This was posted 2 years 7 months 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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LIFX Buy 2, Get 1 Free - 100mm Downlight $199.98, A60 $179.98, All Products (Delivered) @ LIFX


Similar deal as the past, however this time it is smaller quantity to get the offer (was buy 4 get 2 free previously). Though still not as good as the B2G2 offer.

How to get the deal
1. Add 3 or more products to your cart
2. Go to checkout
3. Enter your discount code

Item RRP Per Item Total (for 3)
LIFX A60 $89.99 $59.99 $179.98
Z LED Strip $129.99 $86.66 $259.98
100mm Downlight $99.99 $66.66 $199.98
GU10 Downlight $84.99 $56.66 $169.98
Mini Colour $69.99 $46.66 $139.98
Mini White $34.99 $23.33 $69.98

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  • +3

    Still expensive :-/

  • OP: Can be used with sign up offer promo code 'WELCOME15AU' for an additional 15% Edit: sorry can that

  • Do the security lights ever go on sale?

  • +1

    thanks, got some. These are pretty much the best lights out there

  • -2

    Yeelight will do the similar job and cheaper? And deal recently?

  • My LIFX lights reset with every fifth switch off. Then they need to be re-paired. Anyone else faces this issue ?
    Annoying at best - how do we best go about this ?

    • +3

      Contact support. I've had another issue in the past and they are very quick to resolve, in my case they just sent a new one out.

    • Doesn't sound like they're operating correctly, never had an issue like that with my Lifx bulbs.

    • The procedure for resetting the light is to power cycle the light 5 times slowly.

      If you are switching the light off and on 5 times within 10 seconds this is the expected behaviour.

      If it's happening over days then something is not right. Check the app and make sure you are on the latest firmware for each light.

      • yes I know the resetting process. My problem occurs over several days. Someone in the family trips power inadvertently.

        • Do you have kids that may be flicking the light on and off?

          If not, check the firmware is the latest for each light.

  • Warning! Have 4 lights 2 whites and 2 original colour. One of my colours recently died after a couple of years minimal use, was in the box most of that time. LIFX basically said to bad warranty is only 2 years why dont you just buy another here is a 30% code.

    I responded citing the ACL and their advertising of 20+ year LED life and am yet to hear anything in response.

    TLDR: expensive, unreliable, poor support.

    On a different note…I rarely use the functionality of the other three lights. First reason is that leaving the light switch on and turning the light on or off via wifi or voice isnt family friendly, people just end up using the switch. Second is that there isnt any reason to run alternate colours except very occasionally with the kids for fun. Having a young child in the main bedroom means voice control via google home isnt possible at night when it could have been semi useful.

    TLDR: lights are gimmicky, not many practical use for all the functions

    • If you had sensors it'd assist with your child-in-room situation…

    • How about leave old cheap phones with preset widgets to the wall each room

      The Philips let me add to the android

  • I got 2 and LOVE them! the app makes it even better. I got Yeelight too but prefer LIFX

  • I wonder if b2g2 coming soon lol

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