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Free Course - Automate The Boring Stuff with Python Programming @ Udemy


A practical programming course for office workers, academics, and administrators who want to improve their productivity.

Rated 4.6. 173,176 students.

What you'll learn

  • Automate tasks on their computer by writing simple Python programs.
  • Write programs that can do text pattern recognition with "regular expressions".
    *Programmatically generate and update Excel spreadsheets.
  • Parse PDFs and Word documents.
  • Crawl web sites and pull information from online sources.
  • Write programs that send out email notifications.
  • Use Python's debugging tools to quickly figure out bugs in your code.
  • Programmatically control the mouse and keyboard to click and type for you.

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  • Thank you!

  • wow nice one OP. I was just about to start from the free PDF version.

  • I don't code or need to code for any apparent reason, but would anyone recommend doing something like this anyway? Like is basic programming knowledge a skill that everyone should have? Will I get some sort of benefit from this that I'm not aware of?

    • If you work with a computer then it will probably help you understand a little bit more about how the computer 'does things'. Programming (especially procedural scripting like this) is also very good for logical thinking skills.

    • If you don't need it, don't worry about it. Learning a programming language takes a while and is best complimented by having work or personal projects.

    • No unless it's for pleasure.

    • You can take a course like this and start automating stuff on your computer. e.g. Previously i wrote a basic python script to read gumtree & carsales for listings matching my criteria, then send myself an email immediately once found.

      It helped me to find a good deal on a car, as you have to be very fast to get the best deals.

      • Could it be used to copy a Gumtree AD and republish it after deleting the old one, so its position is reset to the top? Reason being, as the ad ages, it falls quickly and costs money to keep it on top.

        I've often wanted to do this. Only problem I perceive is that viewers saver it as a favourite, it will drop off their list.

        • I don't think Gumtree lets this happen anymore (I used to do the same thing, then found it stopped working) - if an ad description is copied + pasted into a new ad with the same pictures, I think Gumtree just bumps you back to your original position (it doesn't put it at the top as a most recent ad)

    • It can be useful to know some 'regular expressions' though; sometimes I find them useful for bulk renaming or mass text replacing operations. Knowing Css as well can be occasionally useful even for non website develeopers.

    • Thanks so much for your replies!

  • just wat i needed.. thanx a lot

  • Don't forget cashback! Oh, wait…

    Edit: You purchased this course on Nov. 28, 2017

    Hmm. I should really get to doing these courses that were acquired on the previous deals.

    • Lol, got a similar message indicating that this was purchased on Nov 30th 2017…

      • For me: You purchased this course on Sept. 25, 2015

        And yet I'm still doing boring stuff manually (get up in the morning, brush my teeth, go to work), I might ask for a refund…wait it was free…

  • Thanks OP. Needed something like this.

  • +1 vote

    You purchased this course on Nov. 30, 2017

  • Good course. Al is a good teacher. Good materials! Enjoy

  • Purchased in 2017 :(
    Thanks though

  • As used by Dealbot?

  • Cheers OP,

    Had the PDF was yet to do, but hopefully this makes it easier / motivates me to do it.

  • One of the best tutorial you can find

  • You purchased this course on Sep. 25, 2015

  • Do you need the code?

  • Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP!

    If people could keep posting their personal stories of automation, that would be great :-D
    Always great to see how people are applying this for inspiration to try it out yourself

  • Am I the only person having a problem with the videos? It's just doing the spinning/buffering thing and not playing for me.

    • That's an example from the course: how to automate the spinner for buffering videos. Keep watching as it's very educational.

  • Programmatically control the mouse and keyboard to click and type for you.

    Should come in handy for a nap at my work desk today

  • Thanx OP, got this JIT for studies

  • Thanks op. Was going to buy this course. Free is better!