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[PS4] DualShock 4 Controller $44.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Spotted in the Canberra store, DualShock 4 controllers at $44.99.

A saving of $20 on their standard price and a little bit cheaper than the current $49 days of play deals elsewhere.

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  • Plenty of stock at the North Lakes store for anyone in North Brisbane.

  • Does Costco stock Sunset Orange?

    • Afaik Docklands had Red, White, Blue, Black and Camo.

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      Obviously this would be good if you already had a membership, you wouldn't buy a membership for this one deal

      • But membership, but controller. Refund membership the next day

  • Trying to get rid of all the stock, isn't the PS5 getting announced next year?

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      Yes but the PS4 isn't going anywhere for a long time after selling over 100 million consoles if the PS3 is any guide.

  • Ps5 is on the way.

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      Most likely a year away still.

      • Its still a little odd that there seems to be a pretty big demand for a controller of a nearly 6 year old console.

        • Unfortunately they aren't flawless or invincable. I've only had to change mine once since original release but I guess if you're careless it could be more often.

          • @F-22: I'm pretty careless and i've had mine since release.. I get your point though.

            • @Bigburper: You haven't had the rubber wear off and the joystick sticking yet? Mine was still working but i chose to buy a new one anyway. I guess it depends how fussy you are too.

              • @F-22: No, it's perfectly fine. Except for the battery I guess..

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    Imagine if these controllers were compatible with the PS5!

    • Wouldn’t surprise to be honest. DS4 are my favourite controllers this gen.

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      They should be, XB1 controllers will be compatible with the Scarlett apparently.

      That's the beauty of bluetooth.

  • These might actually be a good buy if you have a Switch and a 8BitDo Wireless USB Adapter. $45 controller + $20 adaptor is almost same price as the Switch Pro Controller. Plus you can also use the DS4 on PC with the same adaptor.

    • You then won't have gyro controls, NFC etc, and the Pro controller already works on PC.

      • DS4 does have motion support / gyro controls with the 8BitDo adaptor

        Here it is in action

        The NFC is for the Amiibo registering so it's not an important feature. Considering I already have the 8BitDo adaptor, it's a no brainer for me which one to get.

        • I bought a knock off 8bitdo adapter for $10 and works perfectly with the switch

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