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[Refurb] Dell OptiPlex 9020 SFF i5-4570 8GB/16GB RAM NEW 240GB/480GB SSD Win10Pro from $233.10 Delivered @ Melbourne-eStore eBay



Intel Core i5-4570 3.2GHz
NEW 240GB / 480GB SSD with 3Years Manufacturer Warranty
Dual Layer DVD Burner
2 x Front USB3.0, 2 x Rear USB3.0
2 x Front USB2.0, 4 x Front USB2.0
Display Port + VGA
Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit

Alternative lower range

Dell 9010 SFF i5-3470

Dell 990 SFF i5-2400

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  • +20 votes

    Title should be:
    Refurbished Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF i5-4570 8GB/16GB RAM NEW 240GB/480GB SSD Win10Pro $233.10 Delivered @ melbourne-estore eBay

  • Any desktops with DDR4 ram?

  • Can the motherboard be moved into a micro-atx case? Looking to fit one into a htpc case.

    • I have one of these PCs. I would imagine that it could fit into a Micro-ATX because they are like twice the size.

      I would seriously question why you would do that though.

      • To fit more than just a sff gfx card

        • +1 vote

          Challenges; you need to add some cabled / converters to avoid the bios warning on boot of case intrusion. You also need to transplant the front panel into the new case, the bios also complains if this one is missing.

          If you change the cooling fans, you need adapter cables.

          Most of these things can be found on ebay however.

          • @tor: Wow just like prebuilts to do dumb shit like this. I haven't shelled one of these out before but its definitely been on my mind, thanks for the points. I'm presuming you've tried this before, is it some custom loop it's recognising from the front panel? there's no way to just snip the cables and plug in dummies?

    • Yes it can. I've done just that. Get yourself 24 pin adaptor for the on board power as you'll need it for a normal power supply. Keep the temp sensor and front io panel connected or the motherboard will complain. The standard fan will also need to be used because dell uses their own type of connections on the MB. I threw a 1070 full size in mine for fun. Runs really well but the transplant was a headache.

      You could just throw in a 1050ti low profile GPU as it is and will work perfectly.

  • what do ppl think about this kinda thing: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Refurbished-HP-8200-22-All-in-On... for a very casual elderly user? It seems pretty neatly convenient.

    • I think it is an abomination. If you had to choose only between that and the Dell 9020, the Dell any day.

      • Your reply makes it sound like there is another option that could be better than either the HP or Dell?

        • For a very casual elderly user it is probably splitting hairs. The Dell would suit them well - just stay away from that all in one.

          • @Budju: Thanks. Need to start looking for a PC for my parents soon and was originally thinking of an all in one but I'll avoid the HP.

            • @mapax: Avoid all in ones altogether. The 9020 or equivalent HP OEM system is a good option.

              • @Budju: how come?

                My main concern was this system has no video output so if the monitor dies, that's it i guess? Just concerned about what happens when elements of the all-in-one kark it, sigh. I like the idea tho as i said for an oldie.

    • +2 votes

      Depending on the skill level of elderly users I think all in ones are good for them.

      The more boxes, cables, buttons and connectors they can see tend to scare them and turn them off using it in case they touch the wrong thing.

    • Perfectly fine…but…damn that hdd. I really wouldn't wish that on anyone these days =( got the $30 240gb ssd that was floating around before and stick that in it.

  • What sort of games could this run well? Football Manager?

  • What’s the best graphics card you can put in these units?

    • SVGA

      Edit: or that ⬇️

    • +4 votes

      The best you can fit without making creative case modifications is a 1050 Ti PCIe low profile card.

      I'm using one of these boxes at this very minute, with an i7 4770 CPU and a half-height PCIe card (not low profile, so I've just plugged it in with the case lid off, creative case modifications pending).

      For $230, this one is absolutely the best budget desktop PC on the market, absolutely unbeatable value. For reference, I bought mine (better CPU but a throwaway SSD inside) for $280 and that was direct from the auction house.

      Just bear in mind that pretty much nobody buys second hand desktop PC's, so if you find you don't like it or it doesn't work for you you'll get about a hundred bucks for it if you're lucky.

      • You don't have to be hugely creative to just use a riser cable though.

      • I did the same, got the i7 and slapped a NVidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti in. I run it in OC mode for games and it runs everything on high easily eg Apex Legends etc.

        Quite loud and hot when gaming, but silent when just acting as my Plex server etc. They normally have a dual HDD caddy in there so I also easily put in a second 1TB SSD.

      • how hot does your i7 run during load? My goes up to 95 degrees

    • If you don't already own one of these PCs it is not recommended that you buy this and a 1050 Ti to game. You can build a budget Ryzen / RX 570 build for only a little bit more for a lot more performance.

  • anyone know good deals for micro pc range? 🙏

    • I would strongly recommend against buying a micro PC, unless you don't do anything else except browse the internet and use notepad. I was 'upgraded' to one at work six months ago, and have nothing but contempt for it.

      • What's bad about it? Was just thinking about buying one

        • They basically use laptop parts. And the marketing around those parts makes you think you are getting something way better than you actually are.

          An Intel i5 6400T for example released in 2015, probably performs like a desktop part from 2010. I'm pretty sure my work frittered about a grand on the PoS they gave me, it is brand new and it struggles to read large PDFs. This is just a basic productivity task and it struggles.

          I have quite a few PCs at home but one of them is the small form factor Optiplex 9020 with a real i5 4th gen, it has no such issues.

          • @Budju: Thank you for the clarification. Something is likely wrong with the machine you got. I have used some 6th gen T processors and performance is an overkill for general office applications. You can ask your IT to replace it.

            As long as the OS is on SSD it should run smoothly. Do you know if your box is running SSD or mechanical HDDs?

            I could imagine the thermals to struggle on sustained high load for this tiny form factor but PoS wouldn't have that kind of load profile.

            • @smiley-k: I can only report that the mini Dell my work gave me has noticeable performance issues with some tasks, which a desktop for example the 9020 would never have. If you want to disregard this and buy a mini PC that is up to you.

              • @Budju: Thank you for sharing your experience. It's a useful data point so that people know the potential performance issues with micro form factor. Just noting that micro form factor can also function well in many cases.

  • Any room for a WiFi card?

  • Would this work as a NAS to run plex if I installed a larger hdd to it?

    What's the power draw like?
    Would it be able to stream 1080P,or 4K video?

  • Only available with 480GB HDD and 8GB ram for $278.10 after code now.

  • Does this come with the win 10 disc or is this just win 10 preintalled?

    • OS - Windows 10 Pro 64x (Win 7 or 8.1 upgrade)

      Which says it's preinstalled.

      • So if I ever have to format the pc, I will have to buy another copy of win pro?

        • Microsoft says "If you upgraded to Windows 10 for free from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 (which stated above this key is), you should have a digital license instead of a product key."

          So… yes and no. If you're just formatting windows on the same drive you can use the windows tool and not have to reinstall windows. If you're going to be using a new drive/computer to transfer the license to (this might flag automatically if you change out enough parts) you'll need to activate your digital license and link your Microsoft account in order to reinstall it using the linked account, details are here


          Shouldn't be a problem.

          Licence is tied to the M/B - will detect on install and query the MS server to confirm digital licence.

  • How old are the specs in this machine?
    Is the intel i5 still current hardware?

    • About 5 years. The first number after the i5 indicates what generation processor it is. In this case i5-4570 indicates 4th generation. This year the 9th generation processors were released hence the i5 in this post is about 5 years. Please correct me if I'm wrong

      • Wow, 5 years. How much difference in terms of speed would this one be compared to the latest gen if I’m only using it for internet browsing and video streaming on YouTube?

        • For the purposes stated, bugger all, if you were video-editing or gaming however, considerable.

        • Around 5-10% increase per generation.
          The i5-4570 is very capable though and it's a desktop CPU

          For internet browsing and video streaming it will be fine for sure

        • We recently bought a similar spec machine (i5-4590) with the same shell and it boots up very quickly and all the standard applications open up instantly.

        • if performance and price is both considered, i think the older gen might have bigger edge over the latest. anything daily (browering, email, pdf, office), or even light gaming, this should handle really well.

          given this even has pcie slots, you might upgrade it with gpus in the future.

          again it really comes down to what you planing to do with it and price budget.

        • The 4th gen CPUs are manufactured on 22nm and 5th gen onwards are 14mm. So expect better efficiency jump from 4th to 5th. But 4th to 8th gen have limited improvement as they are just smaller tweaks. The only exception is that 7th and 8th gen added some hardware encoding support but this doesn't really affect the stated use case

  • Got one. Now just need a monitor.

  • I have the Dell OptiPlex 9010 looking for a good deal on some ram want to Max it out to 16gb.

  • damn i was looking for a DIY router, this would be it if in stock

    • Are you intending to do this for learning? If it's for production dedicated to routing/firewalling only then these machines will consume more energy than necessary. Also might need to add another NIC. Some small routers from Ubiquiti or Mikrotik will cost less than the price of the Dell, take up less space and sips much less electricity so it's worth considering as well.

  • I ordered one of these and just opened it up. The condition of the interior is absolutely disgusting for a "refurb". It's obvious that no effort has been made to clean it at all before sending.


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