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[PS4] Razer Raiju Ultimate Controller $239.20 Shipped @ Treasure PC eBay


Price dropped $48 overnight. Historic low price for this controller plus according to the listing it's the RZ06-02600300 model.

RZ06-02600300 is the 2019 hardware refresh and can be updated to the current 1.05 firmware.

The original Raiju Ultimates (RZ06-02600100) had widespread stick drift problems and can only be updated to 1.03.

JB-Hifi is currently selling the old RZ06-02600100 model on sale for $279.

This seems to be the only place to get the current RZ06-02600300 model from in AU (outside of Razer store for $349 but it's out of stock).

I bought the an Ultimate from JB last week and can confirm the old RZ06-02600100 model has problems. My right stick drifted and intermittently froze when aiming.

Contacted Razer about it, they gave me a statement saying the controller was a dud and I got a refund from JB within a few hours of purchase.

I'm telling you this on the off-chance you get a dud from Treasure PC you know you can return it (plus postage).

Original 20% off 60 Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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    Wow, you gamers have too much money!

    • +5

      The upfront cost seems high but if you weigh it against recreational time at the pub, going to the movies etc. etc., over time it's not too bad.

      If you bust your controllers often then yeah go for the current $48 DS4 sale.

      • What if you weight it against a stock standard controlley at 1/5th the price?

        • You can't direct compare the two because the Raiju offers additional features.

          I've modified my DS4 with KF grips and stick extenders (~$40 all up) but can't change the overall feel of the controller, mech buttons or trigger stops and hair trigger mode.

          There's some battle thing you can get from JB for ~$70 that adds back buttons to a DS4 (and disables wireless) but that's it.

          The extra features the Raiju offers are geared towards FPS games. If you don't feel the extra features are worth it, stick to the DS4.

          I don't mind spending $200+ on a controller because I only really play FPS games and I know I'm going to get hundreds of hours of use over the years.

          PS5 is still ~14-16 months out.

    • +5

      Wait until you see what some gamers pay for a high-end PC.

      • +2

        So true, but arguably the high-end PCs can do more than gaming. Think about all the hours you'd save from having a blistering fast machine that opens your applications 3 seconds quicker than before. Or that it can multitask better than before.

        I feel like the demons you're referring to here for the gamers are more of the RGB peripherals. I still can't come to terms with the price of some them.

        • +4

          Rgb peripherals make me chuckle. Such a huge unnecessary cost, and often a distraction. I prefer to go for excessive cooling while being as silent as possible. Shit, I'm half considering creating a heat sink that runs all the way to my hot water system, and let it heat the water.

          Uhh… What am I taking about…

          • +1

            @Salmando: Getting off topic, but that reminds me of this series of LinusTechTips videos.

            I agree, it's actually a great idea. It will passively warm the water and the water heater unit can deal with the difference, but you'd need to keep your computer on year round to be effective. The pumps will knock you back a bit on the silent part though… and then maintenance cost. $_$

            • @hououin kyouma: Hmm that video seems a little excessive for my needs.
              Honestly, my best solution might just be to get some big, fast, loud fans, and dump the whole computer outside, drill a hole through the wall, shove the cables through and call the wall my 'passive noise cancellation'. Can't remember the last time I actually needed to touch the tower, so night not be the worst thing I've ever thought of

    • +1

      That’s because we don’t have wives or girlfriends. Non imaginary ones, anyway.

  • What's the Razor got over the original for the big price difference?

    • Rainbows

  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with the DS4. To be honest, the DS4 is the best controller I have ever used on any console.

    • Yeah how they can do this for $50 is amazing. MIne have been thrown around and still work 100%…

    • +1

      I prefer Xbox Controllers to PlayStation. But nothing can beat a mouse and keyboard.

    • +2

      Tbh the Switch pro controller wins for me. Battery lasts forever, USB C, nice big face buttons etc.

    • GameCube controller gets my vote. Remake it to have actual dual control sticks and I'll hold that baby all night.

      Ps4 controller is nice though, lacks the weird awkward bulk of the Xbox controllers and feels nice for large hands.

  • +4

    For those asking about the price…

    The Raiju has

    -four extra buttons (two on top and two behind), so you don't have to take your thumbs off the sticks when using DPAD or X O triangle square

    -raised sticks (precision aiming at longer distances), I can't use a regular DS4 without KontrolFreeks so this is a must

    -is slightly bigger than the DS4, which was designed for Japanese child size hands

    -trigger stops and hair trigger mode, less travel time on trigger pull and faster response (good for semi-auto weapons)

    -grippy surface on back of controller

    -mechanical buttons (think mouse clicks), DS4 has the silicon remote controller buttons

    I immediately turned the LED lighting off the one I had last week but it's there if anyone wants it. You can set it to react to game stuff or do the usual cringe RGB effects.

    All that's either worth the extra to you or not. All good.

    Obvs this isn't for someone who plays Fortnite or Apex 1-2 hours a week.

  • A wise purchase…

  • Does it make dinner and do the dishes as well?

  • +1

    I'll make do with the standard DS4. I'm a big guy with big hands but a $200+ controller is just money that is better spent elsewhere. This is coming from someone who used to regularly shell out $200-$400 on arcade sticks for Street Fighter 4.

  • I Like the look and features but damn, that's a lot of money to pay for a game stick. Like the old adage: Da Original is Best. The DS4 rules them all.

  • +1

    $279 for widespread stickdrift in the original… ouch

    • +1

      The original was $349. No idea what Razer Q&A were doing but it was so bad they issued a public apology:


      Note that apology doesn't address stick drift problems, only wireless lag.

      They eventually had to change hardware inside the controller and issue a refresh (new model). That was like back in Jan 2019.

      JB Hifi are still selling the borked original model and there are no other AU retailers.

      • They probably skimped on/skipped the durability testing to rush into the markets. Or they worked out that it's less expensive to do that.

  • +1

    Compatible with ps5? Guess no? Then it is gonna be a piece of plastic shit in 1 year.

    • +1

      Widespread PS4 adoption took ~2-3 years after release. They were still making AAA games for PS3 ~2 years after the PS4 came out.

      Worst case there'll still be a second hand market if you're an early PS5 adopter.

      That and we're still over a year away from PS5 next year.

      You sound new to tech. New "shit" is always coming out so why buy anything?