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Computer Alliance 20% off Storewide @ eBay


Starts 10am June 7, ends June 11. T&Cs here. Postage is $15 flat rate (not per item), or free with eBay Plus. Enjoy :)

Rep can’t always respond to PMs on OzBargain so queries are best sent to [email protected] or through eBay messages.

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  • No computer alliance no dea..oh wait

  • Nice find :)

  • Looking for a wifi mesh system. What category do they fall under?

    • Networking.

    • I couldn't see too much tbh. But for my needs at home msy have a 3 pack of the tplink deco m5 (dual band, 1300ac wifi mesh) for $249. I'll be buying that unless I can see something better before tomorrow

      • I also have the Deco M5, the improvement in wifi coverage is amazing (from patchy 1 bar to stable 4 bars in the courtyard).

      • Go for it. I have the M5 and love it. You don’t get heaps of control but i haven’t ever needed to tweak anything. You do get the option to disable the 2.4ghz band though, which is useful for forcing dual band clients onto the 5ghz band, and more than what equiv priced setups can do.

        • At $249, is the google wifi better at $300?

          • @Owgasm: I use google wifi and love the simplicity and the app. Others may find it restrictive but I’m a set and forget guy, and I love being able to login remotely too.

            Ps three pack google wifi is $350 less 20% at Bing Lee circa $280

        • You do get the option to disable the 2.4ghz band

          then you can't use your smart devices, which normally still connect at 2.4 GHz band.

          • @tempura: i mean when you first connect a device that operates in both bands, to force it to use the 5ghz band. then you can re-enable the 2.4ghz. otherwise some devices default to 2.4 which slows them down, and these cheap mesh setups are light on config options

  • Any recommendations for a 32" ultrawide or similar?

    • +2 votes

      Depends on your budget. This 34" LG UW is really nice, IPS although 1080p :

      • Bought one in the last deal. Excellent monitor. Highly recommend.

      • I was thinking about this one but was wondering if it's better to get something that's QHD in 2019.

        With these ultrawides, is a 34" ultra just like having an extended 27"?

        • Correct, the image isn't stretched, just added resolution either side. It's generally the same height as a 27"

      • +2 votes

        What about this 31.5" AOC?

        it's 2560x1440 with freesync.!3160!AU!-1

    • I bought the Acer x34p coming up on a year ago and i love it, its amazing. I got it from computer alliance actually.

    • I've got an ASUS PG348Q and it's am amazing bit of kit, I believe there's a new version coming out soon, but if you're after an UWQHD there are some really nice examples out there for reasonable prices nowadays.

      If I were to get a cheaper one, I'd look at one of the Samsung Quantum Dot screens like the Samsung F791 or something.

    • Last year they sold the 34UM69G for around $350-$400…that was awesome

  • I do suggest not rushing to buy nvidia cards until we figure out if there are price cuts/faster variations incoming during E3.

  • $500 max discount. Lower than last deal ($1000) but better than the usual eBay 20% off ($300).

    • I'm just spewing I can't get a decent Intel 2066 CPU (9960X) as they don't hold stocks so can't process them. If it was a CPU in stock, that'd be a different question.

      $500 discount on a $2500 CPU would be enough to make it worthwhile.

  • Bought something, from CA, yesterday. 😣
    Oh well, wasn't super high-value.

  • looking to help a friend buy a laptop for work/home use around $1000-$1500
    any suggestions? a bit overwhelming with so many options and brands on that site…
    is it still ASUS > HP > Lenovo > Acer?
    requirements are pretty much just touch screen, light weight.
    Is my best option a MS Surface Laptop?

    • have you considered Xiaomi ?

      • Why the negs? (serious question). Xiaomi gear is usually pretty good? Isn't it?

        • Why are you asking me? I'm the one getting neg-ed.

        • I've got the Xiaomi air, and it's a pretty good machine for general use. Only issue is the touchpad sucks bit the build quality is damned good

        • +3 votes

          Many people hate Xiaomi’s rampant IP theft and neg anything to do with the company.

    • the dell deal a couple of days back was pretty good with shopback cashback.

    • i think Lenovo these day make decent laptop and ASUS is no longer a cheap but quality option as their computer price arent cheap any more.

    • Might get negged for this, but I'd personally stay away from Asus laptops.

      BIOS security updates for Intel Spectre / Meltdown hasnt been updated to majority of their products except for highend and recent products while surprisingly Dell and HP(speaking from experience) have usually all been updated. I doubt they'll update the recent zombieload patch too.

      To me, seems like they pump and dump their products and give 2 damns about security updates.

      • I feel the same about Toshiba. I've got 2 older laptops circa ~2012,and had issues with both - overheating, case breaking, batteries not lasting and screen flashing.

        The build quality just want that great.

    • Would strongly recommend a ryzen laptop, there was a lenovo one on sale for ~$680 last week, and check out the HP envy x360 if you need something more premium, but I don't think CA sells either of these.

      They do have this though if he wants to do some gaming

    • Personnally, I Like Thinkpad T seriers. I have tried HP DELL and ACER, They all dead no reason. Only Think Pad T seriers. I have to swap it because it's already been 5 years. It's still working but too slow.

    • My favourite is the Dell XPS 13, which is in your budget. It's a solid, fast laptop. Not sure if the XPS 15 is in that price range too.

    • For work/home use you're better off looking sub-$1000. The price range you've given is gaming/workstation territory - if they're looking to game, do video, CAD, other demanding work then yeah, but for simple email/office/internet/netflix, get a cheaper one and if need be add an SSD and/or more RAM. Unless you're doing the aforementioned demanding activities, you won't need a dedicated GPU which most >$1k laptops would have.

      Surface would be great given the form factor (if they want that), but you're paying significantly more for the same specs (i.e. an $800 laptop = ~$1200 in a Surface)

      Personally had a few bad experiences with Acer and HP. Missus' last couple of laptops have been ASUS - no real issues with them to date that I recall. I had a Dell which had a few hardware issues (nothing ridiculous), currently running a refurbished Horize (Clevo): fantastic. Keyboard has got issues (that I haven't rectified yet), but apart from that solid laptop, especially given the price/spec ratio in comparison to the mainstream brands.

      No real issues with the Toshibas we have at work (Portégé), some minor issues with the Lenovo's (T550) and HP (Spectre).

      Note that this is all anecdotal, YMMV, especially given I haven't experienced some of the breadth in particular brands' product ranges.

      Hope this helps.

  • Thanks OP, time to build Synology NAS :)

  • they doing more and more participation on ebay now, hopefully keep the trend.

  • Was almost darn, got a QNAP TS-832XU and 8 x 6TB drives this last weekend. But with the 15% off eBay Plus deal, it was still cheaper than 20% off current CA prices.

    PCBYTE 6TB RED $265 - 15% = $225.25
    CA 6TB RED $299 - 20% = $239.20

  • They don’t price jack… instead just remove items before the sale.
    All eBay sellers are the same including these guys

    • eBay does not pay the 20% for them, I think only 5% I've heard.

      What do you want Computer Alliance to do for low margin products? Lose money just as a special favour for you?

      They are not a charity, if you want charity go to a charity.

      • Yep, price jacking seems more like false advertising, while removing items is more akin to exclusions, which is perfectly reasonable.

      • whats the point in having this sale then?? The store works together with Ebay, its not like ebay have randomly added the discount to this store.

        • What would you rather, all items at 10% off, or most items at 20% off?

          • @samfisher5986: Its like a store having Everything 20% off….and then moving half the stock out the back. Its dodgy, dont advertise 20% off everything and then remove items. It would fine if it was up to 20% or 20% off some things. But advertising this way is bs.

            • @bugman: The eBay discount system doesn't work that way.

              So i say again.

              Do you want 10% off everything or 20% off most things?

              You'll find 99% of people want 20% off most things because there are other 10% off deals at other times.

            • +2 votes

              @bugman: Like every store ever that excludes Bose and Apple from storewide sales?

              It’s been common practice forever.

  • Can't see an option to pay and collect in store in person. Am I missing something?

    • They don't do store collection for eBay purchases because of PayPal issues I believe

      • +1 vote

        What PayPal issues? I thought it was just easier (and cheaper) to have a warehouse and send stuff out from there, rather than a store.

        • Tracking number when sending items purchased via paypal is pretty much your only defence against dickweeds who buy an item and want to pretend they never received it.
          I wouldn't do pickup either - no proof of "delivery" (paypal will ONLY accept tracking numbers from my experience).

      • AFAIK their rep actually posted that it was due to handling - given then discount they're giving, it's not profitable for them to have people come pick it up. Postage is fine as its an added cost to you which helps cover the handling in that regard.

        • Here's the comment

          Sorry, no pickups on eBay orders — lots of reasons such as PayPal requirements, stock/ship locations (we have a bulk warehouse at Salisbury not open to the public), congestion in shop, and for eg right now its simply because we have 1000s of orders being processed and its faster and more efficient treat them all the same way to get them all packed into pallets and trucks. We are pretty exhausted during these deals and need to keep everything streamlined or mistakes will happen

          I know to someone not aware of our systems that no pickup seems silly, but just think of it as a condition of the transaction.

          On a related note, i recognize it is a pain all round when eBay discounts bring the price under the shop level. There is no easy way to resolve that without withdrawing from eBay discounts (as companies like officeworks, coles, etc do for same reasons). I don't want to do that, but we are considering various options to reduce the impact on locals.

  • PSUs are still cheaper at normal retail prices :/

  • My bargain sense is erect.

  • -1 vote

    that's almost PLONK of a code over there

  • $15 postage for a SD card :(

  • CA coming in hot once again as EOFY approaches!

  • Looking for a good mechanical keyboard. Any suggestions please?

    • Corsair K70.
      If it's your first mechanical keyboard, I would suggest brown.
      There're plenty of good ones out there so best to try them before you buy.

  • Looks like more UniFi purchases coming

  • Snap up a ryzen 2600x new build or wait till July 7?

    • Wait.

      • Definitely wait. The RRP's are the same, so 2600x will cost as much as 3600x come July 7. That's a 15% performance increase for $0 price difference. Unless they start selling 2600x below RRP to compensate, which they aren't doing right now.

        • Do you mean the 3600?
          3600 - $199 USD = ~$285.55 AUD
          3600X - $249 USD = ~$357.28 AUD
          but they'll probably be a bit higher in Aus.

          2600x is currently $339 at CA = $271.2 once you take 20% off.

          But yeah, better to wait a month unless you upgrade frequently or need it NOW.

    • Buy and sell the AMD game bundle.

  • Made me think of sfiv when i read plink.

  • Any good 144hz FHD Monitor? Preferably 24-27"

  • Perfect timing, been waiting for this to buy some security cameras.

  • Looks like this RTX 2080 will be $895 delivered, good deal?

  • You seem to be able to get all these at other shops for 20% cheaper….

  • Good stuff, thanks.

  • They do full tax invoice for ebay sales, right?