[Pre-Order] [PS4, XB1, Switch] Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled $48 @ JB Hi-Fi


Cheap price for a new game. This version is a combination of most of the tracks from both ctr1 and the ctr sequel plus new content as well as ongoing support with new characters / skins / map.

E3 presentation looked really good. Has grand prix challenges to unlock maps and characters. Spyro will be playable.

Mod Edit: XB1 and Switch (Thanks CartoonPizza). Deal available at Amazon

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi


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    The Xbox and Switch versions are $48 as well.

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    My body is ready.


    Does this really have bonus DLC or is it just the same?



    Can you price match a pre-order at EB? I want to use a gift card.

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    Price Matched on Amazon


    Put in a preorder at jb today. Confused as heck from the clueless register staff. Took my $10 deposit. Asked how the preorder works given im 2 days before fri release if i dont make the cut. They scanned it in and it was $69 retail and they said thats price. Which i queried and got no straight answer except the price on the day may be different? So like am i actually guaranteed to pay the remaining $38 on fri?? If i dont get a preorder in time i asked what happens say its the following monday and they said they'll haveto talk and work out with games guy as it wont be preorder day price.

    Confused as heck. Surely even if i didnt make fridays pre order cut id i paid for a preorder and it comes on monday instead the preorder price should apply? Is the counter price simply a retail sale price and to ignore it??

    Also all they took was my deposit and name. No phone number whereas online orders and friends said they get a sms when ready. Will they just put one aside to match pre orders on friday?? Or actually order in more in time fpr friday. Just confused how their system works.

    Wondering if i shoulda gone to eb games and gottenna price match instead.


      when you collect the pre-order they will scan the item out.. it will scan at the lower price and you will pay the $38 balance

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