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[PS4, XB1] Valkyria Chronicles 4 $19 @ EB Games


Seems to be a very good price for the game. Switch version is $57
XB1: https://www.ebgames.com.au/product/xbox-one/236966-valkyria-...

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  • If only the switch version was this cheap

  • Great game. Thanks op

  • pre-owned version is 15 bucks if you can find it in stock

  • Tempting price, anyone can give their thoughts on this compare to the original?

    • Definitely the best since the original. If you liked the first one you’ll like this. If you loved the first one you’ll loooooove this! All the same mechanics as the first. If only you could skip the cut scenes!

  • Anyone know where i can get this price matched and sealed? I hate JB hifi and EB games placing the disc in the box especially as i want to gift this to my cousin.

  • Thanks OP. never played but always saw this in store. For $19 i couldn't help it! Picked up on in the Perth CBD store. Got a sealed copy too :D

    Couldn't get the valkyria revolutions but supposedly one or two stores in Perth have it, albeit supposedly it wasn't that good?

    • Revolutions is a different style of game. It's more an action RPG rather than a turn based strategy like the mainline Valkyria games. It's not terrible but fairly average overall.

  • Anthem is also for sale for $19 in EB games. Not sure why it is so cheap. Is the game that bad to be released in Feb 2019 and is now only $19??

    Or should I just get it? The guy said there's no solo play - you can only play vs other players though?

  • I just learned about this myself now and was about to post about it. Thank goodness I searched first.