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Kogan SmarterHome 10W Ambient RGBW Smart Bulb (B22) - 4 Pack $59 Delivered @ Kogan


Kogan SmarterHome™ 10W Ambient RGBW Smart Bulb (B22) - 4 Pack
Bundle and save!

Create the perfect ambience for the occasion and update the look of any room without moving an inch with these innovative, affordable colour and white smart bulbs.

Transform your space with 16 million colours and dozens of pre-set scenes
Light your room with the perfect ambient white using this LED bulb
Set on/off schedules that automate your lighting to suit your lifestyle
Remotely manage via the free Kogan SmarterHome™ app
Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control
Add multiple bulbs to your existing fittings and control them all from one app!
Brightness 1050 lumens (equivalent of 70W incandescent) with a 25,000 hour lifespan
Don’t bin your old lights in a quest for a smarter home. It’s easy to light your home smartly with the Kogan SmarterHome™ 10W Ambient RGBW Smart Bulb.

Smarten up your devices

When you plug a smart bulb into your existing lights, they instantly become smart lights, with added home security benefits thanks to the adjustable timer. You can schedule the lights to come on at pre-set times, make it look like you’re home when you’re not, or remotely turn the lights on before you get home.

Match your lighting to suit the mood

Choose from 16 million colours or set the scene for an evening of romance or movie marathon-ing with any of the apps pre-set scenes, including reading, relaxation and more.

Save your favourite light settings and use them whenever you want with the tap of a finger, or program them using the timer to suit your schedule. You can wake up energised with an automated pink light, create the perfect disco scene with the rainbow function, or set the lights to shift between colours manually via the app.

Put a dent in energy bills

Set up a schedule or timer on the SmarterHome™ app to minimise energy consumption (and save precious $$$) when you’re not home. Forget to turn the lights off before you left? Simply check on the app and remotely switch it off from wherever you are.

Connected, anywhere, anytime

Connect the Kogan SmarterHome™ 10W Ambient RGBW Smart Bulb to your home Wi-Fi network and control it remotely via the free Kogan SmarterHome™ app.

Say goodbye to app clutter. With just this app, you can manage your favourite smart devices and use the smart assistants you know and love, including Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.

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  • +2

    "Cheapest colour bulbs I have ever seen"

    A good price for the moment however Yeelight RGB bulbs used to go for $8.88 USD https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/328533

    • +1 - if you can get the YeeLight anywhere close to this. Jump on it. They work flawlessly with Google Home and Alexa (superfast response) and are Vivid and bright

      • +3

        I have the old and new Yeelights. The new version is a little brighter, but neither are all that bright and more like a sub 60 watt incandescent while cool white. Warm white makes them more like a 40watt. I also found Google Home would often have issues with the Mi servers. I run Home Assitant on a RaspberryPi now so have removed the connection from Google Home.

        These B22 Amazon bulbs are brighter but may not have as good quality control. They also can run on the LAN only, and because they use standard ESP chips, can be flashed with custom firmware.

        These Kogan bulbs are a good price and compatible with Home Assistant etc. I don't have any of the bulbs, but do have the Kogan power sockets with usage monitoring, and they use standard ESP chips and can also be flashed with custom firmware.

        • I've somehow lost Google home connection to my yeelights now. It recognises them but always says there's a problem when I try to do anything with the lights through google Home. Works fine with the yeelight app

          Have you had any issues ?

          • @phxsun: Yep, I mentioned it in my comment. You can try removing it from Google Home and adding it again. First happen a year ago and Google help said they know it is a bug but don't really care. That may have worked once for me from memory, but what I had to do was log into the Yeelight/Mi Account website and also remove Google from there.

            I run Home Assistant on a RaspberryPi so have most of my devices configured there. Google Home then looks at Home Assistant for what devices there are, so there is no longer any relationship directly from Google Home to the devices. To set this up for Yeelight and the other Mi devices you need to go into the Android app settings and enable LAN access, and then there is no reliance on an internet connection for the devices to work(Google Home obviously still requires the internet for voice control, but otherwise it can all be controlled on the LAN via Home Assistant's web interface).

            • @Major Mess: I might need to give that a go then. It hasn't worked for me for a few months now but before then it's been flawless (although a touch laggy but that's OK)

              • @phxsun: Try "Hey google, sync my devices".

                • @Make it so: That I haven't tried. I've tried deleting and re-adding it into GH but still hasn't worked. So I'll give this a go tonight


                • @Make it so: You then get the message that there was a problem syncing with yeelight.

            • @Major Mess: About to pull the trigger on these but I can't find the HA component to integrate them?

              Is it native support or a workaround?
              Is this the way you used? https://community.home-assistant.io/t/integrate-kogan-smarte...? or did you flash with tasmota?

              Also how do these compare to the original Lifx 1000 RGB?

              • @sirs2k: Yep, I used Tuya as per your link. I don't have the bulbs, only the power sockets with monitoring. The monitoring had not been sorted last time I looked, so intend to flash the firmware for that and the added LAN benefits.

        • I use Yeelight Apps to link them to Google Home as it works better than MiHome Apps. Not sure if that would be it, but it does for me. Had trouble through MiHome but works flawlessly with Yeelight.

          • @Bigboomboom: I only used MiHome to setup one of their "Zigbee" hubs, and the Yeelight App has given the issue several times. Both apps use the same login details anyway and authenticate to the same servers, so both can probably suffer the same issue.

          • @Bigboomboom: ^ This is the best way to set them up without to much tinkering. Has work for me for years without problems. Very cool integration with Google Home. Great for mood lighting.

          • @Bigboomboom: That works as long as you don't have any smart plugs, which require the MiHome app.

            • @Make it so: You can still run them off separate apps and integrate into Google Home.

    • Would the Yeelight have Australian certification? For insurance purposes? That would be my only concern, I've bought these Kogan ones anyway.

      • +4

        They are lightbulbs for goodness sakes.

        • I have a landlord to lie to, just want to get everything lined up.

      • Where does the kogan ones say they are certified?

        I dont think they are certified for Australia, since they are just import chinese tuya bulbs with the kogan name on them

    • Havent seen a good yeelight special in a while.

      Given that I have replaced my yeelight bulbs with hue lately

  • +1

    Thanks for the share, @dydydy. Taking the plunge, in the hope I can get these setup with SmartThings

  • Can anyone confirm is these work natively with Google Home?

    • works with the Kogan Smarter Home app

    • +3

      Have been using the white Kogan ones for a while so I jumped at the chance to get the colour ones. you set up via the Kogan Smarter Home App first then you can link painlessly with google. I am using in my ecoystem a combination of yeelight bulbs kogan bulbs noname smart switches and medion switches once configured and linked they work flawlessly together. I even set up a google mini a smart switch and smart bulb at my mums place 160kms away as a subordinate to my google setup and so I can remotely control her devices if need be

    • They are tuya bulbs

  • +7
    • And thank you for the E27 link

      • Whats the difference between the E27 bulbs and B22??

        And how do these compare to the Yeelight bulbs?

        • +6

          E27 are the Edison screw bulbs and the B22 are the normal bayonet fitting.
          Sorry cant advise on the comparison though

  • Can anyone confirm the range of color temperature when using as white light? 2700k to 5000k? or 6500k?

    • I would like to know this too. Id prefer for it to go as close to 6500k to get white light in rooms.

    • Only brighness can be adjusted, if you want change colour temp i suggest the white version bulbs. Don't quote me, but in white mode, it's around 3500K, warm white.

    • Received reply from Kogan help desk below.

      Thank you for your patience.

      I can confirm for you that the Kogan SmarterHome™ 10W Ambient RGBW Smart Bulb (B22) will have a colour temperature of 2700K with a normal deviation of 200-300K.

  • The smart plug 4 pack seems to be $10 off from normally $79


  • +4

    I hate how sneaky Kogan is when they display their product reviews. Check it for yourself, you'll see all the 4/5 star reviews are on top and the bad reviews are hidden at the last.

    Ugh shouldn't have expected better from Kogan.

    • +1

      That’s better than most other companies, where reports of not even posting negstive reviews are common. Honestly need to put this in context.

  • Is these bulb bright enough?

    • Yes, these bulb is bright enough. I've even heard that with the right equipment, you can see these from low orbiting satellites. True story.

  • Can you set a 'sunrise alarm' mode to have a gradually increasing brightness in the morning? I know some other smart globes (Hue, etc.) have this feature.

    • It's not a built in function but it can be done in a hacky way. You need to create a automation function that triggers at sunrise, set the brighness at 0,then add a small time delay, than a brighter level than another time delay and so forth. The smaller the interval the smoother the transition. It's a bit of pain but it the only way.

  • I'm only interested in having to turn on/off the light wirelessly, it looks like it can do that.

    Can this also adjust the colour between cool white and warm white?

    Or I should get this one instead? https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-smarterhome-10w-cool-warm...

    • No, it's locked to warm white when on white mode. I thought they did based when i bought them a few months ago, especially given "adjustable colour temperature" being listed as a feature on the first page of the manual linked.

      • That would be odd. No other RGB or RGBW bulbs locks to only one form of "white". Surely asking Alexa or Google to "make cool white" works? The same app when used with other bulbs has a toggle for warm/cool white.

        • The Mirabella Genio set of RGBW smart bulbs are also unable to switch the temperature of white light.

          • @MrWontons: Their app may not have that function, but Google Home, Alexa, and other apps can set the different colours and white temperature. All these apps care about is what hardware the bulb has and can then set the appropriate led values. These other programs do not contact an app that lives on a users phone, but control the devices directly.

            • @Major Mess: So assuming you have Google Home or Alexa, Kogan RGBW has the same white-mode capabilities as the White-only bulbs?

        • Tried that already, even tried using the native tuya app without any luck, ended up returning the lights in the end. In white mode, only bightness can be changed.

  • Anyone using these with openhab?

    What is their “real” make and model and manufacturer?

    • Tuya. That is how you config with HA.

  • Can these be used were a dimmer switch is in use already?

  • +2

    Not sure why no one complains about this, but whenever they are changed to colour mode, they decrease to 10% the brightness, the colour is pretty unusable.

    • exactly this. you can't even change the white colour temperature as well
      gonna stick with my yeelight

      • Could you please clarify this? I want to alternatively change the white colour between 3000K and 4000K depending on the time of the day. Would you say this is not possible, maybe because the brightness at 3000K is only 10%?

        • +1

          on the kogan smarterhome app there simply isn't an option to change the colour temperature for some reason and when you switch it into rgb mode everything is way dimmer even with the "brightness" option on the app turned to 100%

          • @justintheasian: Thanks for the answer. It would be very bad then. I wonder if this can be fixed in a new app update, as I can't imagine this is a hardware limit.

          • @justintheasian: Yeelight also dims when going from cool, to warm or colour. That is physics. When you ask Google or Alexa to make it cool white, doesn't that work? What about using the Tuya app?

            • @Major Mess: if you've read the parent comments you'd know we're talking about it dimming to almost 10% original brightness when using rgb mode not white mode and it just can't change colour temperature. Google wouldn't be able to do something that the original app can't do. That is common sense.

              • @justintheasian: "if you've read the parent comments you'd know we're talking about it dimming to almost 10% original brightness when using rgb mode not white mode and it just can't change colour temperature."

                If you read my comment that you are replying to, you would see that I referred to this happening using rgb(or rgbw) mode. That is just common sense(which is of course the worst form of deduction humans use).

                "Google wouldn't be able to do something that the original app can't do. That is common sense."
                Surely you understand how idiotic that statement is?
                Do you believe that potholes are just the right size for the puddles that fill them? Or look at the trees and sky, and then tell yourself that because you can't explain it, there must be some imaginary friend just for you, who controls all you see?

                Have you never heard off apps adding new features? Google Home, Alexa, Home Assistant, openHAB, and other apps don't care what a suppliers app is capable of, and does not connect to an app on a users phone in any way. All the programs care about is what hardware the devices have, and then can control, in the case of Smart Bulbs, the value of each LED to create whatever hue desired. eg pushing the bulb toward LED values that create orange becomes warm white.

                These application control the colour bulb directly and do not care what features the supplier has, or has not provided in their app. All that they care about is what hardware the device has. That is just common sense.

                • @Major Mess: still have no clue what you're talking about with the dimming as your comment was completely unrelated to mine and you proceeded to state iTs pHySiCs

                  its common sense in the way that it'll be unreasonable for Google to know more about the hardware than its manufacturer and in this case if the manufacturer hasn't included the feature in their app its reasonable to assume Google wouldn't be able to as well. I don't believe Google home and alexa communicates directly with the hardware as they require linking to the manufacture software on the first setup so they probably have to gain some information about the device communication protocols, which is why not everything is google home / alexa compatible, and is why I couldn't change the colour temperature with Google assistant.

                  sure if you use something that communicates directly with the hardware then you'd probably be able to get exactly what you want (home assistant and openHAB? haven't really looked into it) but I don't see why you'd opt for that when there's already better solutions with better interface in the market for just slightly more.

                  chill with the philosophical analogies, come back down to earth and look at things from a practical perspective

                  if you've gotten it to work with google / alexa then maybe share how you did it instead of arguing on ozbargain

      • I wonder why the white colour temperature isn't adjustable?
        I always thought that RGB can mix to provide those yellow-y whites. I guess not for LEDs huh?

        • I have the Yeelight Led bulb and had no problem changing both the temperatures and the colours, in addition to the brighness.

          • @GreenRomeo: yup that's what I currently have! e.g. In the official Yeelight smartphone app, or "Yeelight toolbox" I found that you can't actually choose white itself from the colour wheel. You need to use the separate temperture/white control.

        • If you can think of a name for it I found you can change colour bulbs (at the moment a YeeLight) to just about any colour, change colour to peacock or sunrise or blood orange, go nuts either it will do it or say sorry I don't understand

        • These are RGBW and should be able to go from Warm to Cool. Have you tried the voice commands with Google or Alexa? Try the Tuya app. You can definitely do it with OpenHAB, Home Assistant, etc.

  • General question: if I have Lifx already and I buy these or the Yeelight - can I control them from one app - not keen on voice control methods

    • +2

      You could add them to Google Home through the Home app and control exclusively through there. Bypassing the need for voice control.

  • +1

    FYI, You can't change the colour temperature when these are on white mode. Also found the colour mode to be less bright than philips hue.

  • Do we know if these work with the Echo Dot/Google Home Mini? Because I'm aware that some smartbulbs have to have a hub or a more expensive smart device like the Echo Plus

    • +1

      I successfully use the white ones with google home mini, configure with SmartHome APP first, then link through google home APP, rename link to a unique name i.e. "Bobs Light" and so "OK Google" "turn on Bobs Light" "set Bobs Light brightness to 100%" "change Bobs Light colour to Blue" etc

      • Bless, thanks a lot

  • So if I link this to my Google Assistant can I use voice commands to turn them on/off?

  • Yes