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Google Wi-Fi 3 Pack - $279.20 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


Same price as this deal last week

This Google Wifi is a new generation wireless router solution designed to improve your Wi-Fi experience and keep your home network running fast throughout your entire home. It seamlessly connects with your modem or gateway and uses Google's Mesh Wi-Fi system technology to create multiple Wi-Fi points that work together to spread a strong Wi-Fi signal, keeping you connected when moving from room to room and so everyone can stream, share and download. The Google Wifi GA00158-AU includes three Wifi points for medium to large homes requiring greater coverage, and it's modular so you can add more Google Wifi points as required. And with the Google WiFi companion app you can instantly see what devices are connected and how much bandwidth is being used for better Wi-Fi control, prioritise a device for fastest speeds, set up a guest network, pause your kids' Wi-Fi connection at set times, or troubleshoot a solution in no time. Google Wifi has built-in security measures, provides fast network speeds, is simple to set up and control, and keeps your connection running seamlessly.

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  • +2

    Bought one

  • Has any one tried or know if can be connected to hotspot device ?

    • Do you mean to extend your pocket wifi/existing wifi? Yes. As long as you have the key/passwd, this should work for extension.

  • Paid $305 the other week… FML

    They really are great though, highly recommended.

  • Are these really better than normal extenders?

    I have Xiaomi cheapo extenders and Netgear and they work fairly well..?

    • This is a mesh system, different thing

    • +6

      Yes. They go through walls and distance better. They keep the same SSID also. With your extender, when you walk far away from the main point and within range of the extender, it won't automatically connect to the extender. You might still be connected to the far away access point with a poorer signal until you manually change it.

      With mesh, it's all one SSID and it automatically switches to the strongest signal as you roam. You should get a full signal wherever you are.

      Is this worth $270 more than a Xiaomi stick? That's a harder call. It depends on the person. If that's working fine for you, I don't see a point in upgrading.

      • Thanks, great explanation. Not worth it for me currently but I'll keep my eye on these, will pick up in the future.


        • +1

          Based on my recent experience with Netgear Orbi (I had high expectation, but ended up being disappointed). With mesh, the seamless roaming is nice, but there is no special magic there, each unit/satellite covers a finite distance/range. The speed of each may not be as good as a mid/high end router (which you could use to be a repeater if you want to).

          However, the mesh advantage can be useful for a 3 pack, but that's because once you have 3 and the seamless roaming is in play, that setup certainly beats two repeaters setup (which is a bit messy).

          If you are happy with your setup, just leave it as is. If you want to go for mesh to solve your existing wifi issue (and you already tried repeater), get the 3 pack. Mesh will help improve reliability (so it improves range), but in terms of pure wifi speed, you cannot expect magic to happen if you don't have enough units/satellites (so you might be disappointed with a 2 pack). So make sure you get enough of them and spread them around your house.

          It's a real pity meshes are proprietary. Would get this if I can simply add them to my Netgear mesh setup (wishful thinking I know).

      • Do you know if you can plug VoIP into it?

        We need a VoIP phone but the home office is At the other end of the house
        I read online it can’t be done with telstra

        • No VoIP ATA port on these so you need your own VoIP ATA unit (or use the router with VoIP from telstra as a VoIP ATA).

          • @netsurfer: Do you know much about VoIP?
            Can I plug the main base into the telstra unit and just use the phone in the home office?

  • +2

    I have 6 in my home and 60 wifi devices. They get it done

    Is buy this pack if I were adding more shit

    • +15

      60 devices wtf

      • +2

        My guess is a heap of Lifx globes, like downlights and bulbs in every room?

        • Correctomondo
          ~5 per room… rest is just other IOT and device crap

          Not entirely a lifx fan but can't go back now !

    • Wowzers, I thought 20 wifi devices over our 2 access points was a lot….

      • Lifx bulbs for the most part then various gateways for ZigBee etc

  • +2

    The wirecutter website pitted Goole Wifi

    against Netgear Orbi RBK50.

    See the result for yourself.

  • I have a Ubiquity AP, is very good

    • Cool story?

  • +1

    Just beware guys that Google Wifi tends to configure itself as a hub and spoke type of system rather than a true point to point mesh. Apparently it's possible to run it point to point, but this isn't something the user can manually configure. As a result, I have 4 of these pugs and still get patchy spots in my apartment….

    • Agreed. I have 6 and there's this one light in my lounge room with line of sight to a puck and it even when I change the bulb it's always the patchy one

    • +1

      Can you to elaborate on the differences of hub/spoke vs point to point mesh? I'm guessing something like ubiquiti is a true point to point?

  • +1

    Thanks op
    Got it delivered for $6

  • +1

    I have one in my apartment and has been the best wifi route I’ve ever owned. The signal is much more steady and reliable than any others in the past and works flawlessly on my HFC NBN. The app is also very user friendly. Would recommend.

    • The crap thing is, it doesn't have firewall rules to let you block certain domains.

      Also no WPS button.

      There is a way to give priority to one device but it's one device only and for a max of 4 hours. Would be nice if they allowed you to cap the bandwidth to each device.

    • Question on your nbn gwifi setup.
      Is this nbn arris -> gwifi ?

      Or do you have another router in between?

      Asking as im about to be connected to HFC soon.

      Still deciding going asus or google mesh.


      • Yep it’s a single Ethernet cable from the nbn hfc arris box to the google wifi.

  • Anyone had experience using these in a 2 story concrete house?
    Got not CAT cables installed… hoping a mesh system could help.

    • I've got a 3 pack (bought this one too to extend it). Connection is great when it does connect. My house is long, so I've got one in the rear upstairs bedroom (main, connected to router), one downstairs in the middle of the house, and one in the garage surrounded by bricks and I get a great connection even in the garage. They're all almost in a straight line though, so some of the rooms off to the side don't get great coverage.

    • Maybe try EOP first up

  • -1

    This is perfect if you want to handle your smart home devices totaling more than 30. I've got like 60.

    However, BEWARE, the 5Ghz band is weak and slow. Won't be able to handle chromecast desktop streaming at 1080p. Furthermore, the range of these devices is really weak, you'll be relying on having one close to you for it to work.

    I still have to have my ASUS router as my primary router because these are simply too weak. Only good for handling a ton of smart home devices (main router can only seem to handle 30-40 connections.)

    • I have an asus router as the main one.
      Are you saying I can extend my wifi system with these google nodes?
      My asus does say it can work in aiMesh or something.

      • AI Mesh is if you wanna buy another ai mesh compatible router (ASUS only). It's a good feature when it works, but ASUS firmware is often less than desirable.

        This isn't really deigned for you.

    • -2

      These aren't meant to be used with other routers…..

    • +2

      I have 3 of these and can stream 1080p Kayo, Netflix and YouTube no problems. Even when wife is watching YouTube and I’m watching Kayo at the same time.

      • +1

        Agreed, I'm connecting at 700mpbs plus on 5ghz band, No issues whatsoever. Regardless 5ghz isn't meant to travel far, that's how it is.

    • how about youtube stream 1080p?

  • Any deals on a single one?

    • I needed one extra, just buying these instead and probably selling. Single prices are awful.

      • Good thinking. I've been looking for a good deal on singles for ages and there's been nothing.

        • Seems to easily sell for $80-$130 or so each, almost getting one for free….

  • How do these compare to the Tenda Nova mw3?

  • Had these for over a year and they are amazing

  • Is this over? The sale is supposed to be until midnight tonight, but the Go To Deal link returns a "the listing you're looking for has ended" on Ebay :(

  • I just had a look on their website and plenty of stores are still showing in stock. I just went to order them also and found this :(