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Product information: https://sensibo.com/products/sensibo-sky

The Sensibo Sky allows you to take any supported 'dumb' Air Conditioner, and give it some real smarts.

You can control its features using the Sensibo app or website, or integrate it into your existing home automation platforms such as IFTTT, Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, or Homekit (Note: 3rd party platform required to use with Homekit). There's also an Open API you can use if you're a programming type and really want to see what you can do and track.

The smarts offered by the Sensibo Sky include:

Remote control: Using the Sensibo app, you can control the air conditioner from anywhere, be it just from the other room or from work. No more looking for the remote control.
7-day scheduling: Sensibo lets you set as many schedules as you'd like. Turning on the heat as you wake up in the morning, cooling down the house before you arrive from work, and making sure the A/C is turned off when needed.
Turns on automatically: Sensibo turns on the A/C automatically before you arrival, welcoming you to a cool or warm and comfortable environment.
Turns off when everybody leaves: Sensibo automatically detects when everybody left the house using the phone's geo-location and turns off the A/C automatically.
Filter cleaning reminders & alerts: Sensibo calculates the airflow intake of the A/C and alerts you when it's time to clean the filters. By cleaning your filters you can save 5%-15% on the AC energy costs and breathe fresh air again.
Monitor temperature & humidity: Sensibo has a built in temperature and humidity sensor, so you can always be in control. Prepare the house for your arrival, and make sure the humidity is just right for your family.

Thanks to @thewinchester for the previous write up

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  • +8 votes

    Broadlink rm mini 3 does most of this for $20-$30…

    Integrates nicely with Google assistant


      Good to know.

      Had not really looked into that option - saw this working at a friend's place and had been waiting for the price to drop a bit further.

      Will have a look at the RM mini as well.


      I got broadlink also but only really use the app for AC. What commands do you give Google assistant to control air con?? Thanks a lot

      • +1 vote

        Tbh I used to use it with a/c but don't any more since moving, it's now used to control my TV.

        Try saying commands to it and see if it obeys lol

      • +2 votes

        For Alexa it understands Turn aircon on/off, set aircon to XX degrees, set aircon to auto/heat/cool, set aircon to low/medium/high/auto (for the fan)

      • +1 vote

        I use it to control an old TV, but AFAIK you should be able to issue standard AC commands, listed under thermostat:

        If you don't have it set it up:
        - open Google Home app on your phone
        - click the big + to add device
        - add a "works with Google" device
        - link your broadlink account (iirc it's under "IHC")

        Your AC should show up under your devices after doing that and you should be able to move it to a particular room and/or rename it.


        Does this work on ducted Daikin systems?

  • +2 votes

    Not the same but if you want to control air con and more remotely then this is a cheaper option https://www.lightinthebox.com/en/p/new-upgrade-version-broad...

  • +1 vote

    on - off is fine but what if the air con is Zoned?


    Not gonna lie. Got one of these for free and it’s sitting in my draw. The cable to the device kills the idea IMO. But that’s just me

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