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OnePlus 7 Pro Mirror Grey 6GB/128GB $908 Delivered @ Eclipse eStore eBay


The new one month old flagship from OnePlus, a very good price that cant be found anywhere else. Already bought one for myself.

Original 10% off Eligible Items on eBay Deal Post

Edit: Price has been increased… :(

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  • +1

    many quality problems and faulty reported by chinese customers

    • +22

      Many qualify problems with your typing.

      • -3

        Many quality problems with your typing as well.

        • +1


          • @aja12: Many quality problens with your typing

    • +8

      All the issues (Camera, accident death - which was fixable and ghost touch) were fixed with the latest update they pushed out. The phone is extremely nice. Also 1 year aus warranty from this seller.

      • accident death

        Resurrecting the dead, do you mean?

        • only the accidental dead

      • How about that untouchable corner?

  • Anyone used a OnePlus with galaxy watch?

    Do you lose anything over having a note 9 that I currently have?

    Only thing stopping me from taking the jump.

    • You need to watch out power saver settings to make sure galaxy watch plug won’t be killed by ram free.

      • I thought it had about 10 gb ram, still killing apps in background is unacceptable even in power saving mode.

        Edit- sorry just realized is 6gb ram. Hmmm

    • Only thing I can think of is Gpay/Samsung pay incompatibility.

    • +2

      All Galaxy Watch functionalities used to work on the old OnePlus 6/6T including samsung pay so i assume theres no reason to assume otherwise.

    • I do recall coming across a review which mentions some functions wont work. Youd have to find it yourself. I think accessing your texts from your watch is one of them.

      They were mostly stuff i wouldnt use anyway

  • Still deciding between this and the very similar K20 Pro.

    • +2

      Is the K20 Pro available to buy yet? I'd choose that over this simply for the fact it has a headphone jack, if that doesn't matter though then I'd go OP7 Pro

    • +8

      oxygenOS is a lot better than miui and oneplus usually has better gcam ports

    • I have the Pocofone F1, and read/watched a bunch of reviews on both the k20 and oneplus.
      The few things that make the OP7 Pro a better is:
      - Camera is a lot better after the recent update.
      - 90hz screen is a big difference if you've experienced higher refresh rate before (e.g. I use a 144hz monitor for gaming and 60 seems a bit sluggish to me now)
      - stock android
      - is know to be the fastest android phone out there, but any with the SD855 should be fast anyways.
      Decisions, decisions.

      • +1

        Is that really worth 500 bucks, or more than double the pocofone?

        • It really depends from person to person.

          It shouldnt be double, new K20 probably will be about 550-600.

          Depends how much $300 means to each person vs the benefits

        • It has a more pixel dense screen compared to poco / k20 pro

  • Anybody know if this supports 5G? Or will there be a special 5G edition like the S10? Thank!

    • +17

      By the time 5G is widely deployed, this phone will be obsolete. Dont hold your breath for it.

    • +1

      There is a 5G version of the phone, but that's in the UK. I have no idea how to buy one in Australia or if importing from the UK would even work.

    • 5G lol

    • 5g? That's optimistic!

    • There is a 5G one but at this time it seems to be in the UK through a 24 month plan

  • Shame there isn't 8gb version

    • +6

      There is an 8Gb /256gb Blue version also on sale for $1034

      • Shh don't tell OP that, he just bought one…

      • Same seller? The priority10 didn't work on some and I don't know how to find one that work.

        Can you send me a link?

    • +1

      I'm not even sure 6GB is noticeable compared to 4 …

      • Kinda need the storage more than the ram.

      • +1

        As a Pixel owner and previous OnePlus owner, i can tell you 6GB does make a difference.

        • Nah, that's just because Pixels have really bad ram management.

      • 6gb or 8gb is quite noticeable in day to day use, I had the choice of the pixel 2 XL and OP5, I chose the OP5, my friend got the pixel 2 XL and it was lagging in 1 years time, OP5 no lag after 2 years of use.
        I've previously had Xiaomi, Samsung, Apple, and older OP2, the One plus operating system just seems far superior and bloat free, combined with nicer specs

    • There's even a 12gb version

      • Nah, just need the storage, don't need the ram.

  • +18

    Now that they're the same price as everyone else why are we supposed to want these again?

    • If you want the fastest phone on the market. This is it.

      • -2

        *Fastest ANDROID phone on the market. I doubt this is faster than an iPhone XS

        • Most reviewers will tell you it is.

          • @foxpants: Fair enough. I wish it had wireless charging and a flat screen, then I'd be interested. They should also integrate the teardrop notch the 6T had instead of this ridiculous motorized camera.

            (And a stylus but I understand that's a niche feature hence I'm stuck with the Note)

            • @MrMcHairyHead: Sounds like the standard Oneplus 7 is closer to that desire minus wireless charge, and decently cheaper too!

              • @foxpants: Yeah but then you lose the speed. I'm not looking for a cheaper phone, I'm looking for a better one.

    • +21

      Yeah, for me oneplus is dead now. What I mean is that Oneplus is supposed to be flagship killer, now they just produce a flagship phone with a flagship price.

      Now tell me why I should choose OP7 over other phone that are available in Australia with local stock warranty.

      • +1

        I'm happy with my oneplus 6t. Not upgrading. 8GB RAM purple thunder beats it

        Oxygen OS + dash charge and very fast. Beats Samsung and Huawei

        Only camera lacking but can get by using gcam ports

        Oneplus 7 too expensive too many bugs curve screen not worth it

      • +1

        The only reason to get this, instead of another flagship, is because of software support. I'm not sure that's enough to warrant the current prices.

        This would be an alternative to the flagships if the OnePlus 7 Pro had something to stand-out:
        - User Replaceable Battery
        - Front-firing stereo loudspeakers
        - microSD with DualSIM
        - QuadDAC with Headphone Jack
        - IP68 Waterproofing
        - Impact resistance like the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active/DuraForce Pro 2

        Or it could be the accessories:
        - in the box, two JoyCons like the Nintendo Switch/Xiaomi BlackShark 2
        - in the box, an Alarm/TV dock for more ports and "Desktop Mode" like ASUS RoG Phone
        - sold separately, a laptop shell like the Razer Phone Linda
        - sold separately, qwerty/azerty keyboard attachments

        …but as it is, there's a strong argument to be made to wait and get the Pixel 4 for even better support, or get an established flagship (G8/S10/X1) instead and enjoy the extra features that gives. Me, I'm holding out to see what the new ASUS RoG Phone 2 will be like.

        • Are you sure Asus ROG has Desktop Mode? If it does, why mention Asus and not Samsung and Huawei Desktop Modes?

          Anyway .. Pixel 4 Desktop Mode will be the eventual gold standard in 5 months.

      • That full screen and pop up selfie.

    • +2

      These phones use a different storage type that is a lot faster even in comparison to the s10+, the phones 8GB/256GB is still amazing on top of that.

      edit: to continue on and be more technical, OP7Pro utilities UFS 3.0 Storage, better than the common 2.0 which pretty much all flagships use. LinusTechTips ran a side by side with the s10+ on a few applications including launching apps such as Asphalt 9 and it loaded up very noticeably faster.

      It also features the Current 855 Snapdragon processor, very good for single threaded tasks that your or I focus on mostly. This is better for us aussies as the S10s in Aus feature an Exynos Chip which have slightly lower clock speeds.

      Also has a 90hz amoled which while not the first for a phone, is one of the first for a flagship, and wouldn't shock me if we see it more from the Big 2 in the smartphone industry.

      also my favourite bit, OxygenOS, so none of that bloatware shit that Samsung gives…

      i might sounds like a corporate shill, but i write this while using a Samsung s7 so it's just what im familiar with as i look for an upgrade

      • +2

        Agree. Oxygen OS is better than stock android. Also hate bloatware from Samsung and Huawei

      • +2

        UFS 3.0 is a lot faster… when doing large continuous storage transfers.
        The S10 devices are the fastest when it comes to smaller random data, and this is the most common type.
        Overall, the SSD in Huawei flagships are the best because they are also very fast in random speeds, but much faster than the S10 for large data transfers. I mean, that's if we disregard the expensive Nvme storage inside iPhone's that blitz everything else.

    • Why not just buy the non pro version?

      I think mainly because now they are comparable to the s10

    • If you have to ask that question of yourself then it's probably not for you. I think one downfall - among others - of buying one in Aus that unless you know someone with one, you can't try it to see just how great they are to use for yourself. Oneplus kill it in UI/UX, and 90hz bolsters that even further (and have many other attractive features IMO). I have a feeling I'm addressing someone who would/will never buy one because of things that matter to you personally, and that's totally your prerogative as a consumer, just trying to give some perspective.

  • This or a second-hand iPhone X or galaxy s10e?

    • I have iPX and unless you are in love with ios, I would buy one plus

      • -3

        How could anyone be in love with iOS? It is horrible.

        • +5

          For the Apps, clean OS, and very good support. I can see the appeal, even as an Android user.

          • -3

            @Kangal: In regards to Apps, they are all duplicated on the Android stores now anyhow. Apple is restricted to one store and consequently one price for the app. Clean OS - what does this mean? I don't find a screen loaded with app icons as clean compared to Android where you can fully customise your UI with non-icon related content. Good support - you mean forced upgrades that brick old phones and overpriced Apple centres that wipe your data without consent? Then again, I don't think I have ever tried to get support for using my phone as everything you need to know to diagnose issues is online.

            I think your view is very early 2000s. In the last 10-15 years, Apple has fallen very far behind the market leaders in these spaces by a focus on litigation instead of innovation. Now all the 'new' Apple features are just stolen from Android. This is reflected in their market share.

            • @dogboy: Wow, you're very out of touch.
              iPhones weren't out in the very early 2000s. And Apple has been playing catch-up ever since 2011 with Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich, but they have caught up for the most part, but there's still things missing from iOS.

              Apps still aren't as polished on Android, and most devices aren't as clean from a software point of view. Are they perfect? Nope, but they're doing a good job so far.

              I think this stems from the fact that most of iOS is native/semi-native code, and Apple controls the hardware tightly. Android devices have software running at a higher layer for compatibility reasons, and they have less control over hardware.

              Despite it all, I use Android, but I do envy iOS from time to time.

              • -2

                @Kangal: 2007, my mistake. I don't think that and your comments warrant saying I am very out of touch though since you agree with me on some of the points and don't even address the majority of my statements. Pull your head in you clown. Deluded apple fanbois can downvote me all they like. Fact is you are locked into a terrible and overpriced ecosystem that relies on marketing hype instead of facts.

      • My friend told me her iPhone X battery life is horrible. Is that true tho?

  • How much were the previous flag ship versions selling for from this mob? Weren't they a lot cheaper???

  • Looking for the oneplus 7 - not pro as the pro is too big. Anyone have any recommendations of where to get in Oz at a good price with gst invoice ideally? Seen some on ebay but scared to hit trigger as most sellers not in Oz,and worried about reviews of sellers.

    • -1

      I'm not sure if this is worth looking into but I bought my Oneplus 5t directly from Oneplus through their American site (even got a student discount) and then got it sent to me though Australia Post. They have a service to get stuff sent to you from overseas. This was when the 5t came out though so I'm not sure if things have changed, but you know its 100% legitimate this way.

    • I wouldn't worry about the GST invoice .. you'll just pay more for the phone, then you can claim it back and you'll be in the same position as buying one without GST.

  • +2

    How can the price tag of $908 be justified for oneplus phone is beyond me?

    • +2

      Probably because it is the one of the highest performing phones on the market in terms of speed?

      • +4

        just because it can perform miliseconds faster than the other phones, does not justifies its price tag. Its an android for god sake. There are thousands of other options to choose from and those phones will boast the same hardware for relatively lower price.

        • +4

          What other phone are you comparing it to at a lower price tag that has a 6.5" / 90hz screen?

          • +3

            @gavincato: Apart from 90hz screen, you can get,
            Oppo Reno $685
            Redmi k20 pro- $625
            Galaxy s10e- $738
            Galaxy s10- $920
            I would not buy oneplus based on this principle alone, more expensive than s10, are you kidding me. Unless 90hz is that important.

            • +5

              @eastwood27: I'd add the Red Magic 3 to that list, 6.65" 90hz screen, Snapdragon 855, liquid cooling, 5000mAh battery, gaming phone, $479US/$690AU

              I purchased a OnePlus 6T several months ago, excellent phone, great custom rom/kernel community but the Red Magic 3 has still piqued my interest at that price!

            • @eastwood27: Where is the Oppo selling for $685?

            • @eastwood27: My experience with oppo is you get the phone and you get stuck with the android version that came with the phone. Samsung u get an alright phone but full of bloat ware and endless amount 'features' (gimmicks) . My note 8 gets destroyed by the oneplus 5T… Samsung is getting better with their software updates but their OS is painful to use coming from a OP5T.
              Redmi is k20 pro is probably the better choice in that list.

        • +1

          i wouldn't say "milliseconds". LinusTechTips did a review and showed just how much faster it is. it uses UFS 3.0 which neither of the other two competitors shown in the video use.

        • +2

          I don't know if the s10e and S10 are fair comparisons. Probably be more comparable to S10+ based on screen size in which kinda swings back to OPs favour

          I agree that it's more expensive than the oppos and Redmi but it probably is a better product than those 2.

    • Yeah i remember my first OnePlus one… Bought that for $430ish… How times have changed.

      • +1

        And Aussie dollar plummeted too

    • +1

      You should take some time out to research this phone.

    • +2

      I mean for a flagship it's actually considered cheap

    • +1

      Because it's better than $1500 phones. That's why.

  • +1

    Anyone purchased and more importantly had any warranty jobs though these guys?

    • +2

      I had a oneplus one, one day it died suddenly while i was texting, couldn’t boot anymore, couldn’t connect to pc … i bought it in france so i tried to claim the warranty there. I explained the problem and asked if they had a way to recup photo (google photo wasn’t so big yet) through an email … they never answered me.

      I now have a oneplus 5t … i had it at a good price a couple years ago but I don’t really count on warranty *inserts ‘’when it dies, it dies’’ meme

  • +5

    I purchased directly through Oneplus website for $1083 AUD for the 12GB Ram version, obviously you would have to use a shipping company (I used Shipito) but worth it IMO

    • Did you have to pay import tax?

    • How much does the shipping company cost you?


    • -1

      I purchased my OP5T directly but buying from Ebay would've been cheaper

      Phone: 750USD = 1083AUD
      Shipping: 60-100AUD
      Taxes: 108AUD

      I'm happy for you to prove me wrong though

  • +3

    i thought the conceptt of oneplus phones was to be a more affordable alternative to the big players. It's still an alternative i guess, but it's hardly affordable anymore.

    • Just wait for the price to drop. give it another few months like all other android phones never buy on release

    • +1

      This model isn't meant to be affordable.

    • +1

      The 7 is more affordable, clearly this is here to tackle more high end competition. And depending on the market it can still be hundreds of dollars better value than alternatives, IF the features and omissions are what you're after. The big pity is they can't just be easily bought by Oneplus here.

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