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Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless Earbuds $198 @ Harvey Norman


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Engineered to comply with your active lifestyle, the Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless Earbuds are packed with innovative features like Four-microphone technology, Bluetooth 5.0, and an IP55-rated design to keep you unplugged wherever the adventure takes you.

The Jabra Elite 65t earbuds
Great sound, your way
Enjoy crystal clear conversations with the the Elite 65t headphones'6mm speakers and four-micorphone technology to reduce wind noise on calls. Personalise your sound with the Jabra Sound+** App's equalizer and enjoy your music your way.

Built to last
With IP55-rated design, the Jabra Elite wieless earbuds can keep up with you wherever your day takes you, and come with a 2-year warranty against water and dust damage for your peace of mind.

Stable connectivity
The Jabra Elite 65t earbuds offer true wireless stability for a strong, reliable connection, so you can take important calls and listen to your favourite music without worrying about audio dropout.

Easy voice commands
With a single touch, you can instantly connect to Siri or Google Now and access info when you need it, letting you set appointments, find events, or have your messages read to you on the go*.

Easy controls
The Jabra earbuds offer up to 5 hours of listening on a single charge, and up to 15 hours with the included, pocket-sized charging case, so you can enjoy music and calls all day long.

**Download required.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Price in title please

    • Already on it!

  • How would you guys compare these to the Samsung buds? i have a cheap qcy pair and im looking to upgrade

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      I bought the Sabbat E12's for approx $80 landed from GearVita after watching this review (as well as others): https://youtu.be/G5sGI77hnWg
      Rated better than Apple and Samsung for sound quality playback and I have to say I've been very happy with them so far.

      • You mind if i ask where you got them from? Amazon don't deliver to Australia from third party.

        • +1

          From Gearvita. They have them on special for approx. $40US every so often. Posted & received within about 10 days. Highly recommend them if you want some decent bass..

          • @Hobbes: Thanks i'll wait till they are on sale

            • @Digitalsin: I think they are on sale today for $46.99US

              • @childsy: Yeah I grabbed one hopefully wont take too long to get here

          • @Hobbes: I have the 65t but dropped and lost the left earbud, so was going to buy new ones from Harvey or JB, but have read so much about the E12's. Took a punt and purchased the Sabbats.

            Code for these which I got from whirlpool forums:


            Cost me about $87AUD

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        Not to mention you dont look like a DH wearing airpods.

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    Have these and i wouldn't buy them again. The left earbud has a constant white noise, i had it replaced and new one has the same problem.

    • +2

      Mine has been fine

      • +2

        Mine have been great as well. I've been extremely happy with these

    • +2

      Mine have also been fine. Have you contacted Jabra about the issue and/or taken them back to the place of purchase?

      • Yep they got me to update firmware then got me to go to JB who gave me a new pair which have the exact same problem. Quite a few people on reddit have the same issue.

        • +1

          Huh. Batch issue? These things get excellent reviews generally…

    • +1

      mine have been fine too. really good in fact.

    • +1

      Same. No issues at all. Extremely happy myself.

    • I had only 1 issue with the 65t's which I had for close to a year, but just lost one earbud few days ago. The issue was that the microphones are pretty crap for making phone calls, my mates have airpods and the quality on those is so much better.

      The hear through mode is amazing for those that use public transport or use these in an office environment, the ability to press a button and get full noise cancellation or hear everything around you is amazing!

  • I liked these, had a few complaints on white noise too whenever I spoke. I didn't use these for phone calls but for conference calls on the laptop.

    Otherwise, I love them for the gym and on the go. They're pretty snug so they still stay in place (for me) while running and exercise. I do have small ears though so….. yeah.

    • hmmm… i guess it's best i hold off until the Eight-microphone technology version

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    These are currently $180.52 + 2000 QFF points from the Qantas store if you want to save some cash and have a few points to spare.

  • I bought this for my girlfriend. She likes it. However, I feel it lacks Bass. I use a Samsung Level U Pro and I feel like the Samsung has much better bass.

    • did she not install the Jabra Sound+ app?!…they sound fine to me

  • I got these as a present,

    they are perfect works great for me

  • I have one, been using it everyday, just keep the right side one on standby for calls for about 10h a day, actual talk time about 2h per day.

    Good steathy looking
    sufficient battery life, never once ran out of battery for my usage
    connects up to two devices at the same time

    Uncomfortable for small ear, the body of the earbud will press against the softbone in your ear
    Some people thinks I'm on loud speaker

  • +3

    YOU HAVE TEN SECONDS TO COMPLY (with my active lifestyle)

  • Edit: wrong model

  • Have had these for about four months and really enjoy them. Sound is good quality if lacking a little bass.

    Be advised that (at least when using these with an iPhone 6) you get sound delay when watching video. Unsure if this is less of an issue with newer phone models.

    • can say i did not face any such lag using these with my iPhone X. They served me well until i lost them on a train :(

    • +1

      No lag on my S8 Plus and Surface Pro 3. I did hear about the iPhone audio lag in videos but I believe I have read it does not occur in the newer iPhones.

    • +1

      No issues on Galaxy S9+

  • I ended up getting some 65T elite (the sweatproof ones) recently and find that the fit is not great for me; have tried the different tips; but it starts to cause discomfort after ~30mins use. Very good for running etc as the fit is snug; but for easy listening on the couch etc you may want to look elsewhere.

  • Had mine for a year I think.. happy with everything but skipping music is impractical.

  • I was on the verge of buying these, especially since they are one of the few devices that have multi device support and by all accounts have the best mic for phone calls… But I just can't get over the fact they are still micro USB!!

    I wonder if they are going to release a new type C model maybe with the new iPhone rumoured to have type C charging?

    • +1

      Yeah same here, been tempted by these (and AirPods) for a while but the charging options for both are stopping me pulling the trigger. Hopefully there's a USB C option soon.

      • I can't go near the airpods, they have no chance of staying in my ear and they don't support multiple devices either…

        Plus yeah lightening charge :P

  • Yeah same here, been tempted by these (and AirPods) for a while but the charging options for both are stopping me pulling the trigger. Hopefully there's a USB C option soon.

    • These look far cooler than airpods. Also, these are usually swapped over in store. Airpods go away for repair (like beats), and I know someone who had their repair rejected under warranty by apple because there was too much ear wax.

      • Looks are subjective and don’t really impact the listening experience.

        On WP many users describe getting their AirPods swapped on the spot not sent away for repair, the last comment sounds like pure hearsay to me, and if you don’t clean your headphones before giving them to someone that’s gross

        Having said all that, I would go with these over the AirPods for sound isolation.

  • After watching their ad claiming how good they were to make calls at noisy places I bought them, regret a lot, cannot use at all at noisy places.

    • You need to try all the tips to find the one that gives you good seal. I have the problem of not being able to hear people on half volume.

      • I'm guessing he means the mic pics up too much noise?

        To be honest I just want to use it for calls even in quiet places ;)

        My qcy are pretty terrible all the time.

  • I notice Officeworks have dropped their price to $198 now. Shame the Active Version is still $263 as would pay a few dollars extra for the better water protection and motion sensing.

  • Got the Active model back in Feb

    Good case, small and feels nice, like a river stone. Better than most competitors who offer a large pill-box case. Feels_good_man.jpg

    Ability to charge the case itself, and charge the buds in the case while on the move is great. I often charge the case with the buds in them while at work. Battery for days…

    I think the bass is good for such a tiny earphone. Not as good as an overear set of headphones, but still good. I adjust the EQ on Spotify to more bass (really just less treble), sounds fine. Noise blocking is good.

    Ability to hear outside (using the microphone to give feedback into the ear while wearing them) by double tapping the right bud is good when walking around the streets to increase awareness.

    Controls on the buds for volume, next/previous, play/pause are all good.

    Android app is terrible, doesn't sync/connect to the Active version.

    No need to get the Active model, the normal Elite 65t is just as good (different colour though). No benefit in getting the Active Elite 65t at all (unless you're all about that colour, which is nice).

    Would be looking for the Elite 65t closer to $150 in my opinion.

  • These look much bigger than galaxy buds, the reviews are fairly similar except the slight better mic quality on the 65t.not sure which one to get, given the buds have usb c.

  • +1

    Amazon has the 65t at $198 now as well which could be better deal using Cashrewards or Shopback

  • +1

    WARNING (PSA): I just need to remind everyone that these are possibly the worst choice in market if you are phased by 100ms delays. These earbuds don't support aptX and therefore the delay is so bad you can't play games with them. These have been on of the most over hyped earphones in market, micro USB charging, lack of aptX support, issues upon issues for people so possibly a luck of the draw if yours still work and on top of all that, the person on the other end may have trouble hearing you if it's a cafe or crowded environment. I lost mine by accident after 6 months of use, not going to buy again.

    • Any others you recommend?

  • Brought them 6 months ago , works great for me happy with the battery life and sound.

  • Same price at Amazon Australia, with 10-12 cash back might work out as a better deal

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