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Hikvision DS-2CD2132F-I PoE 3mp Security Camera $79.20 + $15 Shipping (Free with eBay Plus) @ Computer Alliance eBay


Absolutely an amazing price for a Hikvision Australian Stock. Use PLINK20

The IWS version might be better for some as it includes wifi built in.

Original Computer Alliance 20% off Storewide @ eBay Post

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  • +1

    Anyone know how these would fair against something like the Ubiquiti G3

    • Better, despite being an older generation camera (about 2 years old).

      Ubiquiti arent exactly commercial grade CCTV

      • I asked computer alliance. These are used in commercial applications. Just have some excess stock to get rid of. Should also be firmware upgradable as it comes from an Aussie distributor.

        • Correct, that was my point. Hikvision is commercial grade CCTV.

          But keep in mind they are 2 generations behind.

          Can you guarantee they are AUS stock?

          • @darkly: Only if I had the device in my hands which I don't. But pretty confident.

            • @Korban Dallas: Well if it is a grey import, then it will die when you try to do a firmware update anything but the exact right firmware.

              • @darkly: I highly doubt it's a grey given it comes from Hikvision's aussie distributor. But I'll be getting them soon and let you know.

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                  @Korban Dallas: The AUS distributor sold out of these in 2016, I'd be checking your product…

                  • +1

                    @darkly: Managed to upgrade from 5.2.0 to 5.4.5, has WR in the serial. Need to upgrade to 5.3.0 then 5.4.0 then 5.4.5 otherwise it will fail. Did this via the web interface.

                    New Firmware Here: https://us.hikvision.com/en/support-resources/firmware

                    Archived Firmware: IPC -DS-2xx2_5.3.0_151016
                    Archived Firmware: IPC -DS-2xx2_5.4.0_160530
                    Firmware: IPC_DS-2xx2_EN_STD_5.4.5_170123

                    • @Korban Dallas: Thanks tried 5.2.0 straight to 5.4.5 didn't work.

                      • @R3XNebular: Well in fairness they did say at the top of the page:

                        "Warning: Firmware upgrades must be done in ascending order and cannot skip versions." ;)

                        You guys got em quick. Guess they don't say WA "wait awhile" for nothing…

              • +1

                @darkly: Considering these look to have been discontinued in Dec 17 I'd say it's unlikely they'll receive any firmware updates anyway.

                • +4

                  @bamzero: They actually keep releasing firmware with security patches etc

  • +2

    I believe this is the Chinese brand that is soon to be banned by the US.

    • Because of its use to monitor the Xinjiang re-education camps.

    • block all internet access for your IP cameras on your router.

    • +3

      Unfortunately Hik and Dahua have the lions share of this market. I think the scare is overblown. I like Hikvision, they all operate the same way and they're generally pretty logical to work with.

      This price is the cheapest on ebay.

      They are 'only' FHD but this is ok IMO. Going to 2k 4k is a bit of a nonsense for most people.

      Also a big one… these are 4mm focal length, I prefer 2.8mm for most uses.

      If it was 2.8mm I'd buy one.

      • +2

        Could you explain the effect of the focal length and why you prefer one over the other?

        • +8


          For most home users you want the widest view. That's 2.8mm… about 86 degrees I believe.

          4mm is about 70 degrees.

          Its ok.

          If you're shooting down a hallway then you want a narrow a view as possible but generally the narrower the view the harder it is to use the lens in most applications.

          I believe 12mm is the tightest and that means about 20 degree view.

          Think of it as a zoom lens. 12mm is very zoomed in.

          2.8mm is very wide.

          4mm is ok but I prefer 2.8mm… there's probably a reason why these guys have so many 4mm units… generally people opt for 2.8mm - for the vast majority of installs I've seen 2,8 is the most widely used.

          • @tonyjzx: Great thanks for the reply. I had snapped and grabbed 3 without thinking too hard on these as I intend to use them on the allys either side of the house and above the back door.. so places where people are going to be fairly close and a wide angle isn't important.

          • +1

            @tonyjzx: The right focal length for the right application. Good luck being able to identify someone's face or numberplate they are near the edges of a wide angle.

            I use 2.8 to 7mm in a variety of places in my home (7 cameras).

            Read the post further down for a better description.

    • -1

      Soon every Chinese brand will be banned in the US.
      There was that whole backdoor thing though, whether intentional or not who knows…

      • -1

        There was that whole backdoor thing(ipvm.com) though, whether intentional or not who knows…

        That's an excellent example of media sensationalism which people unfortunately happily lap up and spread.

        When Hikvision products have a firmware bug, it's a backdoor that was put there on purpose as the Chinese government wants to monitor Martha and Bob's front garden. There is absolutely no other explanation - Chinese programmers are so perfect that it is impossible for them to make mistakes and have bugs in their firmware. Any and all bugs were put there on purpose by the Chinese government.

        But when Cisco equipment have firmware bugs, it's not a backdoor, it's a genuine mistake. Their programmers are just human, after all. They're allowed to make mistakes.

  • +1

    I have a few of the IWS models. Personally, I wouldn't bother using the wifi function especially if you are using POE.

    Video quality is good during the day but can be very grainy at night. To make up for this shortfall, i'm adding a couple of Dahua ipc-hdw2132-ze for better night vision.

    • Yeah but some people have access issues and would appreciate the ease of installation.

  • Nice price. I paid more than this a few years ago for a chinese version that you can't update the firmware on.

  • +4

    Take note of lens.

    It's a 4mm focal length. If you're looking to cover a decent area 2.8mm would be better.
    Research the difference online.

    Good price, but a 4mm focal length in most household applications is too limiting (unless you really need a little extra zoom in an area).

    A 2.8mm lens will give almost 100 degree angle field of view.
    A 4mm brings that down to around 75 degrees.

    Measure the area you are looking to cover for your camera and more often than not an angle slightly greater than 90 is perfect.

    Mind you, looks like this is a special buy for this retailer… as its the only Hikvision camera they are selling.

    • +1

      In my case, I find that it's better to have a few cameras - each focusing on a specific area of importance rather than one camera focusing on a large area; for better picture clarity. This is especially important if you need to pass any evidence to law enforcement etc.

      • +2

        This is an important point - you have to decide what kind of footage you need before choosing a focal length.

        A 2.8mm lens will give you a wide view of the area which would give context (where the person entered from, where they walked to), but because the person would be quite small within the frame, identification would be more difficult.

        A narrower-FOV lens (i.e. higher mm) aimed at key areas or choke points would give less context, but the person would be much larger within the frame so identification would be comparatively easier.

        It's the same as using digital zoom on your phone. Zooming in on a wide-angle shot will just give you a blurry image. That's why phones now have 2 or more lenses - the phone can switch to the higher-mm zoom lens for more detail from a distance.

        One solution is to use a higher-MP sensor. That can certainly help in some situations, but it also comes with disadvantages such as possibly poorer low-light performance due to the smaller pixel size, and greatly increased storage requirements.

  • Not sure why u would buy a 3MP for $79, when for around $99 u can grab a Dahua 6MP. Obviously not comparing apples with apples, however, for double the resolution for $20 more, I know which I would grab. After all, a CCTV’s function is to record video.

    • you dont even need to go to 6mp

      i've found 4/5mp to be absolutely more than enough resolution for most cases

      eg. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/AU-Stock-Dahua-PoE-4MP-50M-IR-Bu...

      however saying that if you buy cheap from china or even if they say local you may not be able to upgrade the firmware

      i assume that you can with the hik 3mp above

      as always caveat emptor

      also helps if you have a network eng. to talk to as there's heaps of oddities interfacing chinese gear on your network…

      another thing, hik and dahua company support is garbage but you get that being chinese companies (think zapals style support)

      • Do Dahua have their own free software like iVMS for Hikvision? Or is it compatible with iVMS?

        I'm looking to get a sub $100 camera to test out softwares.

    • Would hate to be the hard drive that records in 6mp omg.

      • That’s what the WD Purple drives are for.

    • can you link me to some Dahua that are firmware upgradeable. Appears that $99 6mp's that I have seen will be bricked on a firmware upgrade?
      Would like or cameras.

  • This is an excellent price.

    I have seen and used few different brands but Hikvision has been far better than most with a help of installers. I was told this is the low range professional CCTV camera. 2.8 is the right choice because others focus on far distance
    It is says plug and play but not always

    WiFi option may sound easy but results may not bee good as you expect. POE option is great

    • You need to download the sadp and set the IP as well as the gateway. Never plug and play unless your are on 192.168.x.x

      Also need to be activated before use.

  • How you install these things? What are the requirements?

    • +8

      1) Power adapter OR
      1) POE switch

      2) Lan Cable

      3) NAS OR
      3) Modem (with Ethernet slot) OR
      3) Router OR
      3) Server or PC OR
      3) NVR

      3.1) Hard Drive OR
      3.1) SD Card
      3.1) Nothing (live view only)

      4) Screw driver
      5) Drill Bits
      6) Hammer

      7) Android OR
      7) iPhone

      • Not enough information on installation.

        I have NBN FTTP broadband, router, and laptop.

        What do I need to do?

        • +1

          Get a professional in?

          • -3

            @ayjay075: That won’t be you then sadly.

            • +4

              @bOngOCaT: I think you should go down the Ubiquiti or Arlo track.

          • +1

            @ayjay075: You're right. KD's instructions are simple enough to follow. Customers that requires more than that aren't really to diy.

  • What software are people using for their cameras? Are you running software on a PC or just using one of Hik's NVRs?

    • +1

      QNAP NAS 2x4TB HDDs in RAID and standard Web interface.

      IVMS and EZVIZ on mobile.

      • +1

        Do you know if can simply use the QNAP's own Surveillance Station and QNAP's own mobile apps?

        • Thanks. Will give that a go.

        • +1

          Set it up. The mobile app is awful. Can it do motion detection to an area that we can select?

    • I have an old HP microserver running already, so I just run Milestone XProtect Essential+. It's the free version of a very expensive commercial DVR software.

      • Nice. What's your yearly power bill on this?

        • A lot, as I have lots of other devices and the A/C in summer. The MicroServer itself doesn't use much power, maybe 35-40 watts. For me, it's running anyway so it doesn't really cost much more to run Milestone.

    • blueiris

  • Thanks guys, what are the number of cameras allowed on these? I can see Milestone free is 8 cameras.

    • +1

      No limit, its more about storage issues than anything else. 16 easily doable.

      • Thanks, does IVMS support other brand cameras too? Or just Hikvisison?

        • Can't say for sure but inclined to think yes to most.

      • also bandwidth issue, having too many will choke down your lan speed and affect other devices too, especially footage is recorded into multi-purpose device

        • Yeah if you are doing 16 or more you need to think commercial grade stuff and would be using a dedicated server.

        • Not really. Keep camera on seperate Lan or sublan router.

  • +1

    The night vision on these are pretty rubbish. The IR led's reflect from the clear dome back into the lens.

    • If dirty this will happen. Requires a good clean inside and outside with Windex. Turrets are preferred and don't have this issue.

    • To be clear, that problem affects all dome cameras, not just this one. The turret-style ones fix that problem as mentioned by R3XNebular.

      Be extra-careful when cleaning domes - if you wipe them with a dry cloth or just your fingers you could end up scratching them which would make the problem worse.

  • I have a Hikvision setup with a couple of cameras and a nvr and they are utter garbage. The nvr is very loud, firmware is a pain to upgrade and searching recording is terrible. The app is rubbish as well but you need to use it as there is no live view in chrome or Firefox without using ie-tab. The model nvr i have does not alow cloud storage unless you pay hikvision. I have wasted so much time setting up and changing settings i wish i just bought an arlo or something.

    • +1

      At home I use Arlo Pro, Arlo Q Plus, and Hikvision cameras. The Arlos are dead easy to set up, but the video quality is far, faaaar worse than my old turret-style Hikvision which is the same generation as this Hikvision.

      I don't really like hardware NVRs as the interface is usually quite poor. I quite like how Avigilon performs, but there is no free version. Milestone Xprotect Essential+ is a good compromise and is free.

  • If this is Aus stock, it should be com work a 3 year warranty like all of Hikvision’s cameras.

  • -3

    when can not beat completely Chinese tech in a tech battlefield, US just using other nasty way to win the war. Ban everything is not smart,especially give a lot of cliche to say all the thing from China is threat

    • +3

      But China IS a threat. If you can't see what China is doing on multiple fronts, then the brainwashing has worked on you.
      China is dominating and controlling its citizens, their access to free world wide information, and punishing any of them who dare to speak against the Party line…. even if they don't live there anymore, based on the fear that relatives still there will be punished.

      They are expanding their military, militarising the South China Sea, and are pushing the boundaries in every sphere (political, economical, military).
      Another world power did this in the late 1930's. Didn't work out too well for the rest of the World.

      China and Russia are seeking to change the world order, impose their will on any that oppose them.
      Only one way this is going down unfortunately.

      • -2

        it's not convincing.look at the map then talking about South China sea…. it's so close to the Chinese main land…US navy just go through the Taiwan strait, can you image enemies of Aussie go through Bass strait every month? Chinese navy even never go close to Hawaii….. when you talk about threat, US navy always send ships to other people's frontdoor..

        • +1

          You know that Tasmania is part of Australia right?

          The islands in the South China Sea are NO WHERE NEAR CHINA!
          The islands China is claiming as theirs are much closer to other countries. They've been disputed for a long time.
          AND they are building military bases on them, claiming them as their own territory, which is wrong.
          AND it's one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world.

          That's why the US and Australia are sailing there. Because for hundreds of years there has been freedom of navigation in that area.
          China is trying to change that. Preventing freedom of movement.

          First they claimed they weren't building military bases, but they are.
          Now they are claiming ownership of those islands, and the water around them. Which is wrong.

          You need to get your facts… and your examples right. China isn't protecting their 'Bass Straight"… they are completely redrawing boundary lines that have been stable for many decades. That's who's causing instability…. China, not the other countries just wanting to leave things be.

      • then the brainwashing has worked on you.

        The US (our) media are pro western. They're the ones that is trying to convince the world that the PRC and Russia are the bad guys.

  • I struggle with my Hikvision cameras.

    Can never get motion detection or storage working properly.

    I have tried Blue Iris and Vms4200 which both been a pain in ass

    • This is probably me and not the cameras. But it is steep learning curve

      • +1

        I can come over to set up for you if you are in Melb for free.

      • Try IVMS-4500 on your phone.

  • I have set up 6 cameras of Hikvision and NVRs for two years by myself for my new house, with POE switch in garage, never had any issues at all. it;s very easy to set up and monitor with my app in mobile devices.

    • Hi, do you have the exact same cameras as the post? I’m interested in buying but wondering on the night quality?

  • Little confused with the model, is it as pictured (I thought was the -IS) which has smaller unobscured LEDs (and 3 axis adjustment).

    Even on the Hikvision site the page shows the model with old LEDs but their data sheet PDF shows the newer.

    Did the model just get a refresh at some point?

    • (since found out the -S in the model means it has Audio and Alarm I/O)

  • There's no better indication that you have stuff worth stealing than a property bristling with security cameras, which can be easily defeated by a $2 OP shop hoodie or balaclava.

    • My cameras are strategically placed. Literally camouflaged and unseen until it's too late.

      • -3

        How many times have you been broken into by someone unknown to you where the cameras have led to a successful conviction of the perpetrator?

        • Someone tried to steal a bike from my place. I passed the footage on to the police. A few months later, they contacted me to tell me that the guy was caught stealing at another location and that my footage would be used in court.

          It's not just about catching criminals either. If you get home and find the door to your backyard open, you can find out what happened. Were you being cased, or did you forget to latch it and the wind blew it open?

          If something goes missing from your backyard, you can find out if someone stole it or you just forgot where you put it.

          If you're at work or on holiday and your home alarm goes off, you can just log in to your cameras to see what's happening and determine if it's a false alarm or an actual intruder.

          • +2

            @eug: Our bitch neighbour was throwing rubbish in our front yard. It was great when confronted her with printed out footage.

            Also caught some amazing feats of wind on light objects.

            Also good for insurance claims if shit gets stolen.

  • +1

    Purchased 8 of these. I already have 9. I got both 4mm and 2.8mm and find the 4mm much clearer and easier to identify a person's face.

    • 17 cameras… where is your mansion located? :)

      • No mansion. Have cameras in the toilets and bathrooms…

        On a serious note the 4mm hikvision 2185 I can read the rego plates from the neighbours house across the road. 2.8mm is hard to read regos of cars parked near my house.

    • So do you think it's worth getting a couple of these or spending more on something newer (2155 maybe?)
      Looking to stick a few out front of the house, recording to NAS.

      • +1

        I recommend 2155 or 2185 at the front. This would be perfect inside the house or around the house if you don't have a massive yard. Mine is recording to the Micro SD (Motion detection only) and Blue Iris PC. Picked up a Dell Optiplex 9020 with i5 4670 for $100 to record 24/7. Good things about these is local warranty.

        • Great price. Where from? On gumtree much more expensive.

          • @Korban Dallas: From Facebook marketplace. Yea rough price is $250 for a optiplex. Been chasing a CPU with quick sync for a while.

        • +1

          These guys had the 2155 for ~$170 yesterday ($189 - PRIORITY10 10%), bumped the price a few bucks now (though could make an offer)

          At nearly $100 extra per cam starts adding up quickly on multiples though..