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Nintendo Classic Mini NES $66 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Don't forget cashback.

The NES Classic Edition system is a miniaturized version of the NES, originally released in 1985. Just plug the NES Classic Edition into your TV, pick up that gray controller, and rediscover the joy of NES games.

Mod Note: Price has dropped from $68 to $66.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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  • I still can't imagine me using a classic console. I want them all but I'm just not feeling the OzB spirit with them.

    • The OzB spirit is buy first, think later.

    • I put BleemSync on my Playstation Classic last night and have loaded it up with about 20 favourites from back in the day…. now it's worth the $39 I paid.

      • Yeah it's the PS and the SNES that were my thing growing up.

        • The NES games largely have not aged well (and I say this as someone who adored the NES back in the day). The mini SNES is worth a bash though, even just for Mario Kart and Street Fighter II Turbo.

      • I didn’t get this to work. I must be missing something.
        Flash USB stick named SONY, and copy the BleemSync folder.

        • USB 3.1 sticks dont work at all, and alot of usb 3.0 sticks don't either.
          Has to be formatted to FAT32.
          much higher success rate with usb 2.0 low power stick to work on the front usb port, otherwise you need to go through the back usb power port with an OTG adapter

          • @matt1234: Thanks. I’ve been using sandisk fit ultra and PNY turbo - there’s the culprit maybe.
            Also cheers for the info on rear port, been wondering how to plug in both controllers and the game USB.
            Do you know if it matters if it’s MBR or GPT type disk?

          • @matt1234: You need to use a low power stick (or powered USB hub) first through one of the front ports to install the initial payload which will then enable full power access through an OTG adapter on on the back port.

        • Or just power mod it, it's quite simple soldering. I did it to mine last night.

      • I believe you also get Retroarch when installing Bleemsynce. That means you can play all the SNES and NES games on the PS1 classic?

  • Tempted… Anyone have a link for a 2nd controller? Or know how much they sell for normally?

    Cheers and good deal :)

  • same game mechanics , but remastered images would have don it for me …..at least it’s hdmi

  • Cheers dealbot. I knew Amazon wasn’t going to hold off too long ;)

  • These are great. You'll also need to buy a controller extension cable as they are very short out of the box. Along with a micro USB OTG adapter with power pass if you want to hack the console and add more games.

    These also the 8bitDo Retro Receiver for adding 8BitDo and arcade sticks (excluding 2.4G controllers), Xbox Bluetooth, DualShock 3, DualShock 4, DualShock 4 Pro, Wiimote, Wii U Pro, Switch Joy-Cons, Switch Pro wireless controller support.

    Edit: Fixed link

  • Bought this to add to my PSC, C64 mini and Snes Classic Collection. Also have a Nespi+, Megapi and Super Tinytendo too. They all look so cute.

    • I heard the C64 mini is junk. Have you played it?

      • I bought mine last year on the black Friday Sales. The included joystick isn't a very good quality one but I bought a logitech f710 wireless controller and it's infinitely better. Also after the firmware updates it basically let's you play pretty much eveything. It's not worth the $149 price tag that it retails for here, but for the $65 I paid its definately worth it.

    • I've also got the PS1 mini, C64 mini and SNES mini - haven't opened any of them yet! Love the history of gaming but just don't know if I can justify another of these - I'd really be buying just for the form factor given you can so easily emulate these and the titles haven't aged as well as the SNES.

      Also, the Sega Genesis Mini releases this year too…!

      • All of mine are opened and modded too. But I find I just play the raspberry pi as it does all of what they do and more. Also Amazon was recently selling the raspberry pi 3b+ for $55. So I bought another. I have three of them now all in different cases running retropie.

      • Can't wait for the megadrive mini, with the mega CD and 32x add on tower :)

        oh snk are bringing out an add on cabinet for their neogeo mini. Looks great but I believe it's only for the jap version.

        I also have the 2 famicom mini versions of these. The normal famicom and the shonen jump edition, which I think look great.

    • You need the neogeo mini :)

      • Waiting for a price drop first

        • You might see it soon. I bought the jap version in hk as they had a price drop down to around 90bux. Which I was fine with as it has an lcd unlike the other mini consoles.

          • @madturbo123: Yeah I've seen it already in JB. Looks good but as usual overpriced there. I've managed to get all my mini consoles much, much cheaper then what JB and EB sells them for.

            • @habib23q: Same Habib. I only own the neogeo x because eb had them on clearance for $100. Devo I missed the c64 mini though. I'll wait till there's another discount for them.

              I'll definately get the international version when jb has them on sale. I can't seem to find the neogeo mini on eb's website maybe it's only in store.

              • @madturbo123: Yeah maybe it is. As for the C64 mini it seems to go on sale now and again on Amazon US quite abit. That's where I got mine from. I was lucky to get my PSC and Snes mini cheap from fb marketplace and ebay, both were sealed and cheap, unwanted gifts. I'll probably eventually get the megadrive mini just to complete the collection even tho I have a megapi case with a raspberry pi 3b+ inside. Does the job nicely.

  • Remember when people were paying $350 for these LOL

  • +4 votes

    Still patiently waiting for N64 mini…………..

  • I wonder what the absolute bottoming out price will be… surely it's getting close. I've heard that they aren't going to make anymore.

    • $59 had been the lowest deal @ Kmart and it was sold out in many places . I would say it’s getting there . Issue is when it’s on sale .. stock runs bloody dry

  • NES games in particular lose their shine VERY quickly (for me at least). On a some-what related note, if Nintendo doesn't start adding at least SNES games to their online service soon I won't be continuing my subscription.

  • Think ill wait for the same price as the PS classic the other day.

    • Not sure if you'll see that with nintendo products when they do well. Especially when it's getting discontinued.

  • My nes mini modded with 500gb usb has been sitting nicely in my tv rack for years. What so great about it is that it is loaded with complete nes, snes, and sega, plus arcade/neogeo, n64 and ps1 games. I use wireless controller plus alexa smart plug so that I don't have to reach the console just to turn on/off lol.

    You might want to find 2nd hand around you and usually it has the same condition as bnew because there isn't much mechanical or electronics going on inside. Show this link and ask for <$40 in gumtree.

    • I've found a few around 30mins to 1hr drive away from me for about 50bux. Plus by the time I get home to pick it up it'll probably be sold. I figured for new and delivered I'm happy to pay the extra 18bux.

      Not a very ozb thing to say.

    • How well is the emulation for n64 and ps1 games?

      • Ps1 runs much better than N64. Though as it seems the graphics/resolution is a bit lower than actual. Increasing the graphics drops frame which makes very unplayable.

        I heard PS1 mini have better hardware and 44$ isn't that bad. I might be interested in trying modding this next.

      • Is it because the ps1 graphics were worse than 64? Or harder to emulate?

  • For the unicorn hunters out there, word is they have dropped to $39 at kmart.

    • Didn't know Kmart sold these or gaming related items. Since they got out of selling gaming & entertainment media a while back. According to the previous deal. This was a Christmas promo. So will probably be hard to find stores that still have unsold stock.