(Costco) Clearance / Insufficient Quantity Deals / Price Protection Proof Thread

In a similar manner as Aldi, I notice that Costco often has items at clearance prices. Usually, because these items are on run out stock or because they're display stock being sold off.

So the regular way to get these deals is by getting lucky, by being in the right time and place. I respectfully disagree with this option (after all we're all savvy ozbargners!), mostly because of the way Costco mark their clearance stock on sale. They display the item name, reduced price and usually some form of date the item was marked down or will be marked down till.

This makes it perfect for price protection insurance claims if you have purchased the same item earlier on a credit card with said insurance.

There are a few credit cards with price protection insurance out there but the ones I use is 28 Degree credit card's price protection insurance and Coles Mastercard's price protection (No longer available unless you've been grandfathered in)

Why these two?
Both card's price protection insurance go through Latitude Financial Services who I find are really easy going, easy to deal with and very minimal with their requirements when lodging a price protection claim.

Differences between the two?
28 Degrees one is 12 months price protect against the same item at ANY Australian retailer, with a maximum payout of $1,000 per item and $5,000 for all items in any 12 month period.
Coles one is 24 months price protect against the same item at the SAME Australian retailer, with a maximum payout of $600 per item and $2,000 for all items in any 12 month period.

If you have Coles one great! if not I'd use the 28 degrees one.
Any claim lodgement can be done online at https://www.latitudefinancial.com.au/insurance/make-a-claim.....

My first discovery of this was recently when I purchased a Vitamix Aspire Blender at $599.99. A few weeks later, I walked past the discounted/clearance area and saw the same blender but a display stock with visibly damaged packaging at $350! At first, I thought I wouldn't be able to claim on display stock but I gave it a go anyway. Got confirmation today after being requested to send in proof of purchase and price drop evidence. Was paid out $249.99!
See attachments in links for evidence/proof.


What I'm proposing is if you happen to walk by the discount/clearance area of Costco, whatever you see that is on clearance, snap a clear photo (similar to mine above), upload it into this thread so others may benefit via putting in a price protection claim (assuming they purchased it with the right credit card etc).

For those who purchased a Vitamix with either their 28 degrees card or Coles Mastercard, you're in luck! Enjoy this price drop!

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