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FREE: First Aid Burns Module & Test @ St John Ambulance


Posted this 5 years ago, but the content has recently been updated (April 2019). Won't take you more than 10 minutes to complete, and it's a great simple refresher that may one day come in useful. Enjoy :)

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  • Is there a certificate of completion after the 10mins of training?

    • No certificate of completion - I'd still recommend it; takes under 10 minutes and could seriously help you or someone around you if you/they are ever unfortunate enough to be burned.

  • Does this cover treatment for the sick burns we see in the comments?

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    Meanwhile…..good post. Hope no one needs to put any of it into practice though.

  • Thanks TA.
    A good thing to teach to children so that they understand burns and what to do if burnt.
    It may not be extremely detailed but contains useful information.

  • What I never understand is why they say 'DON'T apply ointments, lotions or oily dressings. ONLY apply cold running water for 20 minutes'; yet all the St Johns first aid kits come with burn gels and I have no idea what to do with them as they always say don't apply ointments…

    After much research I have learn that those gels are to use if you don't have any cold running water, but it would be nice if they told you that or it at least said it on something somewhere.

    • My guess is the words 'ointment' and 'gel' are defined differently. Ointments contain oil whereas gels don't?