This was posted 2 years 5 months 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free 10pc McDonald's Chicken McNuggets - 10PM-2AM (Delivery Fee Applies) @ Uber Eats


Enjoy a free McDonald's Chicken McNuggets® - 10pc between 10pm AEST on 12 June to 2am AEST on 13 June during the ICC Australia vs Pakistan game. Excludes the Chicken McNuggets® - 10pc meal. Delivery fee applies.

How to redeem this offer:

Enter promo code SPINNER to your Uber Eats account
Search for ‘McDonald’s’ in the Uber Eats app between 10PM and 2AM to see if there is a participating McDonald’s® near you
Select a participating McDonald’s restaurant (if available)
Add Chicken McNuggets® - 10pc (individual item) to your cart and up to $10.10 will be deducted from your order!
Place order (delivery fee applies)


Delivery fee applies. Enter the promo code into the Uber Eats app and add Chicken McNuggets® - 10pc to your cart. Excludes Chicken McNuggets® - 10pc meal. You must enter promo code “WICKET” before placing an order. Subject to availability and McDonald’s restaurant operating hours. Limited to the first 30,000 users who enter the code on the Uber Eats app. Limited to one promotion per user. Not valid in conjunction with any other Uber Eats promo code. Valid in Australia only. Promotion ends 2am AEST on 13/06/2019.

EDIT: Seems they've just changed the code to SPINNER

Mod: Ensure you add the 10pc McNuggets from the individual items menu section (should be around $8-$9ish), adding it from the Chicken McNuggets/To Share menu section will add a meal which will not discount.

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$10-$15 credit for both referrer and referee. Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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  • +18

    Oh god here we go again.

  • +13

    I'm sure my local store will magically close at 10pm

    • +2

      or the 10 nuggets is greyed out and can't select it lol

    • +4

      And reopens at 2am.

  • +9

    A sensible take:

  • So code is only valid for 10pc chicken mcnuggets?

    • +3

      Will work with anything but basically takes $10.10 off the order

      • +5

        Ah sweet, one apple pie for me then.

      • Turns out not anything - you gotta have that 10 nuggets and/or add anything else; $10.10 will be deducted from the total

  • +2

    Yes, I am sure this will work. Went so well last time.

  • I'll actually be surprised if they honour this deal.

  • Free food! Just hope it works…

  • +14

    nugget machine is broken

  • I wonder if the stores know about this one this time. They were blindsided last time.

  • +1

    300k nuggets

  • +12

    Use code: SPINNER in "Promotions" tab for $10.10 off your order.

    • That works :)

    • I just tried this one and it worked!

    • I thought you were joking. It worked.

    • Your a bloody legend

    • +1

      Only works on nuggets :(

  • It's the lack of Ubereats drivers that may be an issue this evening. Lots of orders and not enough drivers (Chadstone)
    Don't get your hopes up! Just fingers crossed

    • +1

      They don't give us any notice about these promotions, I'm a UE driver and only found out about this on here.

    • +1

      they got their permanent residency and better jobs.

  • +3

    It is easier to read +Delivery rather than deliver fee applies.

  • I couldn't even open the Uber app last time! No chance.

  • I received a credit to the value of 5.95 for delivery from uber from the last Maccas deal as the driver never delivered my order.
    When I go to do a new order the credits box is ticked but it is not deducting from the total at the bottom, will it be deducted after I order? Anyone know what the go is with credits?

    • Yes, it’ll be deducted after. They credited me too and I wasn’t charged.

  • +3

    Hmm decent, but dunno if I can justify $5.20 for 10 nuggets. Come on McDonalds, man up and try the $20 off again and see if you can do it!

  • +2

    My 10 piece is coming to $8.80 + -$10.10 = $4.65 payable.

    I tried adding non-nuggets to the order, it didn't apply the discount. Worth a try lol, also doesn't work for 20pc nuggets either.

  • Code is working now for me. My order is $8.80 for 10 nuggets, $3.95 for delivery - $10.10 for a total of $2.65. Pretty good for 10 nuggets.

    • Got my order too, took less than 10mins (I live right next to McDonalds). Easy delivery for the Ubereats person.

      I thought I'd post some more information to help narrow down why it's working for me.
      I ordered Ubereats from website, not from app.
      I live in QLD.

      • Didn't work on website (or app) for me with 10pc chicken nuggets, in Brisbane. Code not started.

  • Working for me now also!

  • +3

    Nope not working on my account. Doesn't actually apply at the very end of checking out

    • +4


      • +3

        same. anyone figure out whats going on ? just says "no promotion applied"

    • the promo strictly applies for orders with 10pc chicken nuggets, so it won't work on anything else other than that (however, you can add other items on top of the chicken nuggets and promo will still be applied)

      • +1

        Nah tried every which way. Uber confirmed that it's 10pm. People might just get lucky with theirs

        • oh, it was working for me before.. haven't placed an order yet and now it seems like ubereats removed the promo code..

  • +1

    my code just expired, weird.

    • same my code just went expired as i was trying to do the order? anyone else having this problem

    • Most likely because the Code was working before it was meant to be working, I got lucky and just did it 5 minutes ago

  • +7

    My promo code disappeared… now when I try to add again it says you've already applied this promo code.

  • +3

    So pay $6.99 for something worth $7.90.

  • +2

    Promotion cannot be applied because it has not started.

  • +1

    Only saving of $3 for me.

  • +2

    It's not "free" if you have to pay $5 delivery.

    • It's free delivery at best.

      • Damn was hoping for a free meal like last time..

    • +1

      $6.95 delivery here. I think I'll pass

      • $7.99 for me… and the store is a 2 minute drive.

  • Is the delivery fees in Perth higher?

    I live like 200m from the macca (driving) and I am being charged $6.95. generally it's opposite if you cross the street.

    • +1

      Uber's method of delivery prices is weird. For some reason, my sisters Uber account gets charged more for delivery compared to me. $8 vs $5, same location. Another instance being charged $2.50 for a 10min trip at my workplace compared to being charged $5 for fish n chips, which would be a 2 min walk from my home.

    • My nearest is an out 500m away and delivery is $4.95 for me in Brisbane

    • Yes, I remember ordering in Sydney and it was $5… Here in Perth its $6.95.

  • +1

    $4 for 10 nuggets is too rich for my cold Ozbargain blood.

    • Same. This will cost me $4.20. Not sure if this is worth it…

  • +3

    Mine just expired and I can't add it again. It's my fault for adding it early despite knowing it was for 10pm, but you would think they'd have got this shit worked out by now and not actually release it early.

  • -3

    Enter promo code WICKET to your Uber Eats account

    • “Promotion code is not valid”

  • -1

    $7 delivery fee when the store is 5min drive at best away wow uber such value.

    • Would you pick up maccas for someone and deliver it to their place for less than $7?

      • +1

        If you do it enough times, yeah of course?

  • Mine says expired without ever ordering

    • Same

  • My app doesn't show any McD in search result even tho we have atleast 3-4 McD within 3-4kms.
    Anyone facing same issue?

    • Same but it’s been like this forever.

  • Does ubereats verify via mobile number?

    • On sign up, yes

  • +1

    Going to apply code and not order anything so I can get the apology code. :D

  • +1

    Added the code a few hours ago, now it says the code has expired. Tried to add the code again and it says “oops, you’ve already applied this promotion”.
    Wtf UberEats?

    • same

      • Same. But the discount added itself back after 10pm. Was able to successfully order

  • Mine says expired without ever ordering

  • mine says hasnt start yet, just realised its only 9pm aest

  • Is it just me or have Macca's nuggets changed in the last month or so? They used to be solid chunks of chicken breast, now they seem like spongey clumps of shredded chicken in batter…

    • Mechanically separated, formed chicken.


    • Just wait till it reaches what i like to call "bubble chicken" level of processed.

  • Mine says the promo hasn’t started yet. I guess it’s only 9pm but how is it working for everyone else?

  • Any free delivery codes?

    • Codes won’t stack

  • +1

    Delivery fee $5.95. Sorry no thanks.

  • Let's hope they don't (profanity) this up

  • Is the code WICKET or SPINNER?

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