(Costco) Clearance / Insufficient Quantity Deals / Price Protection Proof Thread

In a similar manner as Aldi, I notice that Costco often has items at clearance prices. Usually, because these items are on run out stock or because they're display stock being sold off.

So the regular way to get these deals is by getting lucky, by being in the right time and place. I respectfully disagree with this option (after all we're all savvy ozbargners!), mostly because of the way Costco mark their clearance stock on sale. They display the item name, reduced price and usually some form of date the item was marked down or will be marked down till.

This makes it perfect for price protection insurance claims if you have purchased the same item earlier on a credit card with said insurance.

There are a few credit cards with price protection insurance out there but the ones I use is 28 Degree credit card's price protection insurance and Coles Mastercard's price protection (No longer available unless you've been grandfathered in)

Why these two?
Both card's price protection insurance go through Latitude Financial Services who I find are really easy going, easy to deal with and very minimal with their requirements when lodging a price protection claim.

Differences between the two?
28 Degrees one is 12 months price protect against the same item at ANY Australian retailer, with a maximum payout of $1,000 per item and $5,000 for all items in any 12 month period.
Coles one is 24 months price protect against the same item at the SAME Australian retailer, with a maximum payout of $600 per item and $2,000 for all items in any 12 month period.

If you have Coles one great! if not I'd use the 28 degrees one.
Any claim lodgement can be done online at https://www.latitudefinancial.com.au/insurance/make-a-claim.....

My first discovery of this was recently when I purchased a Vitamix Aspire Blender at $599.99. A few weeks later, I walked past the discounted/clearance area and saw the same blender but a display stock with visibly damaged packaging at $350! At first, I thought I wouldn't be able to claim on display stock but I gave it a go anyway. Got confirmation today after being requested to send in proof of purchase and price drop evidence. Was paid out $249.99!
See attachments in links for evidence/proof.


What I'm proposing is if you happen to walk by the discount/clearance area of Costco, whatever you see that is on clearance, snap a clear photo (similar to mine above), upload it into this thread so others may benefit via putting in a price protection claim (assuming they purchased it with the right credit card etc).

For those who purchased a Vitamix with either their 28 degrees card or Coles Mastercard, you're in luck! Enjoy this price drop!

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  • I didn't realise Costco had a discount/ clearance area

  • If for Costco, they could reject based on it being a membership based club as per their PDS, but most of the time they dont really question it anyway, YMMV

    Price Protection does not cover a lower price:
    -due to corporate discounts, non-public or club membership discounts, or group offers,

    • Hmm that's a fair point. I've never been pinged before but yeah YMMV.

      I guess technically we don't need to restrict it to only Costco since the 28 Degrees card allows use to claim against any Aussie retailer price drops but I figured we'll start with costco and go from there since there are at least some minimum requirements we would have to meet for this to work.

      • Yeah, I've normally stuck to the Coles PP for the 2 year range, but been using 28D a lot more recently for baby stuff since they extended to 1 year. Just gotta be vigilant now in monitoring prices!!

  • First step is finding this discount/clearance section of costco. Thinking about bringing a permanent marker next time to costco.

    • I like your thinking! but let's try and keep it legal as to not ruin it for others and for the future haha

  • +2

    USPA Bidet Toilet with Remote Control $359.00, down from $499.90

    Philips Pasta and Noodle Maker with Autoweigh HR2358/06 DISPLAY MODEL $150, down from $269.97

    Philips Pasta and Noodle Maker with Autoweigh HR2358/06 Damaged Box $200, down from $269.97

    Water RIdge Pulldown Sink Mixer Wels 5 Star 5.0L/Min $99.97, down from $139.99

  • Merged from [WA] Sony A9G 77" Master Series 4K OLED TV $4999.97 @ Costco Perth (Membership Required)
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    Sony A9G 77" Master Series 4K UHD Android OLED TV Model: KD77A9G

    Unbelievable deal:
    There are 4 left in Costco Perth, only $5K Vs $8.4knin all other Perth Stores. Picked up one today.

    Yes, it's 77inch, brand new (2019 model obviously)

    • -2

      Is parking free at Costco - was burned badly by the DFO out that way.

    • +1

      Sony A9G 77" Master Series 4K OLED TV $4999.97

      If you pay cash, do Costco round up or down ?

      • A true ozBargainer would pay with credit card and earn some points

        • Lol a true ozBargainer would pay $4999.95 on card and 2c with cash.

    • Wonder if these are still available

  • Merged from [NSW] Sony 65” LED TV X9000H $1849.99 In-Store @ Costco, Marsden Park (Membership Required)
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    Yes it’s a 2020 model, but still an amazing TV and at this price well worth it.

    Get in quick there were only 5 or so there when I walked past.

    • Any idea about the 75 inch?

    • +8

      $1995.00 rrp
      put price up to mark down..nice one costco lol

      • A lot of retailers do that. Base their discount off the inflated RRP and then bring it down making it look like you saving loads of cash.

      • +4

        Sony and other retailers have been selling it for 2295 for quite some time

        • +4

          Yeah the RRP was definitely higher than $1995 last year and earlier this year.

          Maybe Sony intend on selling this throughout 2021 at a cheaper price?

      • +1

        The street price for 65" X9000H is ~$2,295.
        $1,995 is the current Sale price @ Sony and other retailers. Prices on Sony AU and Sony eBay reflect current sale prices (not RRP).

        Here's the recent sale history at Sony eBay: https://offer.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewBidsLogin&ite...

        Price is likely to go back up to ~$2,295 after the current sale.

    • +2

      Not sure it’s good deal because if you get 5-10% jbhifi discount gift cards (OzBargain forums or any other site ) price almost come down to this one. 5% discount -1900$

      • You can price match at JB or even Sony online store to bring price further down.

        • Pretty sure JB HiFi won’t price match Costco. They don’t price match on members only offers.

    • +1

      This or Q80T ?

      • +1

        This for PS5 gaming if you don’t want to go OLED.

        • +5

          I wouldn't get this for hdmi2.1 features it's well documented that Sony has had a lot of issues implementing it properly.

          • +2

            @scud70: Not issues - they are not even implemented.
            Sony was selling a lie.

            • +1

              @Blue Cat: I think they tried and failed…. Lol so gave them the benefit of the doubt there…

      • +1

        This has audio issues when using eARC which they still haven't fixed

      • +1

        Q80t better for everything other then movie watching in dark room.

    • +2

      Was gonna pull the trigger to replace the X9500G to get 4k120hz but Sony haven't fixed it :(

      Funnily enough their website still shows it as coming in a future update so I wonder if that would protect my purchase

      Edit: Is a sale like this generally at all Costco's or just one?

      • You can play at 4K @120 it's only VRR that isn't available with it

        • Oh? I didn't realise that I thought they pulled the update. But good to know thanks buddy!

          • @MBix: They have delayed the update indefinitely along with this year's models but it was always able to do 4K @120 from launch. It's only VRR that was supposed to be updated later. Sony's game mode looks better than other brands as you are able to change more settings to do with picture quality. If you don't mind not having VRR, which a lot of the times doesn't do all that much this is absolutely fine.

            • +2

              @Monstalova: Don't think the TV does true 4k120. In comparison to 4k60, it looks much blurrier.

              • @cmdbash: There has been some complaints but plenty of people having absolutely no issues using 120 too

      • Had the X9000h previously for gaming with a RTX3080 PC and PS5 based on the 'promised' features from Sony. 4k120 was blurry suggesting an upscaled image rather than true 4k (in fact anything 120fps was blurry, even at 1080p). When they pulled VRR as an upcoming feature from the specs list, we questioned them on why this happened. They couldn't answer, so we threatened to get ACCC/Consumer Affairs involved. They offered a full refund on the tv. Now we have a LG CX which works with all features listed out of the box, receives regular updates and looks amazing. I honestly do not trust that Sony will ever release these features properly, they keep saying, 'next month' hoping that you'll just give up. Only thing good about Sony is their exclusives on the PS5, otherwise they're a very dodgy company.

        • Thanks for the input there, very much appreciated! And yeh, I might just wait out a bit longer to the end of this year when hopefully a lot more TV's will have the feature set. The LG does look tempting though, even though I play most games on monitor.

          I must admit I had both a horrible and great experience with Sony replacing my 2 years 2 month old X7000G (I think) for an X9500G. It unfortunately took them 7 months to go from accepting there was a fault to having a new TV though and it was hell getting to that stage, but once we were there they offered an X8000G or something and I asked if the X9500G was possible and they accepted it. Unfortunately this TV is now having issues 6 months after being replaced and they don't want to know about it. So I'm probably best steering away from Sony.

          In saying that the Sony website does say 4K120 and VRR coming in a later update, so you're likely covered if they pull the pin on it, but the hassle of going through that again seems daunting.

          If the PS5 supported [email protected] I'd be a very happy man, but for some reason Sony like doing things differently.

          • @MBix: We mostly use it as a monitor, so burn in was a concern and is why we went with the Sony to begin with. I did a lot of research and it seems that LG are generally willing to repair TVs that end up having burn in even years after the warranty has ended, so thought it was worth trying OLED out. We also are very mindful to auto-hide the start bar, use full screen where possible, have no icons on a black desktop, etc.

            Wow sorry to hear about your experience with Sony. Really doesn't surprise me with the runaround we were given before they offered us a refund!

            It may say that, but given the 9000I series won't have VRR at launch, I'd think people might be waiting years for this supposed 'update'. And by then, Sony will probably just be like, oh, you still want an update for a 2 year old tv? Really? Also they specifically pulled VRR only from their detailed specs page for the Australian website, suggesting they know it's likely not going to be released for ages. I'm thinking the PS5 doesn't support VRR too simply because Sony haven't figured out how to get it working with their TVs.

    • +1

      This TV has very serious wifi issue, constantly stops working, even with the latest update.

      • Not just this Model, all Sony's 850/8500 Series having Wifi Issue after a year of use, has to do a factory reset to solve the issue. And even worse, when you have the Wifi Issue, the Lan connection will not connect to the internet either (shows connected but no internet), this just happens all the time to my TV, and become more frequently.

        • Why would you ethernet connect, sony provides only 100.

          Perhaps the j may have 1000, but its likely they will just get rid ofnit.

      • +5

        seems illegal

        • +1

          It would be. The relevant event is Costco's sale to you; whether you still have membership is irrelevant. Note that its "change of mind" return policy does not apply with respect to certain goods, including televisions, but the webpage dealing with the policy also states:

          Our return policy for change of mind does not limit any of your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

          If it's a major defect, they must refund or replace. If minor, they must arrange for repair, or refund or replace if they can't or won't repair in a reasonable time.

    • +2

      VRR is still not available and x9000j is coming soon

      • +3

        X9000j won't have VRR on release either

    • +2

      Also the case in Ringwood Vic.

    • -3

      fake current RRP on sony site its 1995, i hate snake companies doing this, im sure not many fall for it but some do thinking they are saving 420 bucks

      • +1

        Agree that it's $1,995 https://store.sony.com.au/television-4K-X9000/KD65X9000H.htm... but not sure it's RRP or not.

      • +2

        That's not RRP. That's Sony's current sale price. The RRP for this model is $2,699 but it's currently on sale everywhere for $1,995

      • RRP was higher than that and still may be. 85" when I purchased was $4995 (including Sony direct) but it's currently listed on their site for $4495. Sale? Price drop?

      • +2

        $1995 isn’t the RRP.
        It’s the sale price at the moment. Either someone at Sony has mistakenly changed the RRP recently or they intend selling it cheaper as an old model in 2021.

        Either way, I don’t think Costco deserve a downvote for this. The saving is genuine based on price history data.

    • -2

      Good for spare parts

    • 420 rebate, nice 🌿

    • Good TV, been happy with mine.

      However the kids has somehow enabled a freeview EPG that pops up on screen when you change channels, that is really annoying. No idea how to get rid of it.

      • +2

        Not the kids mate.

        The solution is here: https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/98k2vjq3

        Watching TV
        Preferences (Channels)
        Interactive application
        Turn off "Enable interactive application"


        • +1

          Champion, spent a n hour going through setting trying to find out how to turn that off..

  • Merged from [NSW] Sony 65” X9000H $1749.99 @ Costco Marsden Park (Membership Required)
    Go to Deal

    Around 4 Sony X9000h 65 inch available @ Costco Marsden Park NSW $1749. 99

    Expiry 6/6/2021

    • Is this good to use with a PS5?

    • +1

      does anyone know if they have the same deal at costco casula?

      • -1

        call them and ask?

      • +3

        Yes they do.

        Also 55” is $1449.99

    • Is this an OLED?

      • +1

        Negative unfortunately, it's an FALD LED, so good contrast, just not inky blacks.

    • Costco Moorabbin would have had 50% of all TV’s in stock were branded Sony. Must be some big deals coming up, or Sony dumping stock..

      • +4

        The new version x90j just released not long ago so x9000h is getting cleared.

    • Haven't been happy with x9000h for my ps5. Find the sound isn't working about 50% of the time when I power on so need to do manual reset on the TV and there is a noticeable drop in resolution when supposedly running at 4k 120hz

    • If you guys still want a Sony tv. 2020 models is probably the last good year to get them as all 2021 have started using cheaper Sorplas recycled plastic. Low end budget models like x90/x900 level are getting recycled plastic frames, feet, backing and even internal components. X9000H is the only HDMI 2.1 4k tv to not use recycled plastics.

      • Wouldn't call the x900 series low end.. that's the x700 & x800

        • You took my entire message and concentrated on this particular part :(

          Ok not low low-end but to Sony its entry level. Lowest model in the 2021 line up to get XR chip. They didn't even bother with x700 & x800.

          • @fuzor: Do you know which has better build quality 9500h or 9500j because someone told me 9500j is going to have master series build quality

          • @fuzor: I've tunnel vision….

      • Pre 2021 Sony TVs= virgin plastic use guaranteed.

        2021 onwards Sony TVs= sorplas recycled plastic use highly likely.

        What about their premium OLED TV range?
        Do they use aluminium, stainless steel material for stand, frame, feet, backing etc?

        2020,2019,2018,2017,2016……… Good virgin plastic

        2021, 2022, 2023, 2024……. Sorplas plastic reign

        Did I understand correctly? Correct me if I got wrong information.

        • yeah pretty much. Some models like X95J will retain metal frame but backing will be sorplas for the entire range from now on.

    • Does anyone know if Costco drop the price on the 85" model of this TV in store?

  • Merged from [NSW] Sony Bravia 85" Android TV KD85Z8H Ex-Display $3999.97 @ Costco, Marsden Park (Membership Required)

    Sony Bravia 85" Android TV KD85Z8H Ex-Display Only Left, Model KD85Z8H

    85" KD-85Z8H 8K Ultra HD Full Array LED Television
    Zones of LEDs lit or dimmed independently for realistic brightness and shadow detail
    Picture Processor X1 Ultimate for unparalleled realism
    Take pictures closer to 8K with 8K X-Reality PRO
    Sound in harmony with picture for an immersive experience

  • Merged from [VIC] Xiaomi Dreame T20 Cordless $299.97 @ Costco Ringwood

    Looks to be on clearance at Costco Ringwood; about 5 left on the floor as of right now.

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