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[PS4] God of War,Spider-Man $29 | Detroit $19 | Dualshock 4 $49 | PSVR $247.16 + More + Delivery (Free w/ Prime/$49) @ Amazon AU


Amazon's full D.O.P sale has gone live :)

Plenty of deals available, similar to the Big W deal.

As always, enjoy!

Days of Play promotion

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  • $50 controller

  • Got God of War and the Alpine Green controller

  • PS4 Pro price hasn't changed, hopefully it drops soon…

    • Apparently they dropped it from $519 to $498 the other day. Can’t really see them dropping it any further but fingers are crossed!

    • Not with the AUD in the toilet lol. Well maybe after the ps5 release date is announced, but why would you buy a PS4 then lol

      • The basic model of 5 will just as shit as base model for ps4 and the slim.

        • 'Shit' in regards to what?

          • @Lorindor: Its been history on both sides that base and slim is the worse console till a pro/x comes out

            take ps2 fat vs slim ps3 2016 vs a slim. both run games like shit so will the 5.

            Always wait for pro/x on new gen consoles or like fps drops on basic bitch games go for base models.

  • They didn't price match the Mega Pack. :(

    Is this going to be it for Amazon or may they do more PMs later?

    • If you can get it off Big W, buying with 5% off wish cards puts it a bit cheaper even if Amazon price matched + cash rewards/shopback.

    • Probably because Amazon doesn't stock it - only listing on their is from a third party seller so I doubt they'll match it

  • I want the gold controller. How come that is not on sale?

  • got detroit and alpine green controller nice bargains

  • I was just about to snatch the Sunset Orange controllers for $59. If only I didn't hesitate

    • I had that in my shopping cart too ready to check out but I checked at 12:00 and it was still 89 and by the time I checked a couple of things it was gone.
      Sad days for us both

  • Does anyone know what the CashRewards amount is? All I see is UP TO 10%

    • All the rates can be seen here

      Music, Movies, Video Games & Software: 3.50 %

    • Yep its 3.5% for video games cheers

    • Shopback gets 4.5%, even better!

    • I’m assuming it falls under Video Games & Software: 3.50%
      ShopBack has Video Games at 4.50%


      How long does it usually take to see pending cash rewards?

      I've never done this before and never knew the "rules".

      Clicked through to amazon for the 1TB RDR ps4 slim bundle for $399.

      Before checking out i browsed another coupon site in another tab, didn't use any though.

      Then just read that you're not allowed to even browse such other site relating to cashrewards eligbility?

      If true, id rather cancel my order as I only went for this with cash rewards.

  • Detroit is good game?

    • Damn. If only you had some cash lying around as well then you could have got it for $0 instead. Oh well, maybe next time.

      • I think people are being a bit harsh here.

        How is paying with cash equivalent to getting a free gift card due to price error worth $30???

        HS10 is correct to claim a bargain for the Alpine Green controller @$19 which is what they literally paid out of their own pocket.

        • The win was in getting the $30 voucher, not in spending it. Spending the voucher and spending cash are pretty much the same thing.

          • @mekktor: Sorry gonna have to disagree.

            He is not posting a deal and saying it's a bargain.

            He is saying wow paid $19 out of my own pocket for this what a bargain.

            • @prxy: Just ignoring the fact that the $30 voucher was "in his pocket" yesterday but it's gone now? He literally traded $49 of his own worth for the controller, just like anyone else would have to.

              Yes it's great that he was able to get a $30 voucher for nothing, but that was a victory from another day.

              • @mekktor: Gonna have to disagree with you again.

                Just like using a "targeted" coupon code he was able to reduce his personal spend to $19 so absolutely a great bargain for him.

                Don't see the difference between this and say getting a targeted code from eBay. Which by Ozb rules is allowed to be posted as an actual deal with the targeted tags.

                Everyone who uses a code Targeted or otherwise "trades the $ worth" … "in their pocket" as you say.

                If I follow your logic then there should only ever be one OzB post per original ebay code.

                All other posts following that have different ebay listings but have the same coupon code should be disallowed as "that was a victory from another day" as you put it.

                But clearly OzB rules allow it thus refuting your argument.

                So don't personally see any of the points you're making as relevant to whether someone makes a post saying: "good deal I only paid $19 for this."

                Actually it's beginning to look a little bit like "sour grapes".


                • @prxy: No sour grapes. I just think it's broken logic and in the end it's misleading. People end up wondering how they can get it for $19 too. The answer? They can't. Because it wasn't $19. It was $19 and $30 credit.

                  Credit and discount codes are totally different. Credit is currency in your digital wallet, whereas a code is just a promotion. There is almost no restriction on how you use credit except where you have to spend it. As for why multiple deals are posted for each code, I really don't see how that is relevant here. Are you suggesting that it would be valid deal if HS10 posted a deal for this controller for $19 with the stipulation that you need to already have $30 amazon credit to get the deal?

                  Anyway, if you disagree, that's fine. We don't need to agree on this.

                  • @mekktor: Sorry gonna have to disagree with you again on all points.

                    Especially as OzBargain rules seem to agree with my points:

                    You can post targeted deals that only some people get ie Amazon, eBay or AMEX credit etc.

                    So your point re "People end up wondering how they can get it for $19 too" is invalid.

                    Credit IS NOT currency it functions in exactly the same way as a discount coupon/code does.

                    In other words it discounts your purchase by a certain amount from only that retailer and it may have limitations as well.

                    Often coupon codes are better than "Credit" as they discount by a larger margin etc.

                    Of course there is nothing wrong AGREEING to DISAGREE :-)

          • @mekktor: Dudes, you're all being too literal. He was saying he's $19 out-of-pocket. I think we can let this one go now!

            EDIT: Prxy agrees above - posted just before me :)

  • Might just pick up GT Sport from Big W, saves the wait and the delivery fee

  • No love for Midnight Blue :(
    Got Detroit and camo green DS4, ta OP.

  • Thanks O.P.

    I got the BLOD on my launch PS4 recently and the repair quote from various sources is around $150 with only a 3 month warranty.

    Just purchased a 500GB slim from Amazon which should see me through until the launch of the PS5.

    • If you haven't already got it, they have a black ops 4 free game promo for anyone that purchases the 500gb ps4 slim. Details on the Amazon page.

  • Sweet PS Classic and Alpine Green DS4 for $88 minus whatever Shopback works out to be.

    Happy with that considering I need neither.

    I wish the PS4 Pro would go on sale a bit cheaper, I'm tempted to open my 500mil edition to get the VR benefits but thinking I'd be better off to just sell it and buy a standard PS4 Pro.

  • wish the move controllers would finally be on sale so expensive everywhere.

  • That alpine green controller looks cool, but I already have 6 DS4s!

  • Got spiderman with my $30 voucher cheeers

  • Spiderman for $29 wow!

  • Is the PSVR mega pack from big w better value ?

  • Do similar deals go on the PlayStation store?

  • Days Gone for $55

  • Division 2 for $49

  • wait until 17 June to purchase. if prime day is cheaper, you can still return item.

  • Got God of War and Shadow of the Colossus. Thanks OP!

  • Just picked up Spiderman, HZD (Complete Edition) and the Lost Legacy for $81. Pretty happy with that.

  • Astro Bot VR is $24. Definitely worth it if you have PSVR.

  • are EB price matching controller's price?

    • They won't match Amazon (at least my local wouldn't) but they'll match target and Big W (also $49 - BUT again my local would only match on Black/Red/White).

  • Thanks for this, good timing. My dad's ps3 died completely the other day. Bought the glacier white ps4 slim 500gb for $319 with 4.5% cashback for him.

    • I just noticed they have a promotion running with the ps4 slim 500gb model. Theres a little bit of promotion text under the item on the Amazon page. Free copy of COD Black Ops 4.

      I just hopped on the chat and was able to get the $30 credit applied to my account for the game as my ps4 slim order is already on its way.

      Makes this deal all the more compelling :)

  • Ps4 vr mega bundle is now available on amazon for ~ $297 cheaper than big w. Limited quantities though.

  • Cheers OP, grabbed a couple of games and a controller for less than $90!

  • Detroit back in stock