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[Refurbished] Apple iPod Touch 4th Gen 16GB A1367 Black $66.50 Delivered @ Ozauctionbroker eBay


not sure how many ppl still using iPod, but bought 1 for Mum, and she likes it.

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  • This came out in 2010 and its last update was iOS 6.

    • My mum found one dropped on the street in 2012 (this was before Find My iDevice was in common usage). Twas very, very slow.

  • These will be vintage collectors items soon. Buy. Hold and then sell

  • 2010 model, how quaint

  • Do not buy this to be anything other than a PMD.

  • if all you're going to use it for is music, then it's ok. otherwise get a 6th gen ipod touch

  • Wouldn't let daughter take her iPhoneSE to year 8 camp so she had to take her Apple iPod Touch 4th Gen 16GB A1367 she got years ago to take photo's with and listen to Spotify. I'm no longer candidate for father of the year…

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      well that's just her opinion.

      over here at ozbargain, we'll give you a virtual pat on the back :)

    • My year 8 camp I got my Nokia taken off me for sending a text at night.

      I'd love to have only had an iPod Touch, with 16 whole gigs, and actual internet access. I had a 2 inch slide phone that could text, call, and if I did too much of either I'd run out of credit quick smart, if I was REAL lucky I'd get a 25 megabyte pack to use over the month and I made the most of it. will never be forgotten.

    • Good parent though.

  • B28? NFC? Notch? Headphone jack?

  • I think if you were buying one of these to relive the glory days of the early years of iOS gaming, it's not too bad of an idea.

    I used a 4th gen for a bit recently and it's still fine for all the older games. I burned through both the Rock Band games, Guitar Hero, Simpsons Arcade, played a bit of old Minecraft, and so on. Also was able to send a few iMessages through to the missus' phone fine which was pretty cool of the ol' guy. Camera isn't anything special and I'll stop you right now, don't bother trying to track down IPAs of the old Tap Tap games because it's a (profanity) quest and a half.

    But I mean, as a nostalgic (yes, it's been long enough you can call it that) lil gadget, or even something to keep a kiddo entertained, is it worth 66? Nah, not really. But it does work fine and it can still do Facebook and shit through the browser fine, it's definitely still usable for light stuff like music, games, and decent (but slowish) web browsing.

    If they were 66 new, (profanity) it, I've paid more for less.

  • Condition:Manufacturer refurbished

    Since when has Apple sold refurbs thouh 3rd parties, or with no original headphones and no charger?

  • I use an old ipod touch at the gym. I love it. Stops from clogging up my phone. Still works great. It remembers the songs you skip and I love my top 25 most played list

  • Seriously old device. Runs slow on ancient iOS and only real capability is as a music player.
    Mine is 8GB and left in the car as a music library via Bluetooth. The battery is on its way out, at which point it will be used plugged in / charging all the time.
    It’s probably worth $20 for its music functionality.

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