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Fire TV Stick Basic - $59 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Watta… Oh hell no, I bought this last week at $69. Might visit their webchat later today.

Sale end 30th June. Free delivery even without Prime.

Fire TV Stick connects your HDTV to a world of online entertainment. Enjoy a wide selection of movies, TV episodes and games. Fire TV Stick is an easy way to enjoy content from Prime Video, Netflix and more. Directly access millions of websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit with browsers like Silk and Firefox.

Enjoy your favorites at home

Fire TV Stick is so easy to connect that you can move it from room to room.

Or when on the go

Never miss an episode while you’re away from home. Just plug and play anywhere (to your HDMI) – even with Wi-Fi that requires web authentication.

Just FYI, this device requires you to have an Amazon account. Not liking it at all. It is an adroid OS, butchered with bloated Amazon interface.

So what I did is I'd created a new dummy account with valid email, random home address (set as default), and no CC details entered. Now I can use it without worry of accidental purchases or if the stick goes to the wrong hand. Most of 'free apps' can be downloaded, Netflix included.

Great product however, cheap & nasty. :P

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    Can it be used to pickup free to air?
    Will it require you to have an amazon account?
    Is it better than chinese android tv devices?


      Not directly, you may have to use app such as ABC iview, etc. Will get back to you about free to air tv after I get mine today.

      Not as far as I know. I believe this functions like android box.

      Dunno if its better. I have Nvidia shield And I dont even got a chance to play with. Bought this coz its portable.


        I have Nvidia shield and firestick. I use both. Also have a Chromecast v1 too. I us to have an Android TV box, but prefer firestick for ease of use


      You are right, it says (on the email) that this device is tied to my "account" but it can be deregistered if it is meant for a gift to someone else & that person should sign up with their account instead, otherwise some apps wont work. It sucks really.



    Is this better than Chromecast? (the first gen).

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    Wondering when/if they'll release the Fire Stick 4k


    Anyone know if the AU version can load US apps like Hulu?

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    My advice is to spend $13 more to get a voda TV.

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    Personally I would wait for it to drop with Prime day coming up . It’s been around $49 before .


    Personally I have the 4K version - but the landing page on Amazon AU actually has $49 - i'd be screenshotting that and getting onto livechat if you were after one

    EDIT - now been updated to $59


    I'm looking for something to play .mkv files. Based on the specs, this won't be able to play it. But does it mean i can download another player (app) and use that?

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      I don't think that is feasible, as it has a very limited storage plus no ports to connect to external storage.


      Yes, you can. I downloaded VLC media player from the app store and stream all kinds of media from my NAS direct to my firestick. If you use the OTG cable (available from ebay etc) then you can play direct from external usb drive).
      I have the both this version and the 4k firestick…do yourself a favour and get the 4k version…much much better. Available from the US or UK (i got mine from newegg US for around $70).


        Unless if you have a 4k TV. :D


          perhaps….I was thinking more about the difference in the actual devices. The 4k firestick is much more responsive, navigates the menu's faster and smoother. It makes my original firestick look like its asleep…
          The hardware/software on the 4k model is far superior to the earlier models and as a result it works a lot better.

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    Fire stick can operate as a mediocre Android box.
    Once you install VPN and KODI to the Fstick almost everything can be streamed.

    I am using Fstick to stream Hotstar(Indian Foxtel equivalent,but much cheaper[$20 per year for All Major sports/HBO series/movies/indian contents])
    it's really well worth the money,just make sure you are getting the latest version.


      Don't forget to mention a good premium VPN involved to stream Indian content like Hotstar.
      I use Vodafone TV and it works like a charm.


      how to use Kodi to steam?


      How are you using hotstar ? What VPN are you using. I have a mi box3 Android TV, you reckon I can do the same on my mi box 3? How much are you paying for the VPN and which VPN are you using ? How do you use the VPN in your fire stick?


        @ozb fan
        i am using Torguard(keep your eyes open for their life time plans/half price plans,as this is EOFY time[i am paying $3 per month]), we can install apps into Fstick as we do on any android box. FireOS is just a heavily amazonised android build.
        Hot star is good you can watch a match on Fstick and stream another on laptop/mobile {happens when cricket/tennis/F1 all comes together},best thing is as it's a stream you can always rewind :P.


    I cant understand amazon and these crappy basic versions of fire tv, and no fire tablets for australia

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