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15% Triple Cashback at AliExpress (Was 5%, $50 Cap) @ ShopBack


This increased cashback goes well with the mid-year sale Aliexpress has just kicked off. I picked up a kinetic wireless door bell.

To ensure your Cashback is successful:
Click through ShopBack again if there's any error
Empty cart before clicking through ShopBack
Use only promo codes from ShopBack
Add items to your cart after clicking through ShopBack
Confirm delivery/goods received to get Cashback within 90 days.
Cashback is not qualified for:
Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack
Gift card purchases unless otherwise stated
Returns, exchanges & cancellations
Resellers/fraudulent behaviour determined by AliExpress

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  • Welp I've already ordered something before this additional cash back. Looks like I gotta cancel it and reorder now

  • When does this expires?


    Damn. Ordered $500 worth if stuff last night…

  • If you have multiple items you want and can't keep them in your cart, do people just individually search each item again? That's very annoying.

  • How about UMIDIGI A5 Pro Global Version for $143 with new user coupon and then 15% cashback from the UMIDIGI official store

    About $122 after cashback is pretty decent for the specs claimed

  • How long does their sale last? Wondering if it goes in to the new tax year?

  • Been waiting for this! Bought myself a backpack for my mini quad

  • $50 AUD or $50 USD? (assuming AUD)

    Edit: it's not showing on the website: https://www.shopback.com.au/aliexpress

    Edit 2: whoops yes it is - side panel - seriously, Shopback, I love the deals you give me, but damn, please work on that website/widget design!

    It's capped at $50 AUD by the way.

    • Yeah I'm bummed by the $50 cap. Have a $1,000 cnc I want to purchase so can't split across multiple transactions.

  • Link to aliexpress doesn't work on my computer, Had to do it on my phone - lets hope the cashback tracks!

  • FFS - placed a $100 order last night which was shipped before I saw this. Every bloody time :(

    • Then why ordered? Just wait for something like this before buying unless you need it urgently. But doesn't make sense if you need urgent you won't buy from AliExpress Because delivery take weeks

  • Was waiting for this! Picked up a Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro for $310 AUD after cashback.

  • If I order two times will I be capped $50 each time? Or it is one order per shopback account.

  • Saw some cheap Tenda Nova MW3 - 3Pks but probably not worth it with the AC adaptors.

    • Even the ones you get from ebay in Australia need adapters so if you can get it way cheaper than ebay go for it. They are awesome things.

  • Can I cancel order made yesterday and rebuy if they haven't shipped?

  • @OP I think that doorbell isn't that good, try get one without baterry I got one and super good. Yours say kinetic but still using battery, weird.

  • Has anyone had to do warranty via AliExpress before? What was the process like?

    Do they have protections for the seller like ebay has?

    I am talking about beyond the 60 days escrow thing.

    • +5 votes

      Warranty thru AE? roflmao

      • Hmm. Sounds risky then.

        I want to buy some home appliances, but if you get no warranty and have to pay to send it back at your own expense, not sure how useful this will be beyond cheap items like cables.

        • I'm 98% (with AliExpress) sure you need to send back at own expenses

          • @ChiMot: Yeah that's bad. Would you buy electronic/electrical gadgets from them? You can't even pay via Paypal which would cover return shipping for 150 days.

            Right now ebay has 15% off for Plus members, so the only reason to go to AE would be to buy stuff that's exclusively on AE.

            • @lostn: I bought close to a hundred times and yes I will buy when the price is right. Live is about gamble. Anyway how many times you buy mobile phone and broken right away? Slim chance….

              • @ChiMot:

                Anyway how many times you buy mobile phone and broken right away? Slim chance….

                It's not "right away" that I'm worried about. That's the best time for something to break. You'd be covered by the 60 day guarantee. Every store has some DOA policy.

                The risk is when it dies 6-12 months afterwards when all the guarantees are gone. Will Aliex facilitate the return like ebay does? If the seller refuses to refund or replace it, do you have any recourse?

                Live is about gamble.

                I'm just not prepared to gamble on expensive gadgets. 15% cashback capped at $50 is basically a GST off set and 5% discount in 90 days time.

                Ebay has 15% off right now for Plus members, and you can buy from a local seller to avoid import taxes, and capped at $200. At least you will also have buyer's protection from ebay and paypal.

              • @ChiMot: Yeah I pretty well use the same logic. Sure the greater the savings the greater the potential risk. However when I look at the money I've saved over the years versus the odd loss, I reckon I'm way out in front. I guess I may have jinxed it now and the very next thing I buy - possibly an Android TV box tonight will crash and burn.

                • @philart: Is it that much cheaper than getting it from elsewhere? I'm really not seeing it.

                  I trust the service at BG or Joybuy more than AE individual sellers. At least I can pay in Paypal and I have always had my problems resolved.

                  • @lostn: I just purchased a Beelink GT1 mini TV Box (4GB Ram 32GB) for A$95.60 before cashback and inc GST. I'm pretty damn sure that Banggood or Joybuy doesn't offer it for under a ton. Morelike $110.

  • Slightly off-topic: Did anyone notice AliExpress removed all QR code functions from their web site?

  • If you pay in USD, what happens to your cashback? Is it converted into AUD?

    On second thought, forgot to add 10% GST, so really only getting 5%.

    • +1 vote

      Regardless of the currency your payment is made in, we'll always receive sale value in USD which is then converted to cashback in AUD.

  • Is this going to filter out certain cheaper items again?


  • Yep, I noticed the filtering when I used Aliexpress after I'd just visited without shopback. I luckily had selected the store voucher from my account and used the shopback Chrome plugin to ensure my purchase was showing as tracked. Fingers crossed it shows up in 4 days (that's how long shopback says Aliexpress takes). I only purchased the item because of the shopback and store voucher deal.

  • Fast tracking, all it took is lees than 2 hours and I also got US$5 off for order over $50.

  • Payment failed at check out but for some reason order has gone through successfully and money has been deducted from bank. Not sure if i am still eligible for 15% cashback ?

  • FML I spent hours trawling through stuff adding to my wishlist, went to pay and it must have expired on midnight… Throwing the towel in.