/6 GB is +$57 AUD

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    Does the price include Gerry Harvey Tax? Edit: it looks like they don't apply the extra tax, so try your luck I suppose.

    • Yeah I didn't pay any tax.

      • Please confirm if the word "Global" is factory stamped on the box.

        Reason being, some dodgy AliExpress sellers say they have the "Global Version",
        but arrive with the box seal broken and it was in fact a CN version that's been flashed with a Global ROM and the word "Global" is not factory stamped on the outside of the box.

        I've also read that some sellers just put a "Global Version" sticker instead of it being factory stamped on the box.

        Beware of sellers purporting to sell the "Global Version" when in fact they break the seal and just flash it with a "Global ROM".

    • Does the price include Gerry Harvey Tax?

      If you voted Liberal or Labor you voted to to be taxed under a GST.

      Blame yourself, not the person paying the person you voted for, for an opportunity to remove your money.

  • Is this website trustworthy? I want to get a Lenovo Z6 pro. You can use GTNWS2 to get 2% off.

  • anyone who own this already can please confirm if VOTLE works? TIA

    • Xiaomi are like the only import that it works with, because you can do a dialer code and it forces volte without checking with the carrier. Works fine on my Mix2s.

      Edit - code coming up funny, just google it.

      • It was definitely like that, but it's now possible to enable VoLTE on OnePlus devices which is nice.

  • impressive price but 64gb ROM a bit limiting. really hoping the Mi 9T Pro includes band 28 (the Redmi K20 Pro is missing it unfortunately).

    • Not sure who nagged you. You are right you need minimum 128GB these days

      • I didn't neg, but there's certainly people who don't need 128GB. Do you mainly just use it for photos and videos? I don't think I've ever more than half filled my phone and have never had one larger than 64GB.

        • Photos, videos, music (including downloaded music for "play later" on Spotify), not to mention apps aren't getting any smaller, and neither is the OS (you probably only have about 50gb usable on a 64gb phone to begin with).

          To adapt that classic South Park Wheel of Fortune scene: People who annoy you:


  • Paid 750 for this a month ago from giztop. This is a great price

  • No headphone jack and micro SD cardslot are deal breakers for me.

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      There's an upcoming Mi 9 with headphone jack coming soon!

    • I'm afraid most phones do not have neither these days. Internal memory is always faster and everyone is going with Bluetooth headphones or USB C to 3.5mm adapters

      I used to be like you. But given up in those ideals when most flagships discarded those

      My pile of SD cards are now used for my digital compact, Drone or DSLR instead

    • Hello 2010

  • Price going down because the Mi 9t and the mi 9t pro come out in 1 week

    • Only Xiaomi Mi 9T is coming out, albeit with SD730.
      There will be no Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro. They don't want it to compete with Xiaomi Mi 9 with SD855.

  • Was thinking about getting it, but after watching this video decided not to:


    The issues:

    • Battery life drain (I have this issue with my other Xiaomi phone - very inconsistent; sometimes good sometimes really bad)
    • Video recording: stutter at the beginning
    • New firmware introduces bugs (a bit of deja vu; my other Xiaomi phone is on an old firmware due to so many bugs in the newer ones)
    • Messy notification
    • Region specific features and ads

    Just reminded me my old Xiaomi phone. Great hardware, but many software issues and battery life is very inconsistent.

    • Just wondering what your older Xiaomi phone is as my older Note 4 and not so old's Mi A2 software is stable and rock solid.

    • I didn't like the bloatware and the ads inside some of the Xiaomi applications. Been running Xiaomi.eu rom for a couple of weeks now which removed all that (Coming from an LG G6 H870DS the unlocked bootloader is a godsend). Can't really comment on video stutter as I don't do much, but my battery has been really solid so far.

    • So in comparison to Huawei. Is the OS more clean or still not as good as Oxygen OS?

      I had a redmi note 3 so much bloatware can't get rid of on global rom

      • With only the mentioned OS's, this is my opinion:
        Oxygen OS > miui.eu (easy to install and fixes many bugs) > MIUI > Big Void > EMUI

    • I had Mi5 with 3300 mah battery. Battery life degraded within a year. Stay away from any phones with less than 4000 mah battery.

  • I paid US$405 at gearvita for mi9 with DHL express. And American Express charged me au$17 commission.is this normal?


    • Most credit cards charge a transaction fee for any purchase done in foreign currency.

      • Thanks. yes I just enquired Amex, for every 100 US dollar spent they count as us$103 because the foreign transaction fee.

    • Always pay with visa or MasterCard with no international fees such as 28 degrees or some Citibank cards. Amex is known for high transaction fees.

  • Wow that's an awesome price. Just waiting on the K20 scene to see what's happening.

    Man if this has a 4000 mAh battery, it would have been the perfect phone for me!

    • Yep 4000 mAh would have made this a dream phone for me. With how well this performs with only a 3300 I'm keen to see how K20 Pro performs in battery tests.

  • $429.51 USD for the 128GB black version with standard airmail option…

    Looks like this is a better candidate than the LG V40 deal (although the V40 deal is AU stock)…

    Decisions decisions…

  • No 5G

  • All IMO, but I recently got the mi9 se and the operating system is pretty terrible.

    It's super clunky, isn't very intuitive (the sound/ringtone menu is terrible, the alarm function is terrible), has some fundamental issues (notification bar doesn't show notifications, for example).

    I also lose data connection when moving between cell towers in the cbd (this has been reported by a lot of users).

    These may seem trivial compared to the great specs, but specs come second to usability right?

    I'm tempted to put this in a drawer and buy a different phone.

    Maybe others have had better experience but I can't recommend it based on the user interface.

  • I felt like playing cat and mouse with Xiaomi phones.
    There's always a new phone on the horizon waiting to be released, and as soon as you bought it, 3 months later they announce next iteration :(

  • if it was 500 I would have gotten it, idk i guess im ocd, 500 is justa nicer number

  • Xiaomi phones update too quickly compared to other manufacturers

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