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Computer Alliance 20% off Storewide @ eBay


Have confirmation from store rep Adam that this promo is going ahead. Perfect to stack with Woolies eBay gift cards.

Starts 10am May 9, ends May 15. T&Cs here. Postage is $15 flat rate (not per item), or free with eBay Plus. Enjoy :)

Max discount of $1000 per transaction, max 3 transactions, up to a max 10 items per transaction.

Click the related button above to see all PCOMP deals.

Rep can’t always respond to PMs on OzBargain so queries are best sent to [email protected] or through eBay messages.

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  • Woolworths Cards Sold Out

    • They will restock quick. Don't worry. Just like the ultimate kids one, nothing left for first 3 days, then plenty available towards end of promotion. They surely have lots of stock before they put up the promotion.

    • WARNING there was a comment near the top of the woolworths ebay GC thread that ebay now use gift cards THEN apply the 10% (previously it was 20% THEN gift cards).

      I hope it's not true (and kinda doubt that it would be, although the commenter seemed to know what they were talking about)

      You could be stuck with useless GC.

  • Any good 32" gaming monitors

  • Can you stack gift cards with discount codes? Do you add the gift cards to your account before purchase?

  • +22 votes

    For those whose math was taught by PE teacher,
    It’s not 20% plus 10% off
    It’s 28% off

    • You mean 8% off after the price jack?

      • +21 votes

        You must be new here.

        • must be, CA doesn't do price jack

        • +5 votes

          WD Red 10TB has been $459 for ages, then $519 about a week ago, now $499.

          • @DisabledUser242659: Sounds like they are trying to hide a pricejack.

          • +32 votes

            @DisabledUser242659: We tend to adjust prices every time new stock comes in, and sometimes for other reasons such as when competitors change prices. The most recent change on the 10TB was actually down, though you are correct that the 10TBs are up 5-10% over prices in the prior 6 months and we do have a touch more margin on them than of usual historic level at the moment

            We sell a lot to our SME customers via our managed services division ( see ) and on average we throw in some free services associated with those sales, so don't like letting the margin drop too close to zero so we can cover that extra support. I suppose you then might expect our price to be above the very lowest available, so lets look at static ice:

            PLE have a very good list price at the moment of $435, but the more common low price is around $460. We usually swap out faulty units from our own warranty buffer stock within a few years of sale, not sure how those other companies handle warranty. Some companies are also selling above our price .

            I note 20% off $499 = $399.20.

            So at least during this deal, we seem to have a pretty good price for retail customers but there might be better deal around. Seems to me, we are competitive - and thats a product where as I explained, we are not aiming to have the best price at a retail level.

            For your interest:
            07/05/2019 $499
            28/04/2019 $509
            21/04/2019 $469
            06/04/2019 $459
            10/02/2019 $499
            11/12/2018 $469
            22/11/2018 $459
            14/11/2018 $479
            29/10/2018 $499
            19/08/2018 $519


            • +1 vote

              @Computer Alliance:

              We tend to adjust prices every time new stock comes in, and sometimes for other reasons such as when competitors change prices.

              Thanks for explanation Adam, wasn't sure what was going on with 10TB pricing. Was obviously 509 then not 519, couldn't exactly remember…

            • @Computer Alliance: Crushed it! Good reply Adam. I always throw my money your way these days. Always a good price. Always good service.

          • @DisabledUser242659: Extremely disappointed of so. ACCC should be all over this deceptive anti consumer behaviour.

        • They may not price jack the day before, but they have definitely increased there pricing of many items by 10% over the last few weeks. Things like AMD 2700X $519, was $479 recently. It is also readily available for $469 at many retailers. Asus RX580 O8G $349 was $299.

          I agree there are awesome deals to be had. However you cannot deny their prices are pretty steep compared to many other retailers prior to discount. (Getting into Futu territory)

          This is in no way me insulting the deal, most of my Hardware has come from CA during these sales, and they are a great retailer with great after service care. It’s just clear, that often during regular eBay 10% off promotions, you may get a better deal with CA, compared to when they have promotions.

        • another example, Synology DS1019+ it used to be $1049, now they make it to $11149. Price jacket is obviouse. You must be new here.

          • @sszjy: That's one hell of a price jack!

          • +19 votes

            @sszjy: Wish i could make that sort of margin!

            We listed that model at 01/04/2019 at $1048 and the only change was a increase on 28/04/2019 to $1149. We are aware that some competitors who focus on retail have a little lower price, and we are OK with that.

            We don't sell that model in volume at the moment and the most recent price change was simply an adjustment where we ordered a small number of extra units in, and takes into account competitors to our target market for that product (which not retail so much).

            Similar to the WD reds, Synology in general is not one we want to sell at tight margins, for similar reasons I have given above with the WD reds. The extra service that relates to the SME sales does cost us and that service more than offsets minor price differences to those clients. We sell a large number of NAS units above the lowest prices, and there is good reason why thats so. For those clients, we offer better overall value. If some retail clients prefer to hunt for the very best price, I understand that and fair enough.

            You might want to think then, how does a company that has a large managed Services, education, and Corporate client base, also price appropriately for customers with different needs and expectations, such as retail customers? I wonder if a eBay sale might do the job? :)

            Looks like the best prices available are around $1050:

            At $1149 less 20% = $919. Hmm, well strange that. We again seem to be competitive on a product range where we are not really interested in selling at tiny or zero margins.

            Of course every buyer needs to assess if what we have on offer today is worthwhile for them, or maybe someone else may offer a overall better deal. eg if its business critical, often lower risk and faster swapout times if you go with a similarly reputable local store, even when it may cost a few more $. Best price is not always the best deal.

            • @Computer Alliance: Posts like this are the reason I tell everyone to wait for a CA deal. Great work rep, you're a patient man dealing with the mob.

            • @Computer Alliance: I live in the local area and buy from your shop all the time. Prices are good - even if not the absolute cheapest online - and the shop is convenient (location and open hours) and staff usually pretty good. On some items you are the cheapest. Don't listen to the negative comments.

              I bought my Synology 918+ and WD reds from you guys, also my Synology 214 a few years earlier - plus a whole bunch of other stuff (MBs, CPUs, ram, cases, gfx cards, laptops, server gear).

      • +37 votes

        We don't adjust prices to suit eBay deals as such, its more the other way around. Note this deal is a 20% off where we had largely switched to 15% off deals while margins didn't allow for the heavier discount.

        It is true that our margins in the last 6 months or so are a little higher than the prior 6 months, though I know we still offer competitive value given the sales figures we continue to do and I think we offer pretty good value for our target markets (which does not mean everyone, all the time).

        I never like losing sales to competitors but its simply not realistic to always offer the best value, let alone best price (I consider value to be price + other factors like support). For example, we raised some of our Samsung SSD prices a couple of weeks ago and don't plan to buy in more large volume of Samsung in the near term. I'm sure we will again at some stage, but for now Samsung have not made it viable for us to continue selling in volume at the lowest prices, so we will switch our focus to other brands - still working on deals of very large orders at best ever prices there but not sure if we will see stock before this promotion ends.

        Some people here seem to feel we promised to always have the best price on everything and feel hard done by where we don't. I hope that impression hasn't come from me. We are not interested in that type of business model; good way to go out of business fast and we have been around for 20 years, not planning on going anywhere. We do, i think, have the best service and support and compelling value overall - especially after the 20%. A significant part of the range is at best ever prices after the 20% but of course you should check our competitors before buying - and factor or relative reputations into your decision.


      • Exactly, CA jacks up prices every 15/20% off sale,
        Check out other sells & use the generic 10% off ebay codes for better prices!

    • How do you do the calculations again?

    • Where are you getting the other 10% off from??

      • WOOLWORTH Ebay Gift Card

        • How do you get 10% off with that? The link just says $10 worth of points.

        • I can't understand it either. where to purchase the Woolworths eBay gift card to have the 10% discount? how to apply if I buy a thing is like 1125 for example, can I buy gift card worths exactly the same amount? or just get credit back?

    • For you, whom had English taught by their PE teacher: In Australia it's "maths", not "math".

      • He's from NZ. Taught by sheeps

      • For you, who had English taught by their maths teacher: It's who, not whom

        • Do you use the "him" "he" trick?

          Who(m) taught you maths?
          He taught you maths.

          Therefore who, not whom.

          Is that right? It's hard, help me?

          • @ozbjunkie: Yeah that's right, you got it! Who had English taught by their maths teacher? He did!

            • @Soapdroid: Indeed. But one must remember to place the he or him in a statement replacing the question, rather than as the answer to the question.

              Otherwise, "him" fits above.

              Btw I am a maths teacher who also does proof reading - trapped in my mediocrity in both pursuits lol.

          • @ozbjunkie: I have not heard that before. I will try to remember it.

            • @JerryB: Who will try to remember it, and who will be impressed?

              Impressed by whom? The person that remembers the rule.

              Oh it's so hard, I literally have to stop and think, I'm never going to talk that way…


                @ozbjunkie: Listen you (profanity) (profanity) (profanity) (profanity) pedants.

                I don't have (profanity) time for your (profanity) (profanity) (profanity) pedantry.

                The Phantom

        • The other thing people overuse to sound smart is "myself", which should only be used when one is already the subject of the sentence and refers to themselves a second time. Can always spot a tosser: "Graham and myself were discussing our portfolios"…

          My grandma taught me that one. Clever nan.

          • +2 votes

            @ozbjunkie: When i hear someone say "myself" i automatically insert "the narcissist" straight away.

            I find it helps clarify the situation.

    • -1 vote

      I see lots of Teacher Job-Ad's
      looking for Science & Phys Ed.

      Extrapolating from ur "Taught
      by PE" example.. that may pos-
      sibly explain AU Gov't BAN on
      on Nuclear Energy.. as France
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      Nuclear-made Electricity…

  • Damn - where was this post an hour ago when I bought a couple of CPU's? Oh well, I've still got to buy the rest of the parts, so will wait for tomorrow.
    Thanks TA!

  • I've been hanging out for another one of their sales for my new PC build. Unfortunately it seems that the prices of some components have increased recently:

    AMD Ryzen 2700x - was 489, now 519
    ASUS RTX2080 8GB ROG STRIX - was 1199, now 1289

    • Thus is the PC industry. Supplier prices change between shipments. I used to manage a computer shop. One day price will be X, order same thing again next day, it'll have gone up. Sometimes small, sometimes large. As a small business, was hard to run sales because of it, as I'd always run the risk of losing money.

      • Fair enough. I did notice that some of the components have remained the same price.

        I will probably be purchasing from them anyway because even with the increased prices they are likely the most competitive at the time, just would have been nicer to get that even bigger discount!

        • Yeah, CA is a great shop. I get as much of my stuff I can from there these days.

          Their shipping is always a day or two from QLD to here in SA.

          • +16 votes

            @BradH13: Thanks for the comments. About shipping, just to help set expectations ——

            We normally ship same or next day and small orders normally go airbag so often next day, but….

            ….our warehouse guys get destroyed during these deals, even with a lot of other staff helping out. We can't ship weekends and we have less staff able to work, so while most of us work from sunup through the small hours of the morning while the promotion is on, we still don't keep up.

            I'm expecting to get out 95% of Thursdays orders and maybe 50% of Fridays before the weekend, but then we will be behind. We won't get all weekend orders out Monday, though most should go (please don't try and cancel a order on the weekend! odds are it will be impossible to find, packed into one of many pallets waiting to ship) and we likely be 2-3 days behind orders till end end of the week.

            So, we still will be pretty quick, but please don't assume our usual overnight shipping during promotions and also note bulky orders go road freight and they can take a week or more to SA/WA etc (we are in Brisbane)

            • @Computer Alliance: Transparency is great. Keep doing what you do.

            • @Computer Alliance: Hey Adam,
              Is a monitor (23") considered a bulky order?
              I feel like it's coming by road to WA.
              Startrack 'Express' shows 10day delivery time! That's a new low for startrack to call it 'Express'!
              Kudos to your team though for shipping it within one business day of order, especially during a busy time.

              • @alterego13: Yep, Brisbane to WA is a long way.

                SSDs etc that can fit in a airbag may be overnight, but anything bigger is road. Startrack is faster than Aus Post, but usually still takes a week or more depending on where is WA. Perth is usually more like a week, anywhere else can be much longer.

                Depending on location, our cost even by road can add up, Perth at a guess for a small monitor might be $30, but regional areas can be $100 or more. Air freight costs could be more than the price of the monitor, so you can see why we don't air freight them!

  • meh laptops on here are about 20% more expensive than most stores i've been looking at some even exceeding the RRP.

    Even the Asus Zenbook Pro UX580 is $400 more than what you can get it for at Harvey Norman, which is a feat in itself (same model, specs ect).

    • yep, true, looking for a galaxy tab a 10.5 tablet, the price after discount is $359, which is more than good guys and officeworks selling , good luck finding the bargain

  • Make sure to check other stores like mwave, wireless1 before you dazzle by 20% off code, i have found computer alliance is expensive than others. Atleast for the monitors, I want to buy. Make sure you compare before buy

  • Incoming price jack comments even though they usually don't price jack.

    For real though, check the CA website and you can see that their items on eBay are usually the same prices as their own website

  • Computer Alliance have the best customer service. Amazed how quickly I receive stuff from QLD to Melbourne.

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