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The Good Guys 20% off Storewide @ eBay (Excludes TVs)


Starts 10am June 15, ends midnight June 19. T&Cs here. Excludes TVs. Enjoy :)

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  • Thanks TA, been looking at a few items!

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    Hopefully Jack is rostered off this weekend

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      G'day fellas

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        yeh , um , we are just discussing how its going to be 20% warmer tomorrow, and we thought you deserve to have the weekend off for all your hard work.

    • don't you mean KOGAN ?

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      FWIW their eBay store terms and conditions specifically state:

      Why has the product gone up in price?

      The Good Guys will not increase the eBay price of any product that is part of the promotion on The Good Guys’ eBay store from 7 days before the promotion until it finishes, unless the price increase occurs as result of the end of previously advertised promotional activity in catalogues or supplier-funded promotions.

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    Those guys aren’t that good

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      Don't worry they'll be 20% better tomorrow.

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        20% on top of zero is still zero.

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        You meant “20% less bad”?

    • Their 96% positive rating on eBay is really bad, compared to others

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    Logitech 3664948 MX Master 2s: $71.20
    Just be among the 1st and you can get that price, its gone fast. I did during the last 20% off TGG…

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      plus postage $5.26 unless you click n collect

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      Out of stock at all but one store within 20km of me before the sale has even started…

      (and none in WA at all of the washer I've been looking at getting…)

  • does that includes any Apple product?
    ipad iMac or MacBook ?

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      cant see any ipads

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      I love how when looking under the iPad, Tablet & eReader section, there's no iPads. Effin c's

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        you mean clowns, right?

        • Cherry Pies

    • From my time working in retail, at least as far as what my employer set them to in our point of sale, there was not 20% margin on most Apple products to begin with.

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    Hopefully no jacking. Got my eye on the BES920

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      BES920 price expires 30 June, so you're in the clear to buy tomorrow for $632.

      • That assumes the eBay price remains the same!

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          The eBay and store prices are always the same.

          There are only variances sometimes when an advertised price expires on their website, and then there's an update on eBay at around 10am. See my comment below about advertised prices.

    • I got the 870 lately. Loving it!

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    Damn, I just got a Breville BES920 from this Goodguys deal posted the other day.


    I should have waited…

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        No it hasn't, $790 is the before coupon price.

    • return it unopened and buy it again?

      • I just did this with the one i picked up this morning. They'd better not pull it at 10am tomorrow!

    • ugh yeah, i literally picked mine up a couple of hours ago, it's still in the boot of my car. I wonder what the return policy is for ebay click and collect deals like this?

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    Bugger no TV

    • And just when I need one!

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      Bugger no TV

      Because most TVs are on sale at TGG this week so they excluded from this promotion but most other items are close to rrp or more expensive than other retailers even after 20% off.Charge 4 for example, $148 at most retailers but $199 at TGG.I can goes on.
      (Apart from a few items in the latest catalogues)
      Well planned eBay and TGG.

      Please compare the prices before purchasing. Don't fall into this 20% off trap .
      Have a nice day

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    Just started looking for a new microwave so perfect timing! Thanks OP.

    • Me also, what are you thinking?

      Was hoping that the LG neochef 42L was cheaper.

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    If they don't price jack before tomorrow, the red BES870 will drop below $500 for the first time since I've been watching. Let the Hunger Games begin!

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      Bes920 for $632 is a better deal imo

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        This deal doesn't include the grinder I believe.

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    A note to everyone, as per my comment above, before you say "Before Price Jacking", remember to look at the listing on their website which tells you the "As Advertised Date", if it's after 14/6 then pricing will be the same tomorrow.

    There are 2 catalogues out currently, one ends on 17/6 and one ends on 3/7. Other dates may be special promotions, so check the product listings.

    Most products that are great pricing atm either end on 17/6 or 30/6 from what I could tell, such as YAS108, Kindle Paperwhite, Breville Coffee Machines, Galaxy s10, Google WiFi.

  • not a bad price for s10e (assuming no price jack) especially if you have the 10% off gift cards

  • no surface pro

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    I'm afraid a lot of items will magically disappear from their eBay store before 10 am tomorrow…..

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      buy them now and let them sit in your purchased items (unpaid) until the code goes active, assuming the good guys haven't enforced the "forced checkout" policy (i.e. item not "bought" until paid for)

  • Does anybody know if washer n dryer combos are any good compared to the same amount spent on a separate dryer and washer?

    I've been looking at the F&P 8.5kg & 5kg combo:


    And the reviews are very good, just not too sure if combo machines are any good compared to separate machines.

    Any experience/advice/insight would be helpful.


    • Would also like to know this

    • +2

      I did some research on this a while ago, the general consensus seemed that separate machines specialised in one or the other will always be better, and a machine that can do both might be tricky to repair and more likely prone to issues. I personally feel that this argument is a little old-school and borderline philosophical - in practice if a 2-in-1 machine has good consumer reviews then it can handle both just fine. Nothing better than putting dirty clothes in and getting crispy dry clothes out!

      • Was aware of this but bought the combo and love it. It has only been 4 months so far but no complaints. Bought Bosch who have the highest reliability rating according to Choice.

    • My experience of having an LG combo condenser dryer was it is not as good as seperate machines, I had it for around 8 years and performed several repairs; it did not have a lint filter and the heating element eventually corroded the cover around it, these were cheap repairs later in its life, however the drum eventually had a leak and the plastic tub around it started to disintegrate…

      I now have a Bosch washing machine (made in Germany model) and a Bosch heat pump dryer… both great appliances so far

    • From experience, the combos never dry as well as separate.

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    Do the Good guys price jack? Are they bad boys?

    • +4

      they would just be bad guys

      • That's what I was going for! Doh

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    If you're doing click n collect, be ready to fork out your Email, Invoice Number, Driver's Licence, Passport and Blood in order to verify your identification.

    • +25

      Phew, won't have to give a semen sample this time.

      • +11

        next time, wait until they ask for it

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      Been there, done that. Worst customer experience ever… still has that brick and mortar mentality. Hope someone from TGG is seeing this feedback.

      • I've had issues in the past too. Once the order appeared under my dad's name because he bought something in person in the store and gave my mobile number. When the eBay order came through, it had my mobile number, so they automatically associated it with his name in their system, even though his name didn't appear anywhere in eBay or PayPal.

        Another time, I had my mum's address in eBay or PayPal, but since it was a click and collect, I didn't think it would be an issue. They kept saying they could only release it to the person who owned the PayPal account. That was me, and I had proof, but they refused and said my only option was to cancel the order. Funny that I had the authority to do that, but nothing else.

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      You're forgetting the PayPayl transaction id

      • +1

        I went to their Auburn store to collect yesterday and they've been asking for a PayPal transaction ID. I paid through my credit cared (not PayPal), but they didnt even care to listen. Wasted 1 hour of my time and still couldnt collect it. Folloiwng up with their ebay store now and they want me to contact PayPal and get the transaction ID.


    • That's not true, at lease to me for many times, all I need is driver licence, of cause I need to tell them what I bought as well.

      • If you're paying with your credit card, and not PayPal - yes. I just got a call from them this morning telling me that my order is ready and telling me to bring my drivers license and the PayPal transaction id. This is consistent with my experience in the past on many occasions. I was hoping they would have made it easier by now.

  • Hoping the Google hub stays the same price.

    • then it'd be 116 lowest ever !

  • +2

    so with the 20% off the Samsung S10e will be $797?? Thats cheap


  • Why does ebay show all local stores are out of stock when their website says in stock?

  • They dont sell arlo anymore?

  • +1

    Perfect timing as I need a dryer

  • Can you use a Good Guys gift card to pay for purchases through their ebay store?

  • Time to get a coffee machine
    What do you guys recommend out of the Breville range and why ?
    Will only be 1-2 per

    • +1

      Bes920 for the win.
      Will need a grinder too though.
      Otherwise bes 870 with integrated grinder. Not as good I believe but still very good.

    • Red BES870 <$500 is the best price I've seen…..

    • I commented above but got the 870 recently and it's pretty good.

    • The BES 920 has been a great coffee machine for over a year now for me. Easy to clean, fairly quick warmup and quieter than the thermal block units that I have used in the past. Dual boiler and electronics to make a consistent coffee shot. Big water tray that doesn't need to be emptied every day. Good sized basket that can take a descent amount of coffee. It is a big unit though so make sure you have enough bench space. Marry it up with the smart grinder and you will be happy for years.

  • +1

    Apparently only 3 left but the 128gb version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e will be a ripper deal at $519.20.


    • S5e has wifi problem still??

      • Don't own it myself so can't say for sure but apparently Samsung released a software update recently that fixed the issue.

  • Still no Osmo Action???wtf???

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