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PSVR Mega Bundle $296.95 Shipped @ Amazon AU


Amazon AU seems to finally be stocking the PSVR Mega Bundle and has matched the Big W Days of Play sale price (actually slightly better - and don't forget Cash Rewards).

Bundle is incredible value and comes with 5 games…
- Skyrim VR
- Doom VFR
- Astrobot Rescue Mission
- PlayStation VR Worlds
- Wipeout Omega Collection

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +42

    Girlfriend said no. I'm sad…

    But drunk too… Consequence seems acceptable in my mind right now

    • +13

      Drunk… it’s Wednesday night… nice.

    • Just Buy it and hide it underneath your bed. Only play it when your gf is not around.

      • +15

        She has something just like that…

    • "It's easier to beg for forgiveness than beg for permission."

    • -1

      That’s strange… she said yes to everyone else

  • good price? will it get cheaper? how's the PSVR resolution?

    • +1

      Sales seem a bit constant and good lately, even before financial year savings. Feels to me an upgrade might be in the mix.

      I've only played with the HTC vibe so far, and while nice (and far better than this) the resolution was still low enough to ruin the immersion a bit.

      I imagine this will be a far bit worse

      • +7

        The specials are for the annual Days of Play sale to coincide with E3. The PSVR will work with PS5 so an upgrade anytime soon is unlikely.

        • That's great to know. Thanks

        • +1

          But they'll release an updated PSVR for PS5 I'm guessing with better resolution?

          • +1

            @cyrax83: Hope so. Psvr motion sickness is real. I don't get motion sickness from anything else

          • @cyrax83: Possibly. But I wouldn't hold my breath. Sony's quite slack about peripherals. The current Move controllers are essentially unchanged from PS3, other than replacing the ancient mini USB ports.

      • +3

        I've used a vive pro, which made me buy a psvr. At first I missed the room scale but none of that seems important now. Don't regret it at all, resolution is fine, psvr has an awesome selection of games.

    • +4

      You can get the headset cheaper at the moment but the games included with this bundle are well worth the extra 50 bucks or so.

      I haven't used the Oculus or Vive so can't really compare but the resolution seems fine to me.

      • oculus feels like it has better resolution

    • +1

      Psvr 1920x1080 120hz, vibe 2160x1200 90hz. Might not be too bad honestly

      • +1

        PSVR is a single screen for both eyes while Vive is a screen per eye.

        The Vive is a lot better but it's also a lot more expensive.

    • +2

      how's the PSVR resolution?

      It looks fine. It's good enough that you won't be thinking about it and will instead be immersed in the world and enjoying the game. Its SDE is barely noticeable. Vive and Occulus are a lot worse. You won't be able to stop noticing the screen door.

      Another cool thing you can do with it is watch movies on your PS4 either from Bluray or USB stick. And you can even watch 3D blu-rays.

      • How do the 3D Blu-ray’s look on the PSVR?

        I have never tried the PSVR before and would love to as I get motion sickness from first person games so I’m guessing this would be the same or even worse.

        • +1

          They look really good.

          It simulates a cinema screen, so the view is very big. And I don't get cross talk watching 3D Blurays. With my Samsung 3D TV, I do get double images sometimes (this is called cross talk).

          The resolution is not going to be as sharp as looking at a real TV, but it will look bigger as if you're sitting very close to it. You quickly tune out the shortcomings in the resolution and just enjoy the film.

          • @lostn: Sounds good

            I remember trying the Sony headset that was just for watching movies and it was great

    • +1

      how's the PSVR resolution?

      It's really inconsequential. Unless you're a real stickler for screen resolutions, you can totally become immersed with the PSVR. I have pretty decent eyesight and I've no issues with the resolution. Not as good as the more expensive devices, absolutely - but it's sh&ttones cheaper and more accessible. The Astrobot Rescue Mission is a fantastic game, by far my favourite and worth the money; VR Worlds is a bit of fun as an introductory to PSVR.

      • +3


        Astro Bot is not just the best VR game, it's probably the best platformer this generation. I didn't think a third person platformer was going to be a good idea in VR, but I was wrong. It is incredibly innovative and fun. And the graphics look amazing. You'll be looking all around you, as well as up and down, fully immersed in the world. The bosses are incredible looking in VR.

        This would be my showcase if people come over. And it is proof that a game doesn't have to be first person in VR. I was previously skeptical about any game that's third person in VR, but this game and Moss have proven me wrong. And I'm happy to be wrong.

    • +2

      I'm surprised no one mentioned the latest Oculus Quest that just came out last month. I tried PSVR and now the Oculus Quest and found significant improvement in VR experience:
      - 360 degrees freedom instead of 180 degrees so doesn't need to use the controllers to turn - less headache
      - Truly wireless freedom - no wires tangling when turning around
      - Higher resolution - though there's still screen door effect, the clarity is significant
      - Can play anywhere, doesn't need to be in the game room
      - Room scale tracking without the need to install external sensors like the vive
      - I hate it when the PSVR loses tracking when I am slightly out of sight of the PS camera, Quest doesn't have this issue!
      - Built in speakers - don't need to use ear piece
      - Comes with Touch controllers unlike the PSVR where you need to buy the Move controllers separately

      - Less games but their being added by the day
      - More expensive - bought it for $649 in Amazon AU (AU stock shipped from NSW) but as it is standalone doesn't need a PC/PS it's actually a cheaper package (though the PS4 + PSVR combo is cheaper now with all the deals)
      - No controllers like the PS Aim Controller which is superb for shooting games

      Now I only use the PSVR to play PS exclusive games like blood and truth and Astrobot :) But for those new to VR I highly recommend Oculus Quest

      • +2
        • 360 degrees freedom instead of 180 degrees so doesn't need to use the controllers to turn - less headache

        There is definitely 360 freedom in PSVR. I do it in Astrobot. The headset has lights on the back so it can still track you. It will be difficult to use motion controllers when your back is turned to the camera though because your body will block the lights. It would only be good for dual shock games.

        Another drawback to the Quest is that its hardware is built in. When that hardware becomes obsolete, you can't upgrade it. You have to replace the entire headset. If you get a Gear VR, it uses your phone. When you get a new phone, you can just use your new one, not have to replace the whole thing.

        Occulus and Valve are also not making a whole lot of VR games, so the exclusives aren't there. Sony owns game studios so they will actually make games for their platform. Valve is reportedly a game developer too, but the only game they've made since Dota2 (2012?) is some trading card game a year ago that flopped. The best software support will be on PSVR.

        • Yup as an owner of both just want to share my experiences with them, and the Quest is really promising as it addresses many issues in VR before it.

          Cheers :)

    • Have both Psvr and Oculus Rift psvr resolution no where near Rift but on the same token Psvr is not to bad.

      Nice games on both.

      As for the Rift/Vive need a decent setup PC to get the most out of it.

      Wich will set you back more then the PS4 pro and Psvr put together and that's just for the setup.

      Not sure about new Oculus though.

    • Resolution isn't the best but it's helped by the subpixel count - you won't get as bad a screen-door effect (separation between pixels) as the Vive. Own PSVR and tried the Vive a few times.

  • But you need the move controllers to get the most of this, and I haven't seen any decent deals on this in a while

    • +2

      I think they're 99 at Big W right now but none of the games bundled need the move controllers

    • I'm not quite so sure you do - I guess it depends on the games. I use the DS4 a lot, to be honest.

      • Some games require it.

  • +3

    Pretty good deal but I'm still going to wait for Black Friday.

    • +5

      Should be way cheaper Black Friday 2021 : )

  • +11

    I bought it from Big W. Would have bought from these guys if it looked like they were going to stock it.

    Anyway, I'm very happy with it.

    Astro Bot is an incredibly charming platformer and very innovative. Probably the best VR game out there.

    VR worlds and Wipeout gives me motion sickness. I didn't bother with Skyrim and Doom because I've played them before.

    But I have bought other VR titles. Moss is another really good one if you like Astro Bot. The Battlefront VR Mission is really really cool. I wish they made an entire game on this. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. But EA being EA there's not enough of an addressable market for them to consider it worth doing.

    I have tried on Oculus and Vive before, and the screen dooring effect is least noticeable on PSVR surprisingly. The other two even with a higher resolution screen, the SDE is much more noticeable and harder to ignore. It's quite distracting actually. I was expecting it to be even worse on PSVR but it's actually very very minimal and easily tuned out.

    • Thank you for your informative post!

      • +2

        I posted even more thoughts here including negatives. I sound negative, but overall I am very happy with it. I just can't play some types of games due to motion sickness. I've gotten used to or worked around some of my gripes.

        Another game I tried is Driveclub VR. I do not recommend this game. It feels more like a demo than a game.

        I also bought Superhot VR but can't play it because it requires move controllers. Didn't realize that before I bought it.

        • how bad is motion sickness compared to the kind we experience when playing FPS (not VR)?

          is it the same vomit feeling in the stomach?

          • @pinkybrain:

            how bad is motion sickness compared to the kind we experience when playing FPS (not VR)?

            Worse. I can last longer in an FPS, and depending on the game, sometimes no motion sickness at all.

            is it the same vomit feeling in the stomach?

            Yes. But for me, I notice it early and immediately stop playing before it can get to that stage. As soon as I feel the slightest oncoming of motion sickness I stop before it gets serious.

            Some games are bad, some games don't have that problem. If it's a third person game, I don't get motion sickness. If it's first person and the camera changes as you move, that's when it's hard. Although I will add that the Battlefront VR mission is a cockpit game and I had no problems there. A very good game if you own BF. I got it for $5 on some flash sale. The VR mission itself is free.

            Any first person shooter with head bobbing when you move, is going to be bad if you're someone prone to motion sickness when playing non-VR FPS.

            • @lostn: My motion sickness makes me dizzy and light headed

              I get this when playing First Person games so I’m guessing PSVR would be worse.

              I have never tried it so o don’t know

              • @Twisty: I get both. I feel it in my head like you, but also feel it in my stomache.

                I just tried the Rez Infinite demo. Not good. Started out well for the first 5 minutes, but when you make turns, the motion sickness kicks in.

                I think if you stick to seated experiences in third person, you'll be fine.

    • +2

      just fyi, the doom vr game is not the same game as the non-vr doom. unless you meant you've played doom vr elsewhere already.

      • I did not know that. May have to check it out then.

        Is the VR just a short mission or is it like a full game?

        • not played it myself but said to be a 4-5 hour campaign similar to the other doom; it uses many of the same assets and there's some overlap in story. point is - you have a new game! hah

          • @bront: Doom is like 3 hours on normal. Double that if you want 100% it.

            It's its own smaller game and I was really sad when it was over. Worth the playtime

    • Blood and Truth has been pretty good so far - I'm only about idk 1/3 through (hard to find the time) but it's been a really cool experience.

  • +1

    time to impulse buy! please call the missing person number if I don't post anymore after this post.. Thanks

  • Missed out on the sale last year, but this is quite a good price with the games included as well!

    • Just remember the games are downloadable only, no discs.

      • +3

        This works out better.

        You don't want to be changing discs a lot, and VR is designed for short experiences moving between games, not playing one game for hours at a time. If you have to change discs, that's hard to do with the headset on because you're blind. You can take it off, but then you have to re-find the "sweet spot". Every time you put it on, you have to calibrate the strap and goggle distance until you get it to look as sharp as possible.

        • +4

          no this is not better

          discs allow us to resell it, codes are not easy to sell and can't be resold once we claim it.

          • +3

            @pinkybrain: If you're buying it with the intention to sell it later, then yes I agree. They are cheap enough games that I don't think you would get much for them unless you sell them early.

            If you're buying them to play them, it's much more convenient to not have to change discs when you have a headset on you.

            I don't sell my games, so really don't care. But the option to do so is appreciated.

            • @lostn: yeah i would have prefer the disk,
              since once you finished a game (some are really short) you can sell it
              or if you don't like the games you can sell all..
              which then means you bought the headset for much less..

              I think some games do still keep their value though
              like the skyrim, doom, etc..
              and you can sell to people who only bought the headset
              or trade it in for something else.

              I think the minor changing of disks is not that big of a deal for the benefit of being able resale
              you can also ask someone to change the disk for you if you don't want to take off the headset.

              Anyways I don't like how the games nowadays are just voucher codes
              and no actual disks…
              this benefits the company more than us, since they have no extra cost for the disk
              and we can't resell the games, so they can make more sales (since there will be less of these games on the second hand market)

              • @pinkybrain: I buy both digital and disc games.

                I prefer discs for full priced games, for the cheaper ones like these with small downloads I prefer digital.

                I used to go disc exclusively.

                So the habits I observe of myself is, when I have a disc in the drive, I will play that disc until I finish it before I play another disc based game. I find myself being too lazy to change discs and change them back. And once I'm done with the game, I put it away and never insert it ever again. Pretty much done.

                When I play digital games, I find myself switching between games more often and not playing one game until the end before trying another.

                It's not hard to swap discs. But choiced between small effort and no effort, I tend to just go the no-effort route.

            • @lostn: I buy discs to play AND resell.

  • I'm way out of touch - but do you need a PS4 to use it?

  • I'm very interested in the PSVR and playing games like Superhot. Do you have to buy separate controllers for these VR games?

    Edit: from what I've read, you can play (most if not all) the games with the regular PS4 controller. Then my next question is, how much better is the experience with the motion controls or even that motion gun?

    • +1

      Superhot requires Move controllers. I made the mistake of buying it without knowing that. It's 50% off on the US store right now which is why I bought it on impulse.

      I aim controller (motion gun) I've heard is really good. But it's expensive and requires a move controller to go with it. Eh..

      A twin pack of Move controllers is $100+. That's highway robbery considering the tech inside it.

      If you add up all the accessories it could become a very expensive hobby even though this headset deal is a bargain.

      • Thanks for the reply. Yeah, might need to look for 2nd hand controllers or something…

      • +1

        Aim Controller does not require or even use a move controller, mate. I got one.

        • Oh?

          Thank you for the correction then. It looked like a move controller inserted into a casing like with Wii accessory. That's what I assumed it was.

          It's still expensive though.

          • @lostn: I've barely used mine, to be honest - I got it for Firewall and I had a horrible experiences with the game. Really didn't like it, so the controller has been basically unused since then, lol

            • @ThithLord: Don't worry Sniper Elite just got announced at E3

              • @Nalar: I won't hold my breath! But it could be promising

          • @lostn: That's what I thought before I got a PSVR but it has its own weird little globe thingy.

    • Checkout 'Pistol Whip' coming soon also. Like a music game combined with an fps. Looks like it should be a lot of fun.

  • Wow, that's a really awesome deal.

  • This is a great bundle. These are top tier games too, with Astrobot the best out of this bundle imo. Heard Doom vr isnt great though.

  • RE 7 is supposed to be quite good on PS VR

  • +5

    Surely if the price is within $2-3 of Big W wouldn't you want to buy it from them to support Australian business, support those who lead on price cuts and be able to get it straight away?

    • If anyone stocked up Ebay cards cheapest is EB games Ebay $303 using 10% code less 10 % with the cards = $273

    • If you don't care about cashrewards, Big W is hands down cheaper. Go to cashrewards and buy up 5% off wish gift cards.

      • Shame Big W Ebay didn't have them , would been another 10% off price above :)

  • Is this version 2 or 1?

    • +1

      Since this bundle came out Dec 2018, I reckon it would be Ver 2

    • It's V2.

  • For anyone in Perth there's a local guy selling these for 225 and the days of play limited edition console with 5 games for 300

  • For anyone in Perth there's a local guy selling these for 225 and the days of play limited edition console with 5 games for 300

  • Jb-hifi in Melbourne central price matched this to me for $296

  • Damn this is a good price. I paid the same price only got VR worlds and GT6. This bundle heaps better

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